The Best Cafes In Aix en Provence, France

Shots of Espresso | ©Brian PDX/Flickr
Shots of Espresso | ©Brian PDX/Flickr
There are so many people who rely on coffee in the morning to start their days, while there are so many other people who rely on tea to wind down in the night. Regardless of which person you are, cafes are a place where you can find both of these comforting hot beverages. Read our list to discover the best cafes and coffee shops in Aix en Provence, France.
Shots of Espresso ©Brian PDX/Flickr

Mana Espresso

Located along a quiet street in Aix, Mana Espresso is one of the city’s finest coffee shops. Enter the café to discover minimalistic rustic décor with a few pieces of modern furniture. The menu includes everything from a flat white to a matcha latte, so you have quite the range of options to choose from, and no matter what you choose, your drink will be delicious. Mana also has a few tasty breakfast items including toast with avocado and cream cheese, homemade biscotti, cheesecake, and more. This is a popular place for people to catch up on work, so don’t be surprised if you see customers with their head in a book or typing on their laptops. It’s also worth noting that the staff is bilingual in French and English.

Mana Espresso, 12 Rue des Bernardines Aix en Provence, FR, +33 7 82 69 27 23

Coffee and Sandwich | ©Susanne Nilsson/Flickr

Coffee and Sandwich | ©Susanne Nilsson/Flickr

Papilles by Laurane

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Coffee and Croissant
Coffee and Croissant | ©puercozon/Flickr
Papilles by Laurane, is a cute little breakfast bistro that offers delicious food and coffee at great prices. Pull up a stool at the bar or eat at one of the adorably colorful tables outside. The shop receives quite a few visitors in the morning, but many locals visit during the workday to grab their lunch. The sandwiches are made on thick, fresh ciabatta bread and can be made with a variety of meats, cheeses, and fresh vegetables. Order one to go and wash it down with a refreshing smoothie or Italian soda. If you happen to be in a rush, Papilles by Laurane sells pre-made food and packaged drinks as well. However, if you have the time for the baristas to whip you up a drink, it’s well worth the wait. Don’t forget to ask the friendly staff for the password to access the free wifi. Coffee and Croissant | ©puercozon/Flickr
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Carrefour Bar

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The coffee at Carrefour will not disappoint. Spend a pleasant Sunday morning out on the terrace, to enjoy the warm sun and your hot cup of gourmet coffee. Hidden away on one of Aix’s quietest streets, the neighborhood café is the perfect place to escape. Bring a book and curl up in one of the inside booths, or people watch at an outside table. Order a delicious homemade treat, and pair it with the coffee of your choice, whether that’s a cappuccino, latte, or espresso. Although Carrefour tends to get pretty crowded on the weekends, this is definitely a place where you can spend a pleasant morning or afternoon alone, just enjoying your coffee and surroundings. French Coffee | ©Lou Gabian/Flickr
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Columbus Café

This American-style café is located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Aix. The coffeehouse is contemporary in design, with neutral colors, a flat-screen TV, and a second floor loft. Never too hot or too cold, or too sweet or too bitter, the baristas know how to make your coffee just right. Order your morning cup of jo, along with one of their incredibly delicious breakfast sandwiches. They have tasty pastries, but you can also enjoy a heartier breakfast. Choose your favorite bagel flavor, which they will toast and stuff with cheese, peppers, avocado, meats, and more. Head upstairs for a quieter atmosphere perfect for working, and definitely give the muffins a try.

Columbus Café, 3 Rue Emeric David Aix en Provence, FR, +33 4 42 53 58 02

Hot Cup of Tea | ©arjun karkhanis/FlickrHot Cup of Tea | ©arjun karkhanis/Flickr

La Route de Samarkande

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Take a trip to another world when you enter La Route de Samarkande. The teahouse is perfectly exotic. You’ll take off your shoes, sit on pillows on the floor, and look up to see beautiful tapestries hanging from the ceiling to create a cozy tent. The atmosphere isn’t the only thing that makes this place exotic; the tea originates from a surplus of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern regions. The teahouse doubles as a hookah bar, so when you receive the menu, you’ll notice a page for teas, a page for foods, and a page for hookah flavors as well. If you’re looking to break the monotony and try something different, you have to visit La Route de Samarkande.
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