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Water with lemon in glass | © Karolina Grabowska/Pexels
Water with lemon in glass | © Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

The 10 Best Restaurants In Nantes' Centre Ville, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Nantes, a city in the north-west of France, has many beautiful attractions that make it well worth a visit. Wander the streets of the medieval Bouffay district or visit the Gothic Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral, or the Ducs-de-Bretagne castle with its impressive moat. Here is a selection of the top 10 restaurants in the center of Nantes.


Le Nouveau Monde

Le Nouveau Monde, is named in honor of the writer Jules Verne, who was born in 1828 in this building. The atmosphere is jolly and cozy, and the walls are painted a bright red and yellow. The restaurant specializes in local cuisine offering several Nantais specialties, such as baked salmon with a Nantais butter white sauce or the rice pudding with Nantais boiled sweets. They also serve traditional French dishes for those of you brave enough to try frogs legs or snails. The menu is wide-ranging to accommodate all budgets.


Address and telephone number: 4 Cours Olivier de Clisson, Nantes, France, +33 2 40 48 03 04

La Raffinerie

La Raffinerie uses high-quality local and fresh ingredients in the preparation of its dishes. It also provides a detailed list of all its suppliers and their addresses on its website. The menu is short and ever-changing, adapting to the seasons. Wine is also important here, and the menu is constantly evolving prioritizing environmentally friendly wine growers. The bread and sorbets are both homemade. The decor is rustic, with stone walls and wooden furniture. and thanks to renovations the kitchen is now visible to customers who can watch their dishes being prepared.


Address and telephone number: 54 Rue Fouré, Nantes, France, +33 2 40 74 81 05

Les Artistes

This restaurant has a fun 1960s-style interior design with padded, leather chairs and colorful paintings and statues. They offer a fixed number of dishes that revolve around locally caught or procured fish and meat, everything is homemade, and the wine menu is great. The lemon, verbena cream and mandarin sorbet on a crumbly Breton biscuit base is especially delicious. The cooks only use French Valrhona chocolate in their desserts. This is the perfect place for a romantic dinner.


Address and telephone number: 14 Rue Armand Brossard, Nantes, France, +33 2 40 48 20 02

Le Rout’Art Gourmand

Slightly more unusual than the rest of restaurants in Nantes, this gourmet restaurant is on wheels. Do not mistake Le Rout’Art Gourmand for any regular pizza or hot dog van though, here the food is fresh and homemade, and all the packaging is recyclable. The menu varies from week to week but it regularly offers a delicious scallop burger made with homemade bread, black radish, lobster and prawn sauce and caramelized onion. You can find out where they’ll be parked throughout the week on their website. Better still, the prices are very affordable.


Telephone number: +33 6 47 09 68 30

Les Pirates

Young children (and even those who are not so young) love this pirate-themed restaurant. The waiters and waitresses are dressed up as pirates, you are given a pirate’s hat on entering and to call the waiter you have to yell ‘à l’abordage!’, a pirate expression which translates as ‘on board’. It’s all a lot of fun, and the atmosphere is relaxed and jovial. The dishes are meaty and are presented on large slates. They are extremely copious and most people don’t get to pudding, but they do provide doggy-bags so the leftovers won’t go to waste. The rum-based drinks and cocktails are delicious.

Address and telephone number: 13 Boulevard Stalingrad, Nantes, France, +33 2 40 74 05 15


Anatolia is Nante’s best Turkish restaurant. The food is excellent and the traditional dishes mainly consist of beef, lamb and chicken served with lentils, aubergine or cabbage among other accompaniments. They do a good pilav, a special rice dish. Everything is well-presented in beautiful eastern-style dishes. The décor is simple and stylish with black padded chairs and classic pictures on the walls. The eastern music adds to the atmosphere, which is hushed but relaxed so this is somewhere you can come with friends and family, or for a romantic dinner.

Address and telephone number: 14 Rue Louis Blanc, Nantes, France, +33 9 80 71 53 72

A la Belle Cocotte

‘Cocotte’ means casserole, this restaurant’s specialty. The simple but delicious dishes are cooked in cast-iron casseroles using traditional French recipes. They are mostly meat and fish based but there is a vegetarian option. The duck fillet casserole with homemade gnocchi, pumpkin, chestnuts and cranberry juice is particularly tasty. They offer a good choice of wines to go with your meal. The restaurant is done up as a Parisian brasserie, with cheerful warm colors and dark-wood furniture, and it features a large and sunny terrace.

Address and telephone number: 6 Rue Cacault, Nantes, France, +33 2 51 72 01 81

Maison Baron-Lefèvre

This restaurant is beautiful to look at as it is located in a former market garden warehouse of brick and glass, with an Eiffel tower style structure of green steel. It is large and airy, decorated with wood and warm colors, vintage furniture and local artwork. Maison Baron-Lefèvre grows its own vegetables thus ensuring the highest quality of produce. Certain set dishes do not change, such as the hare stew or the fried razor clams, but there is always something new on the menu. You can even see the chefs hard at work at their ovens preparing your delicious meal. There is a wine cellar and shop where you can also buy their vegetables, homemade foie gras and duck confit.

Address and telephone number: 33 Rue de Rieux, Nantes, France,  +33 2 40 89 20 20

Le Coup Fourré

This bohemian café/restaurant has experimented with vertical gardens, and it is impressive to see the grass and flowers growing on their walls. The restaurant is also decorated with watering cans and natural colors such as green and brown. There is a piano for customers to play a tune or two and they host occasional evening concerts. They prepare a mix of typical French dishes, such as entrecôte or duck fillet, burgers, and more Eastern-style dishes such as curries. The menu changes every month and everything is fresh and homemade. Try their Nantais cake, a local specialty made with rum and almonds.

Address and telephone number: 30 Rue Fouré, Nantes, France, +33 251 72 31 81

By Sainbioz

The chef and owner of By Sainbioz uses the metaphor of the tree to describe his desire to create a place where everyone feels that they belong. He has accomplished this with his good humor and the restaurant’s relaxing environment decorated using warm wood and soft pastel colors. The restaurant uses local and organic ingredients, which is why the name combines ‘sain’, meaning ‘healthy’, with ‘bio’, meaning ‘organic’. The chef borrows recipes from all over the world which he learnt during his travels, most particularly in Australia, hence the ‘oz’ in the name. He makes fantastic burgers with organic, homemade bread and his own cheddar ‘Sainbioz’ sauce.

Address and telephone number: 34 Rue Léon Jamin, Nantes, France, +33 6 62 05 42 88