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Nice - Beach - Promenade des Anglais | © rhodesj/Flickr
Nice - Beach - Promenade des Anglais | © rhodesj/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants On Promenade Des Anglais, Nice

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Situated right next to the Principality of Monaco, Nice is one of the most stylish cities of the Cote d’Azur. The boardwalk here is called Promenade des Anglais (in honor of the first visitors to the area) and it is filled with beach restaurants oozing class and style. Here, we take a look at some of the finest.
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Blue beach

Blue beach is one of the most appreciated beaches in Nice; long and spacious, benefiting from that crystal clear sea and those scintillating sand stretches. The restaurant here of the same name is the ideal stop to enjoy a delicious meal on the beach with a great view. It features a long list of both fish and meat dishes, served by friendly staff.

Address and telephone number: Blue Beach, 32 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 4 93 87 10 36

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Le mesclun

In a welcoming environment with modern and colorful decorations, fresh flowers on each tables and warm lamps, Le mesclun faces the Promenade des Anglais, meaning customers can enjoy the view from the huge windows of the restaurant. The restaurant features modern as well as traditional French dishes, well presented for patrons to enjoy every aspect of their mouthwatering meal. Le mesclun features tasting and child menus at a fixed price.

Address and telephone number: Le mesclun, 215 Avenue de la Californie, Nice, France, +33 4 93 83 81 21

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Le Miami Beach

This modern beach restaurant with a friendly staff serves great food creatively presented atop modern tableware. Le Miami Beach offers its customers a great view of the Baie des Anges and it features a playground for the little ones to boot, while the grown-ups can enjoy an Italian-style happy hour, complete with a refreshing Spritz. Once customers try the pre-dinner snacks they will surely want to stay for more.

Address and telephone number: Le Miami Beach, 197 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 9 51 95 53 57

Spritz | © Joseph Richard Francis

Spritz | © Joseph Richard Francis

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It is more than understandable that if, after a relaxing morning at this lovely beach, bathers hang around at Bambou a little longer for a tasty lunch. The menu features a long list of dishes, from burgers with fries to pasta. The not-so-affordable prices are average in the area, but the generous servings don’t disappoint and customers won’t leave hungry.

Address and telephone number: Bambou, 165 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 4 93 86 64 15

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La rotonde

Decorated as a baroque carousel, with authentic antique furnishings, La rotonde is a hotel brasserie. It welcomes customers to a romantic atmosphere that’s created by a unique setting. La rotonde features both a la carte and tasting menus, offering options that combine tradition with creativity and just a dash of regional France.

Address and telephone number: La Rotonde, 37 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 4 93 16 64 00

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Hi Beach

Swish, stylish and everything you’d expect of a beach-side haunt rising from the edge of the Promenade des Anglais, this summertime-only joint spills out onto the sand in a series of loungers and beanbags and low-rise cocktail tables. The menu is a fresh array of casual dining dishes that diverges in a welcome way from the usual fine-dining that abounds in the area. Expect fish and chips, club sandwiches and the like – all cooked up and served in a hearty manner.

Address and telephone number: Hi Beach, 47 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France. +33 4 97 14 00 83

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Florida Beach

A little more old-style and less crowded than its neighboring beaches, Florida Beach is the ideal place for families and anyone seeking some peace and quiet. The restaurant of the same name is open only for lunch, and it features quick and fresh dishes that are representative of French cuisine.

Address and telephone number: Florida Beach, 71 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 4 93 44 72 86

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La canne a sucre

At La canne a sucre it is the friendly and funny owner who welcomes customers to the joint, decorated with peculiar, sports-inspired furnishing, making the atmosphere truly cheerful and the meal even more enjoyable. La canne a sucre is open from breakfast and serves lunch and dinner as well, offering its customers tasty fish dishes.

Address and telephone number: La canne a sucre, 11 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 4 93 87 19 35

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Featuring unique decor, right on the Promenade des Anglais, this sports bar screams Rock and Roll. At Queenie customers can enjoy either a full meal or a quick snack in a very characterful environment, with guitars and motorcycles dotted here and there and, of course, a juke-box. It is the ideal place to go to watch soccer games with friends. Queenie also serves a delectable English breakfast.

Address and telephone number: Le queenie, 19 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 4 93 88 52 50

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Le koudou

At this classy beach restaurant customers won’t be disappointed whatever they decide to order from the various list of dishes. Whether it is meat or fish, every dish is made with fresh and high-quality ingredients, cooked with modern and creative recipes and served with great presentation. The experience at Le koudou is only heightened by the breathtaking views of the Promenade, with the Mediterranean shimmering in the background.

Address and telephone number: Le koudou, 28 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, +33 4 93 87 33 74