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Tea | © Tony Webster/flickr
Tea | © Tony Webster/flickr
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The Best Cafes In Carcassonne, France

Picture of Laura Pioli
Updated: 9 February 2017
Coffee is what gets many of us going through the morning and through the day. Whether you like your coffee warm or iced, with or without milk, or if you fancy a light snack and a cup of tea while you’re in Carcassonne, read on to discover the best coffee shops and cafes in the famous medieval citadel in the south of France.
Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop | © stevepb / pixabay
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Chez Félix

A family run cafe serving traditional French food, Chez Félix is the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere around Place Carnot, a picturesque square in Carcassone lined with trees and boasting a fountain with sculptures in the middle. The cafe is a popular spot where groups of friends meet to have a chat. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee, and if you’re hungry, sample some of the local dishes.

Address and telephone number: 11 Place Carnot, 11000 Carcassonne, France +33 4 68 25 17 01

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Le Petit Moka

A relaxing spot for a snack and a coffee or even some lunch, Le Petit Moka has a nice view over Place Carnot and is close to the market, which is worth a visit. This French coffee shop offers a great selection of coffees and delicious croissants and pastries which you can enjoy outside. The owner and staff are welcoming and will make you feel at home right away. Here you can also enjoy a variety of crepes and salads alongside a glass of wine.

Address and telephone number: 4 place Carnot 11000 Carcassonne, France 04 68 25 68 87

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Le Carnot

Another establishment located on the central Place Carnot, Le Carnot is a tea room that offers excellent service and delicious food. This is a lovely place to stop for either breakfast or lunch, or even some brunch if you haven’t had time to have breakfast. Le Carnot has a comfortable sitting area and a French cafe atmosphere, where you will be able to enjoy the selection of teas, coffees, milkshakes, wines and other drinks alongside a variety of sandwiches, salads, ice-creams, crepes and pastries.

Address and telephone number: 11 place Carnot 11000 Carcassonne France +33 4 68 25 38 38

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This welcoming cafe, with a warm atmosphere housed in an old building, is the ideal place to pop in for a snack and a drink before or after enjoying all the main attractions in Carcassonne. Here you will be able to have a comforting cup of tea or coffee with their selection of pastries. Have a latte or a cappuccino with a soft croissant as you sit outside on their terrace and watch the world go by.

Address and telephone number: 26 place Carnot 11000 Carcassonne France +33 4 68 25 86 71

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Casa Thés France

If you’re more into tea than coffee then this will be the perfect place for you. You will be able to try many different kinds of tea from China, Japan, Ceylan and more in this oriental tea room. You can also buy the teas you like together with tea accessories to take home with you. They serve some delicious cakes that are the perfect accompaniment for their teas.

Address and telephone number: Rue des Chênes 11000 Carcassonne France +33 9 64 30 89 40