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The 10 Best Restaurants In Nîmes, France
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Nîmes, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A city full of historical and cultural depth, with its brilliantly well-preserved Roman Arena and stunning Maison Carré, Nîmes is certainly worth a visit. Yet as well as its historical monuments, Nîmes also boasts an array of good restaurants. Whether you’re looking to eat within view of the magnificent Arena itself or would prefer a more understated location, we have selected10 of the best restaurants that Nîmes has to offer.
Les Arènes
Les Arènes | © photos/alcn/Flickr
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Nicolas is a lovely family-run restaurant with lots of character, offering the opportunity to try lots of delicious traditional dishes. From the excellent fish soup to the sumptuous steak entrecôte, each of these very typically southern French dishes is served with passion and complemented by a good selection of delicious regional wines.
Address & telephone number: 1 Rue Poise, Nîmes, France +33 04 66 67 50 47

Steak entrecôte
Steak entrecôte | © David Pursehouse/Flickr
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Le Lisita

With a truly spectacular view of the wonderful Arena, Le Lisita offers a range of delicious gourmet, Michelin-starred dishes that won’t break the bank. Options including delicious pork and sumptuous veal. For those less inclined to sample the gourmet experience, try their “snacks” including home-made burgers and generous salads.
Address & telephone number: 2 Boulevard des Arènes, Nîmes, France +33 04 66 67 29 15

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For simply excellent food served up by a friendly, professional staff, Skab is a lovely place for both lunch and dinner. Its owner being a sommelier, the wine list is as exquisite as the food, which currently includes creative dishes such as a tomato millefeuille and a lemon soufflé. Enjoy these delicious dishes in the beautiful setting of the intimate courtyard during the summer, or inside in the chic, modern interior throughout the rest of the year.
Address & telephone number: 7 Rue de la République, Nîmes, France +33 04 66 21 94 30

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La Buena Onda

For a more alternative way to spend an evening, let the delightful Buena Onda transport you to Argentina with its authentic food and its relaxed South American vibe. Sample the empanadas, ensaladas, ceviche or just a well-made salad in this brightly decorated and animated little restaurant. Though simple, the food is delicious and great value. The venue also hosts live music and art exhibitions from time to time.
Address & telephone number: 14 Rue des Fourbisseurs, Nîmes, France +33 09 86 25 16 51

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Le Menestrel

Tucked away on an unassuming road in the historic Old Town, Le Menestrel is located in a former chapel and is the ideal place for a cozy, intimate meal. This restaurant offers a range of delicately presented, sublime dishes, consisting of fresh ingredients, all prepared with genuine passion by the very talented owner of the establishment.
Address & telephone number: 3 Rue des Greffes, Nîmes, France +33 09 81 84 55 89

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Les Magnolias

Situated in the tranquil Place des Esclafidous, enjoy a peaceful meal at the delightful Les Magnolias, set under actual magnolia trees. Though the menus are relatively simple, the ingredients are fresh and each dish is beautifully presented. Try the delicious beef tartare or one of the splendid desserts, accompanied by a good selection of very reasonably priced wines.
Address & telephone number: Place des Esclafidous, Nîmes, France

L'Ancien Théâtre
Provençal lamb | © Bev Sykes/Flickr
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L’Ancien Théâtre

For fresh and elegant food in a cozy and intimate setting, L’Ancien Théâtre is a lovely way to sample some classic Southern French dishes. Its regularly changing set menus are carefully selected to provide a delicious meal, passionately put together by an enthusiastic and talented chef. Give your taste buds a treat with these perfectly cooked and seasoned dishes in a charming interior.
Address & telephone number: 4, Rue Racine, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 21 30 75

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L’Escale des Saveurs

Nestled in the intimate Place des Esclafidous, L’Escale des Saveurs boasts a wide range of delectable dishes, both regional and exotic. The regularly changing, seasonal menu offers delights as an inventive foie gras crème brûlée and the Roma St Jacques lasagne.
Address & telephone number: Place des Esclafidous, Nîmes, France +33 04 66 36 25 80

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Le Belcour

In the heart of the picturesque Old Town, hidden through a little passageway, sits Le Belcour. Enjoy a sumptuous meal in this one’s wonderfully historic vaulted stone interior, dating back to the 13th century. Menu options include perfectly cooked lamb and sumptuous linguine, served with fresh, seasonal vegetables.
Address & telephone number: 7 Rue des Marchands, Nîmes, France +33 04 66 21 05 11

Steak and pommes frites
Steak and pommes frites | © waferboard/Flickr
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Le Chapon Fin

Not far from the iconic Arena, Le Chapon Fin offers a range of high quality, traditional food for very reasonable prices. You’ll find a warma dn welcoming interior and there is often live music. There is a bullfighting theme evident in the decor (inspired by the use of the Arena as a bullfighting ring).
Address & telephone number: 3 Rue Château Fadaise, Nîmes, France +33 (0)4 66 67 34 73