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Organic ingredients | © Jessica Spengler/Flickr
Organic ingredients | © Jessica Spengler/Flickr
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The 7 Best Restaurants In St. Aubin, Toulouse

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Updated: 9 February 2017
St. Aubin is a small, peaceful neighborhood not far from the center of Toulouse, which takes its name from the big church of Saint Aubin situated at its heart. Strolling down its picturesque streets, St. Aubin feels like a self-contained village with its own identity. Read on for our list of the best places to dine in St. Aubin, with each restaurant reflecting a part of this active little community.
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La Belle Verte

La Belle Verte is a small restaurant just around the corner from St. Aubin church, owned by three young Toulousains with a passion for organic, local fresh food. The interiors are carefully decorated with green, healthy plants and colorful tablecloths, all designed to inspire joy in their customers. The menu changes every week, but it always includes options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten free diners, like pink oyster mushroom risotto and vegan beef bourguignon. gluten free diners. Old-fashioned omnivores will find plenty of sauce meat dishes to indulge in as well, like coconut and coriander chicken or trout roulade with white butter. La Belle Verte has many fans in St. Aubin and beyond, so make sure you book your tables early, especially for a weekend visit.

La Belle Verte, 50 Rue d’Aubuisson, Toulouse, France, +33 5 61 62 73 42

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Rest’O Jazz

Rest’O Jazz brings the atmosphere of an authentic New Orleans’s jazz bar to St. Aubin, a true rarity in Toulouse. The menu marries fresh local ingredients to rich, flavorful Louisiana recipes, like roasted cod in chorizo ​​sauce and tomato confit, or the coquille St. Jacques au gratin with saffron cream. Dinner is served in a three course meal at a reasonable fixed price. Best of all, jazz concerts are organized on Rest’O’s stage all year round, so you can enjoy live music alongside your meal.

Rest’O Jazz, 8 Rue Amélie, Toulouse, France, +33 5 61 57 96 95

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Le Bistrot

Le Bistrot is a family owned restaurant and craft brewery run by a brother and sister team, where traditional local dishes are served side by side with exotic international recipes. At lunchtime, you can pick between different fixed menus, or go for their hot or cold buffet lunch spreads at a great price. The friendly staff is always there for you to help navigate the many options in their menu, doing everything they can to make their customers feel right at home. The wine list offers an impressive range of bottles from all over France, but the house wine is also a wise choice here.

Le Bistrot, 4 Pl. de Damloup, Toulouse, France, +33 5 61 62 48 57

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O Boui Boui Lao Restaurant

This Asian restaurant serves a traditional Laotian and Thai menu, made with fresh ingredients and spices for richly flavorful food. Start with their prawn salad, then follow up with the canard au caramel (caramelized duck). Save room for a special treat at the end and try their dessert spring rolls, with your choice of fruit or chocolate. Remember to reserve your table in advance, as this small restaurant can fill up quickly.

O Boui Oui Lao Restaurant, 30 Rue Palaprat, Toulouse, France, +33 9 54 14 44 64

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La Pastasciutta

La Pastasciutta is a sweet family restaurant beloved by St. Aubin’s residents. The interior decorations are amazingly homely, with rustic wooden tables, old clothes hanging from the ceiling along a clothesline as if left out to dry, and the piece de resistance, a wood-fired oven. La Pastaciutta is especially popular with local students for two obvious reasons: the reasonable prices and the size of the pizza. You can order either small, medium, or large, and the large is absolutely massive. On the other end of the spectrum, the small is just right for a personal pizza or a snack split between friends. A small pizza and a glass of wine come in at around 10 Euro, a hard deal to beat.

La Pastasciutta, 35Bis Rue Gabriel Péri, Toulouse, France, +33 5 61 62 69 39

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Les Salles Grosses

Les Salles Grosses is a tiny, unexpected gem. This little restaurant proves that big things come in small packages, as its equally tiny kitchen whips up a gourmet meal you won’t soon forget. The atmosphere here is relaxed, and the menu respects French culinary tradition. They claim that creativity and passion are their secret ingredients, and it shines through in every dish. One example of their delicacies is the chocolate lava cake, with figs and strawberries in apricot sauce.

Les Salles Grosses, 7 Rue de l’Industrie, Toulouse, France, +33 5 61 99 30 31

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Bistrot de l’Etoile

Bistrot de l’Etoile is an old school, quintessentially French bistro, where you can stop in at any time of day for breakfast, lunch or dinner at a good price and in a relaxed atmosphere. Their cozy interior and simple wooden furniture will quickly put you at ease, aided by the excellent quality of the service. The food is made using only local ingredients, making this a great place to find fresh, flavorful seafood. For a delectable French treat, start off with the fois gras cooked in red wine, then move on to the sole fillet in codfish tails, or the amazing fried scallops with orange flavored chicory coated in caramel.

Bistrot de l’Etoile, 6 Rue de l’étoile, 31000 Toulouse, France, +33 5 61 63 13 43