Local Food And Fine Dining At Strasbourg's Top 10 Restaurants

Strasbourg © Marius Brede
Strasbourg © Marius Brede
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9 February 2017

Strasbourg, in Eastern France, is a cultural center for lovers of food and art. You’ll find a wealth of traditional and non-traditional restaurants, read our guide to discover the best venues this magnificent city has to offer.

L'Ancienne Douane

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L'Ancienne Douane, Strasbourg
L'Ancienne Douane, Strasbourg | © Robert Cutts
L’Ancienne Douane is the ideal place to experience the majesty of Strasbourg’s canal at night – a truly historic setting. The original building was constructed in 1358, but has been destroyed a total of 3 times: once in 1497 as a result of a fire, once in 1944 by an air raid and finally by another fire in 2000 – rebuilt every time. Fortunately, the building’s apparent bad luck hasn’t rubbed off on its atmosphere and cuisine. The restaurant offers a warm ambiance and an affordable menu, which belies its grand exterior.

Au Petit Bois Vert

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As you approach Au Petit Bois Vert you’ll notice an impressive plane tree that towers over the restaurant’s outside tables and dates back to Louis IV. Stop here for a drink in the afternoon and take in the view of the river running through Petit France. When the weather turns, the inside of the building is picturesque in its own right, with wood paneling which recalls a traditional farm house. The restaurant is the best place in town to sample Alsatian game, which it sources locally as part of its traditional menu.


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If you want to experience the Alsatian countryside without actually straying far from the city, Buerehiesel is the perfect compromise. The restaurant is situated in the middle of Parc de l’Orangerie: the spacious park which features a waterfall and a miniature zoo. Buerehiesel is tucked away in the park’s forested area. The building was originally constructed as an Alsatian farmhouse and was brought piece by piece into the city in order to construct the restaurant. This attention to detail extends to the food, which has been awarded one Michelin star and features luxurious interpretations of French classics.

El Pimiento

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Despite a rich culinary heritage of its own, France knows how to do a good Spanish restaurant. If you want to switch it up from Alsatian specialties, El Pimiento is the best place in the city for a relaxed evening of tapas and drinks. The restaurant provides a range of Spanish specialties, including paella and unbeatable calamari, along with cocktails and sangria to wash it all down. This is the ideal place to escape the more tourist centric spots in Strasbourg while still remaining just around the corner from all the principal sites.

Les Haras de Strasbourg

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The French are masters of combining historic architecture with modern designs (see Strasbourg’s Gare Centrale, along with the Louvre and its pyramid), and Les Haras de Strasbourg is no exception. The building was constructed in the middle of the 18th century in the midst of the medieval ramparts of the town. The building’s exposed brick and high ceilings are complemented by a mesmerizing wooden spiral staircase, which provides a dramatic backdrop to the spacious, light-filled restaurant. The building’s impressive design has been recognized at The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards , where they took home the title of ‘Best Restaurant in Europe’ and ‘Best Restaurant in the World’.

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Maison des Tanneurs

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For a picture perfect experience, visit Maison des Tanneurs. Situated in Strasbourg’s historic ‘Petite France’ area, the famous riverside building is decorated with the resplendent red geraniums which are typical of country houses in the region. It was originally built in 1572 and, as the name suggests, was used as a tannery before being renovated and converted into a restaurant in 1949. Inside, the menu offers a range of traditional Alsatian dishes at a reasonable price, including choucroute and spaetzele.

Maison Kammerzel

Part of the reason for a visit to Alsace is for the feeling that you have stepped into a Brother’s Grimm story, and nowhere in town feels more like a fairy tale than Maison Kammerzel. The multi-story building dates back to 1497 and overlooks the cathedral and its courtyard. While the building is at its most impressive from the outside, particularly when it is illuminated at night during the Christmas period, the Léo Schnug designed interior is also charming. There are a range of seating areas: choose between tables in the cellar, the alcoves, or the top floor, which provides spectacular views of the town center.

Maison Kammerzel, 16 Place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg, France, +33 3 88 32 42 14

Maison Kammerzel | ©Starbuck Melo//Wikicommons

Maison Kammerzel | ©Starbuck Melo//Wikicommons

Musée d’Art Moderne

The Musée d’Art Moderne was inaugurated in 1998 and sits on the banks of the Ill, in the heart of Strasbourg’s historic neighborhood. The building was designed by architect Adrien Fainsilber, and provides an open space in a fresh, modern building with an opportunity to visit the impressive exhibition space, permanent collection and photography rooms. The restaurant itself was designed by Yves Taralon, who also designed the café at the Louvre, and offers views of both Ill and Petit France through its large bay windows. The menu consists of innovative cuisine, including a range of salads named after modern artists.