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The Best Brunch Spots In Angers, France
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The Best Brunch Spots In Angers, France

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Updated: 20 November 2016
This city in western France is rich in culture, from its medieval relics and Planagenêt château, to its university, to its location amidst the scenic Loire Valley. Visitors to Angers have a lot of ground to cover, so why not start off the day with a delicious brunch or breakfast? Here are seven of the best places to grab a morning bite to eat in Angers.
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La Gourmandise

This cute boulangerie offers everything from tarts and pastries to filled baguettes to quiches— and, of course, hot beverages like coffee and hot chocolate. In good weather, head outdoors to sit on the delightful terrace of La Gourmandise.

Address & telephone number: La Gourmandise, 2 Rue Saint-Aubin, Angers, France, +33 2 41 88 28 48

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Restaurant Osé

A funky tearoom in the heart of the city, Osé is decorated with unique hanging light fixtures and colorful artwork and serves local produce, with plenty of options for vegetarians. Tea lovers will rejoice at over 26 options of tea and infusions on offer. Dine on a pastry or a savory option, or stop by on the first Sunday of the month for a dedicated brunch menu.

Address & telephone number: Restaurant Osé, 19 Rue Toussaint, Angers, France, +33 2 41 31 45 63

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Crêperie Saint Laud

Pop into this crêperie for a late breakfast of coffee and a delicious crêpe or Breton galette, cheerful and efficient service, and fair prices. Sit outside for prime people-watching on a side street in the city center.

Address & telephone number: Crêperie Saint Laud, 55/57 Rue Saint Laud, Angers, France, +33 2 41 72 69 31

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The Cake Around the Corner

Stop by from 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays for a delectable and enormous brunch, which includes tea, a pastry, eggs, bacon, pancakes, a salad, a slice of quiche, and finally— as the name suggests— a piece of the restaurant’s famous Oreo cheesecake. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Address & telephone number: The Cake Around the Corner, 2 Rue Montault, Angers, France, +33 6 24 64 19 48

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Time 4 Coffee Shop

Popular with university students, this cafe is the perfect place to grab a latte or frappuccino and a snack or panini. We recommend the muffins, which are available in vanilla or chocolate flavors and pair excellently with a chai latte.

Address & telephone number: Time 4 Coffee Shop, 8 Place Herald, Angers, France, +33 2 44 01 15 58

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It’s impossible to miss the delectable smell of chocolate wafting through the doorway of this cozy and inviting chocolate and tea salon. Chocathe makes a peaceful and ideal place to read, study, or work while drinking what many locals would say is the best hot chocolate in the city. Don’t leave before purchasing some biscuits or chocolate bars for the road.

Address & telephone number: Chocathe, 49 St Julien, Angers, France, +33 2 41 34 18 86

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L’Instant Bagels

This bagel shop makes a great breakfast spot for people on the go. Choose from five types of bagel and a wide assortment of fillings, including cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, and more, and then have the friendly staff grill it— all in the span of just a few minutes.

Address & telephone number: L’ Instant Bagels, 61 Rue Saint-Laud, Angers, France, +33 2 41 23 81 72