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Reims, France| ©troye/Flickr
Reims, France| ©troye/Flickr
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The Best Bars In Reims, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Often referred to as the champagne capital of the world, it comes as no surprise that Reims offers an assortment of bars. From beer and bubbly to wine and spirits, and casual pubs to upscale bars, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy a drink in this vibrant city. Read on for the best bars in Reims.
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This popular bar’s name is a nod to its location in a former printing house, and true to form, L’Apostrophe is now a literary café-bar where you can read whilst sipping a cocktail. It doesn’t get more sophisticated than that.

L’Apostrophe, 59 Place Drouet d’Erlon, Reims, France, +33 3 26 79 19 89

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Pub l’Escale

Locals love this cozy and inviting pub, just a stone’s throw from the spectacular Musée des Beaux-Arts, which serves traditional spirits and wines as well as tasty meals. For a casual and ambient spot to relax with a drink, this is the place to be.

Pub l’ Escale, 132 Rue de Vesle, Reims, France, +33 3 26 88 17 85

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Perching Bar

For an experience like no other, make your way outside the city to the middle of the Regional Natural Park of the Montagne de Reims to this champagne bar, which is only accessible by wooden walkways. As the name suggests, the bar is perched in the woods seven meters off the ground, and is powered by solar panels and was built in an environmentally-friendly manner. Admission includes a glass of the daily selection of champagne.

Perching Bar, Fôret de Brise-Charrette, Verzy, France, +33 6 07 67 94 42

Pouring Champagne | © Simon Law/WikiCommons
Pouring Champagne | © Simon Law/WikiCommons
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Club 21

For a lively night, head to Club 21, an elegantly appointed bar-club where the resident DJ spins everything from R&B to house music and beyond, disco can even be heard from time to time. Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment at this boîte.

Club 21, 15 Rue Lesage, Reims, France, +33 3 26 40 34 35

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Brasserie Le Cardinal

This brasserie, situated in the heart of Reims’ city center, provides the quintessential French experience, serving homemade meals, an assortment of drinks, and even live jazz on Friday nights in the summertime. On a nice evening, sit outdoors for a view of the Cathedral.

Brasserie Le Cardinal, 1 Place des Martyrs de la Résistance, Reims, France, +33 3 26 40 33 19

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Au 36… – Dégustation de champagne

This bar and shop is a little ways outside of Reims in the village of Hautvillers, famous for being the home of Dom Pérignon himself. It offers champagne tastings, a lengthy selection of champagnes and other regional products, as well as assorted souvenirs.

Au 36… – Dégustation de champagne, 36 Rue Dom Pérignon, Hautvillers, France, +33 3 26 51 58 37

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Café du Palais

This delightful bistro and bar is located in the city center and is decorated with an eccentric but charming mix of artifacts and funky decor. Order some house champagne and some food and enjoy the ambiance.

Café du Palais, 14 Place Myron Herrick, Reims, France, +33 3 26 47 52 54

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Le Crypto

A delightful new gastro-pub with outdoor seating facing onto Place du Forum, Le Crypto is a lovely place to have a glass of (reasonably priced) champagne or a glass of the house red wine. Enjoy with a dish of classic Reims cuisine, such as a ham terrine or a homemade soup.

Le Crypto, 14 Place du Forum, Reims, France, +33 3 51 24 74 34

Wine Glasses/ ©Pixabay
Wine Glasses/ | ©Pixabay
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Le Kilberry

This Irish-inspired pub, popular with students, offers a great atmosphere, good drinks, and excellent music for decent prices; it doesn’t get better than that. In good weather, sit outside on the terrace for a pleasant evening over a drink.

Le Kilberry, 182 Rue de Vesle, Reims, France, +33 3 26 88 46 47

© RestaurantAnticaRoma/Pixabay
Beer on tap / | ©Pixabay