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Guinness Museum, Dublin | © Jirka Matousek / Flickr
Guinness Museum, Dublin | © Jirka Matousek / Flickr

The Best Bars In Grenoble's Historic Center

Picture of Laura Pioli
Updated: 9 February 2017
Located at the foot of the French Alps where the river Drac joins the Isère, Grenoble is a lively city with an active young population thanks to the presence of four different universities. It has easy access to cities like Paris or Cannes and it’s known for its bustling cultural scene and museums and for being a base for winter sports. Here are the ten best bars where you can go for a drink with friends in the city’s historic center.


La Barberousse

In this bar you can be a pirate for a night.  La Barberousse is an original and trendy pub which looks like a ship, offering great cocktails and a great atmosphere in a unique environment. This is the perfect place if you and your friends want to go dancing since they often organize dance nights. Aside from the cocktails the bar offers and  amazing wine selection.

Address and telephone number: 3 Rue Bayard, 38000 Grenoble, France +33 4 76 51 14 53

The Druid’s Pub 

Probably the best Irish Pub in Grenoble, the Druid’s Pub is a small pub perfect for a night out with friends if you enjoy a good Guinness and the traditional pub atmosphere. They have a big screen where they show many sports events, and they offer a great selection of whiskeys. The pub has a welcoming atmosphere and its owner, will make you feel like you’re in Ireland.


Address and telephone number: 3 Rue Diodore Rahoult, 38000 Grenoble, France +33 4 38 37 08 85

Café De La Table Ronde

The second oldest bar in France, opened in 1739, the Café De La Table Ronde is a great spot to come for dinner and have some drinks with friends. The café-brasserie has a warm ambiance and offers a good view of the historic center if you decide to eat outside. Here you can enjoy great dishes and cocktails in a traditional environment that reflects the rich history and heritage of the place.


Address and telephone number: 7 place Saint André 38000 Grenoble France +33 4 76 44 51 41

Bar Phenomen 

This really popular bar in Grenoble is known for its original shots and colorful cocktails made with fresh fruits. If you come during the week, on Wednesdays they organize a quiz or game night which can be a lot of fun. The bar has a casual atmosphere and has a colorful décor which mixes modern and vintage touches.


Address and telephone number: 4 Rue Vauban, 38000 Grenoble, France +33 4 76 87 82 94

Saint Vincent

With its exposed stone and brick walls, the Saint Vincent is the perfect place in Grenoble to go to for brunch, lunch, dinner or for some drinks. The restaurant’s food is excellent, especially the fish dishes, and their fresh smoothies are delicious. They have good music playing in the background, which together with the trendy décor make this a great place to come for a drink and relax.


Address and telephone number: 54 Quai Perrière, 38000 Grenoble, France +33 4 76 56 22 21

Les Berthom 

Hidden in the underground and looking like a secret grotto, Les Berthom is one of the most popular bars in the city.  A good place for beer lovers, the aim of the bar is to offer a select list of quality beers of different types. They also serve liquors, whiskies and cocktails. With its lively atmosphere, friendly staff and great music, Les Berthom is a fun place to spend the evening with friends while you enjoy a good beer.


Address and telephone number: Rue Saint-Hugues, 38000 Grenoble, France +33 4 76 01 81 17

The Box

An excellent place to stop for a beer and a burger, the Box is the perfect place to come for a snack and some drinks before a night out in Grenoble. The environment is welcoming and comfortable, the service is fast and the food is fresh, including the fries and bread.


Address and telephone number: 1 Rue Chenoise Angle Place Notre Dame, 38000,Grenoble, France +33 984028622

The Shannon Pub

This Irish pub has a warm and friendly ambiance and serves great beer, some of the beers are homemade by the owner. They often organize live music evenings and on Tuesday evenings traditional Irish music is played, creating an authentic pub atmosphere. They also have darts, so you can come for a game with friends while enjoying the music and drinks.


Address and telephone number: 14 Rue Fantin Latour, 38000 Grenoble, France +33 4 76 44 52 17

Le Tord Boyaux

With its original décor which features 65 wine barrels, this cozy bar is the best spot in the area to taste different wines from the region. The bar’s specialty are the aromatic wines. The owner, is happy to share his knowledge about wine with his guests. French popular music is played here in a casual environment. Le Tord Boyaux is a must-visit when in Grenoble.


Address and telephone number: 4 Rue Auguste Gâche 38000 Grenoble France +33 4 76 44 18 90