The Best Hotels in Arles, France, for Every Traveller

A room fit for an emperor at Hotel Jules Cesar
A room fit for an emperor at Hotel Jules Cesar | Courtesy of Hotel Jules Cesar / Expedia
Photo of Sophia Mills Francis
12 February 2021

The Roman-city marvel of Arles is, famously, the gateway to France’s untamed coastal Camargue region, where wild horses roam. But it’s so much more. The clue’s in the aforementioned “R” word. Some of its key monuments, including the arena and the Roman theatre, date back to the 1st Century BC, although Arles blossomed twice again, in the 4th, then the 11th and 12th Centuries. You don’t need to be an archaeologist to love the place: beside the flowing Rhone, Arles is a sun-baked gem of a French-Mediterranean town, still recognisable from the colour-bright art of Van Gogh (see his masterpiece “Cafe Terrace at Night”, painted in 1888). Come to laze in sunny-shady squares found down tight, cobbled ways, and to sip carafes of red with dinner outside bars, under stars. And when it’s bedtime? Here are the best hotels in Arles – for every traveler.

Hotel De L’ Amphitheatre

Map View
Arles amphitheater | © Stefan Bauer/WikiCommons
A unique building with spacious rooms, Hotel De L’Amphitheatre is the perfect place to stay if you are taking a vacation or on business in Arles. With salon rooms as well as quiet, clean and well-decorated rooms in which to stay, you can wake up refreshed for your stay in this French city. It is located very close to the amphitheatre and sits in the heart of Arles, making it the perfect hotel to stay in if you want to sightsee and explore this beautiful, old city.

Hotel Particulier

5/5 (2 Reviews)
From $279 Per night per room
You will be blown away by the charming grounds and beautiful grounds of Hotel Particulier. With spectacular landscaping on the outside and cosy, large, well-furnished rooms inside, you can’t go wrong. This hotel has tasteful décor, a swimming pool and scented candles that are located in the corridors. It has comfort and class and is the perfect place to stay. The garden in the hotel is peaceful, as are the rooms, making this hotel a must visit if you are visiting Arles.
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Hotel du Forum

4/5 (79 Reviews)
Place du Forum, Arles - Pinus - Hotel Restaurant | © Elliott Brown/Flickr
From $62 Per night per room
If you are looking for a lovely hotel in the heart of Arles, look no further than Hotel du Forum. This 1920s building has been passed down from father to son and simply stands out amongst classic hotels. With spacious, clean rooms that have good air conditioning and showers, this hotel is a wonderful place to stay in the French city. The terraced garden, pool and plaza below are the perfect place in which to relax after any excursion.
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Hotel Spa Le Calendal

4.5/5 (269 Reviews)
Théâtre Antique d'Arles | © Carole Raddato/WikiCommons
From $144 Per night per room
Ideally located between the Roman Antique Theater and the Amphitheatre, Hotel Spa Le Calendal is in the perfect location in which to find out about the historical background of this French city. The hotel is charming, comfortable and stylish, and even offers Roman baths and massages. With air conditioning in the rooms and Provençal dishes available from mid March until October at lunchtime, you can relax and enjoy Arles from the perfect location in Hotel Spa Le Calendal.
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Hotel d’Arlatan

Map View
Lobby of the Hotel D'Arlatan, Arles | © erodcust/Flickr

With many restaurants located close to the hotel and being right in the center of Arles, the Hotel d’Arlatan is in the perfect location to explore the city. With spacious, quiet rooms and a historical charm about the building, there is a combination of cosy and antique about this hotel. With good breakfast service and character, this hotel should be on your list to stay in if you are visiting this French city.

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  • Hotel Jules Cesar

    4.3/5 (169 Reviews)
    Hotel Jules Cesar - Arles | © Elliott Brown/Flickr
    From $151 Per night per room
    Completely renovated and redecorated in 2014 by Christian Lacroix, this hotel is stunning. It is located in the Arles city center and promises comfort in abundance. It was originally a 17th century Carmelitas convent, but now offers 50 spacious rooms and 11 suites, as well as a gourmet restaurant and terrace. The restaurant also boasts a heated outdoor pool and a spa. Relax and enjoy your vacation at the Hotel Jules Cesar as you explore and immerse yourself in the city.
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    Hotel de la Muette

    With a great location in the heart of Arles, this quaint, old hotel is in the classic provincial style. Hotel de la Muette has spacious rooms with high ceilings and a lovely patio, where you can eat breakfast. It has been tastefully refurbished and redecorated, but it holds on to its old charm. The hotel is within walking distance of all major attractions and restaurants too. The rooms are clean and well kept, and they are also equipped with air conditioning.
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    Villa Regalido

    Hotel, Villa
    4.5/5 (72 Reviews)
    Relax prima di cena... | © Paolo Perini/Flickr
    Just a 10-minute drive from Arles, this gem of a hotel sits in an enchanting area in a beautiful village of Provence. The building is old and retains its historical, Provençal charm, whilst the warm atmosphere is inviting and the large rooms are cosy with a nice décor. Villa Regalido is equipped with a pool, a spa and a Jacuzzi, which is just perfect for relaxing on your vacation.
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