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The 10 Best Spots For Breakfast And Brunch In Nîmes, France

The 10 Best Spots For Breakfast And Brunch In Nîmes, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A city full of history and culture, including the Maison Carrée and the striking Arena, Nîmes is a brilliant city to explore. It also boasts a wide range of great restaurants, as this is a place with many delicious culinary establishments. There are few better ways to start off a day of exploring than a lovely breakfast in one of the town’s many cafés and here, we take a look at the best.

Le Comptoir des Halles

For a truly local experience, the animated Comptoir des Halles is a great place for a brunch, with lots of traditional and fresh French foods on offer, including a sumptuous beef tartare with home-made chips and a perfectly cooked steak. During the summer, the buzzing little terrace is well lit by the sun and is a brilliant location for people watching and soaking up the local vibe.
Address & telephone number: 5, Rue Guizot, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 67 61 29

La Petite Fadette

Nestled in a quiet side street, just a few hundred meters from the magnificent Maison Carré, is the intimate little restaurant La Petite Fadette. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee and pastry or a long, luxurious brunch, it is a great spot to start your day. With delicious and unusual savory tartines, scrumptious desserts, a good number of vegetarian options, as well as a sunny terrace, this welcoming establishment offers a truly charming spot to have breakfast.
Address & telephone number: 34, Rue du Grand Couvent, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 67 53 05

Le Courtois Café

Situated on the charming Place du Marché in the heart of Nîmes, Le Courtois Café is a nicely decorated little café that has a range of delectable cakes and pastries on offer, all home made. Whether guests are looking for something cosy or refreshing, with delicious hot chocolate as well as sumptuous ice cream and sorbets, this is a great spot all year round.
Address & telephone number: 8, Place du Marché, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 67 20 09

La Mezzanine

As part of exploring the fascinating covered market that is Les Halles de Nîmes, the little modern café La Mezzanine is a great way to experience all the fresh French ingredients just encountered at the stalls. The menus, which are almost all entirely sourced from Les Halles themselves, have a wide variety of organic, traditional choices, including lovely tarts and soups. There is also a special vegetarian theme on Tuesdays, featuring tasty and inventive recipes.
Address & telephone number: 6A, Avenue du Général Perrier, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 21 61 62

Café des arts

Hidden inside the main shopping center of Nîmes is a wonderful café, the Café des arts, which serves great food along with delicious coffee and pastries in a traditional, stylish setting with a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. For those seeking a more substantial brunch, this café also has a good quality, regularly changing, brasserie-style menu, including some typical Nîmois delicacies, such as a bull steak.
Address & telephone number: Centre Commercial La Coupole de Nîmes, 22, Boulevard Gambetta, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 67 94 02

Infinity Coffee

Just off the lovely boulevard of Avenue Jean Jaurès, Infinity Coffee is one of the only real, authentic coffee shops in Nîmes and is well worth the visit. With its impressive range of fantastic quality coffees, hot chocolates and teas, as well as its homely and inviting ambiance, patrons may find it difficult to bring themselves to leave this enchanting place. They also serve a range of delicious muffins, brownies and cookies as well as marshmallows and little biscuits to accompany your drinks.
Address & telephone number: 36, Rue de l’Hôtel Dieu, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 34 04 57 15

Ô Délices

Located on the very pleasant square, the Place aux Herbes, with fantastic views of the medieval architecture within the old part of Nîmes, Ô Délices is especially worth visiting during the summer, when one can take full advantage of its beautiful outdoor terrace. The stylish, modern décor contributes to its calm and chic ambiance and makes it such a perfect little spot to start the day with a typical French breakfast of a coffee and croissant.
Address & telephone number: 2, Place aux Herbes, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 36 11 16


A tea lovers haven, the wonderful tearoom Majesthé transports visitors to realm where tea is really all that matters. With tea from all over the globe, both caffeinated and not, as well as aromatic hot chocolate and coffees, this establishment takes visitors on a journey of discovery of hot drinks. These delicious drinks can be accompanied by exquisite French pastries and also of note is the shop that sells many of the teas on offer in the tearoom, as well as other delicacies, including exotic jams.
Address & telephone number: 1, Rue Sainte-Eugénie, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 11 67 32 39

Le Ciel de Nîmes

For a truly unique experience, Le Ciel de Nîmes, situated on the third floor of the fascinating contemporary art museum, Le Carré d’Art, offers unparalleled views across the picturesque roofs of the ancient city to complement your breakfast. Within this stunning setting, there is a wide range of coffee and tea from which to choose, as well as some delicious sweet and savory dishes, including lovely fruit tarts and perfectly cooked fish.
Address & telephone number: 16, Place de la Maison Carrée, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 36 71 70

Ever’in Café

Just a few minutes’ walk from the grand Arena, the Ever’in Café is a warm and welcoming restaurant with a convivial atmosphere. Its interesting décor, both inside and on its gorgeous terrace, has found a good balance between traditional charm and stylish modernity. Serving a good range of authentic, sumptuous Italian dishes this restaurant is a great spot for a luxurious European brunch.
Address & telephone number: 1, Place Séverine, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 76 21 81