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The 10 Best Restaurants In Perrache, Lyon
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Perrache, Lyon

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Framed by the Saone and Rhone rovers, Perrache plays a key role in Lyon’s transportation services, hosting one of the main train stations, Gare de Lyon-Perrache. If you happen to be traveling through, check out one of these places for a bite to eat.
Gare Lyon Perrache
Gare Lyon Perrache | © C D _Fr/Flickr

Le Chaudron

If it’s a warm and sunny day you can enjoy your meal outside at this Perrache joint. Inside, however, is alive with one of the world’s greatest perfumes: freshly baked bread, home-made each day in-house. Patrons can read the menu on a big blackboard hanging on the wall, where all sorts of traditional plates from the French cannon lure the taste buds.
Le Chaudron, 26 Cours Suchet, Lyon, France, +33 4 78 37 73 31

Bomlø salmon, with gratin dauphinois and carrot
Bomlø salmon, with gratin dauphinois and carrot | Courtesy of Le Chaudron
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Ti Amo Maria

This one’s the spot for an authentic Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Perrache. Enjoy the friendly environment while tasting an original mozzarella with freshly chopped vegetables as an appetizer and maybe a drink of cold Spritz along with it, or an Italian beer.
Ti Amo Maria, 16 rue Casimir Perier, Lyon, France, +33 4 78 38 38 44

Brasserie Georges
Brasserie Georges | Courtesy of Brasserie Georges
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Brasserie Georges

For a real Lyonnaise dinner in a historic setting, head to Brasserie Georges. Enjoy a traditional dinner in this old-fashioned brasserie, a true historic landmark of the city. Savor tasty dishes from the tradition, like the choucroute, a casserole made with pickled cabbage cooked in wine with sausages. Everything screams fin-de-siècle, from the chandeliers to the mirrors to the elaborately decorated ceiling, while the walls tell the story of this characteristic place for those willing to read.
Brasserie Georges, 30 Cours de Verdun, Lyon, France, +33 4 72 56 54 54

Passerelle | © r.g-s/Flickr
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L’atelier du Pizzaiolo

This little pizzeria, set right on the edge of the dock in the Saone’s marina, offers the most romantic views in all of Perrache. Check out the lights glistening on the water at night, and take a stroll on the pedestrian bridge after dinner. Whilst eating, patrons enjoy a modern design while relaxing in a warm atmosphere. All ingredients used are hand-picked from the best products Italy has to offer, from olive oil to parmesan cheese.
L’atelier du Pizzaiolo, 5, quai Antoine Riboud, Lyon, France, +33 4 69 16 09 54

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Le Chalut

Le Chalut is the the perfect mix of tradition and innovation; the right place for a classy dinner, especially for those who like fish. Patrons can choose to eat on the patio or terrace, while the adjoining Salon Cognac is available for booking for larger groups. The staff is discrete but also friendly, while the menu features seasonal dishes and the chef hosts regular tasting sessions for those more inclined to degustation.
Le Chalut, 14 Rue Marc-Antoine Petit, Lyon, France, +33 4 72 56 07 69

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Just a few steps away from the Musée des Confluences, stop to have brunch or dinner on this bateau anchored on the Rhone. The staff is pleasant and the setting is modern and original, while Bellona features three different menus: lunch, brunch, and dinner, each with its own creative dishes, going from stuffed calamari to blueberry tiramisu. Diners can have a cocktail on the terrace on the upper deck and can dance at the club situated on the lower deck.
Bellona, 100 quai Perrache, Lyon, France, +33 9 83 60 56 26

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Brasserie Elite

Stepping in to this elegant joint, patrons are engulfed by a warm atmosphere, with the red ceilings and the carved wood walls, the intimate round tables and the cozy armchairs all doing their bit. Brasserie Elite is perfect for a family dinner; the staff is friendly and happy to assist with choosing from the card, while the menu is concise, offing high-quality and traditional Lyonnaise dishes.
Brasserie Elite, 20 Place Carnot, Lyon, France, +33 4 78 37 29 80

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Le Bistrot d’Auguste

This peculiar little bistro displays a collection of old movie cameras and posters, and the wall decoration is all about the Lumière brothers. At Le Bistrot d’Auguste, traditional ingredients of the French cuisine come together in an all-new way; in the modern recipes of the chef that can be found seasonally on the menu.
Le Bistrot d’Auguste, 24 Quai Perrache, Lyon, France, +33 4 78 92 83 31

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Brasserie Midi Minuit

Searching for a tasty burger with fries? A crepe? A soup maybe? Or meat? Never fear: Brasserie Midi Minuit has you covered! Customers will find anything to wish for in this modern brasserie all decorated in red and black. Every dish is served with impeccable presentation, and whether it’s the madeleines, crepes or chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice-cream, the desserts are definitely worth saving room for.
Brasserie Midi Minuit,83 cours Charlemagne, Lyon, France, +33 4 78 37 67 95

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Sushi Shop

The Sushi Shop franchise has now expanded through France, Spain and Switzerland and boasts over 80 restaurants in all. Patrons have three options available to savor yummy sushi: eat-in, take-away and order online. Key words at the Sushi Shop are service, quality, hygiene and creativity, the latter going a way to explain the bursts of colors that decorate the various makizushi and rolls.

Sushi Shop, 112 Cours Charlemagne, Lyon, France, +33 826 82 66 28