The 10 Best Restaurants In Rennes' Historic Quarter, Dining In France

The 10 Best Restaurants In Rennes' Historic Quarter, Dining In France
The city of Rennes is one of France’s principal cities in terms of population density and activity, attracting many tourists each year. Rennes’ historic quarter is a testament to the city’s history. The area offers a multitude of illustrious restaurants to choose from, and we have listed 10 of the best.
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An excellent choice for students and visitors with a sweet tooth or those wishing to try something a little bit different, L’Épicerie specializes in indulgent tartines of all flavors served alongside a variety of cocktails. If you’re looking for something a bit different from savory meals to entertain your palate at dinner then this place is definitely a must try.
Address: 2 Rue des Fossés, Rennes, France, +33 2 99 38 76 70

La Reserv

Bistro, Restaurant, French, European, Vegetarian, Vegan, $$$
If you’re in search of a traditional French bistro then La Reserve is the perfect candidate. Located in the heart of Rennes’ historic quarter, the restaurant soaks in the classic atmosphere of its surroundings and delivers authentic French cuisine to a high standard.
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Cafe Babylone

Bistro, Cafe, Restaurant, French, Coffee, Fast Food, Street Food
Set against the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre de Rennes, Cafe Babylone has thrived as one of the best restaurants in Rennes, set in a most captivating setting. Specializing in tapas style food with a typical french bistro style, Cafe Babylone provides a classy and crisp way to begin an evening filled with great food after exploring the streets of Rennes.
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La Saint Georges

Restaurant, Creperie, French, Vegetarian, $$$
Steering away from the typical Breton architectural style and feel, this popular creperie turns towards more eccentric ideas. With a purple and regal style interior, set within a traditional building part of the Rennes’ heritage, this is certainly a remarkable location if you’re looking to dine in a contemporary French restaurant.
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L' Atelier des Gourmets

Bistro, Restaurant, French, European, $$$
Although the menu here is quite short, L’Altelier des Gourmets is constantly gaining momentum as one of the most exciting and best value for money places to eat in the city. Combining high-end bistro food typical of French cuisine with traditional regional cuisines, this restaurant allows its customers to taste the type of quality food found in high-end restaurants for smaller prices.
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La Ville d’Ys

Creperies are some of the most numerous and best loved food outlets within Rennes. La Ville d’Ys really stands out for making some of the city’s best crepes. Showcasing a host of Breton legends surrounding the legacy of Rennes and set in a 15th-century building, this is a place bursting with character and amazing flavors.
Address: 5 rue St-Georges, Rennes, France, +33 2 99 36 70 28

Back to the 60's

Restaurant, Diner, American, Vegetarian, Vegan, French, $$$
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Distinguishing itself from the wealth of bistros and creperies that can be found within Rennes historic cultural quarter, Back to the 60’s restaurant focuses on bringing authentic American cuisine to the heart of the French city. The restaurant is a firm favorite among students, locals and tourist alike.
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Il Monte Cristo

Restaurant, Pizzeria, Italian, Vegetarian, French, $$$
Bringing quality Italian cuisine to the heart of Rennes’ historic quarter, Il Monte Cristo is a welcome addition to the cultural diversity of Rennes’ culinary culture. With a traditional menu including a variety of pasta and pizza dishes, this restaurant serves Italian specialties popular around France and the globe.
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Les Carmes

Restaurant, French, $$$
A restaurant of outstanding quality, Les Carmes is renowned for delivering fresh, crisp and innovative flawless dishes that those who love originality and creativity in food will appreciate. With numerous positive reviews for both service and quality of food and a Michelin star to its name, this is definitely a must-try restaurant for Rennes’ visitors.
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