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Lille, un trottoir, la nuit | © Dude Pascalou/Flickr
Lille, un trottoir, la nuit | © Dude Pascalou/Flickr

The 10 Best Restaurants In Moulins, Lille

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Located in southern Lille, the district of Moulins may be small but it is thriving. Home to a diverse variety of cultures, tastes, and sights, the restaurants reflect the energy of the neighborhood. Here is a list of some of the area’s best dining spots. 

Restaurant Layalina

Layalina is a local family home that was converted and opened up to the public as a Lebanese eatery. The restaurant offers up vibrant flavors and delicious entrées to guests for lunch and dinner throughout the week. Spices used in all the dishes are shipped straight from Lebanon to get the most authentic flavor possible. The chefs believe in serving fresh food, made in-house, which means this one really is a culinary treat.

 Restaurant Layalina, 14 Rue d’Arras, Lille, France, +33 3 20 42 85 58


Le Triporteur

Le Triporteur is a gastropub and bistro combined in one and located in the middle of the Moulins district.  The menu changes with the seasons so that only the freshest ingredients are used in the meals and there are regularly changing a la carte options and specials to choose from. 

Le Triporteur, 63 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Lille, France



This restaurant has an unassuming façade but don’t let that steer you away. There is so much on offer once inside: the food is delicious and flavorful, incorporating the tastes of Morocco into each bite. It is easy to access by public transport too, making it an easy stop-off for lunch or dinner no matter where in the city you’re based. There’s also a fully-stocked on-site bar to enjoy.

Narjis, 30 Rue de Thumesnil, Lille, France


Lille, France | © Gia Sadhwani/Flickr

Lille, France | © Gia Sadhwani/Flickr



Habesha is the ideal joint for a lighter midday or evening meal. This hidden treasure is not known to many but is definitely worth the time to find. Their dishes are authentic and aligned with the African kitchen. From giant platters with a wide assortment of delicacies to coffee and tea, each meal is unique and packed full of flavor. 

 Habesha,125 Rue de Douai, Lille, France, +33 6 61 26 04 73


Lil’ Sushi

This inexpensive, small restaurant has definitely earned itself a well-reputed name. Whether guests would like to dine in or order out, everything is delivered and served in a timely manner and taste is paramount.A great late-night spot for a well-rounded meal, this Japanese sushi stop-off has all the nori and hosomaki you could want. 

Lil Sushi, 10 Rue de Condé, Lille, France, +33 9 84 28 95 09

Lille, France | © Julian Mason/Flickr

Lille, France | © Julian Mason/Flickr



Opened up as a small family business, L’Improviste specializes in creating new masterpieces from old recipes with fresh ingredients. Each bite resembles traditional French recipes. The chef is extremely passionate about everything that leaves the kitchen, from the mashed potatoes to the stew to the wines,

L’Improviste, 79 Rue de Douai, Lille, France, +33 3 20 52 27 29


Le Relais de Moulins

Sometimes the best meals can be found in the most quaint and simplest of places. This deli offers a wide variety of baked goods and specializes in sandwiches. They produce anything from country breads to waffles to grilled cheese sandwiches. So, if you are craving something a little more sweet or on-the-go, be sure to stop off at this neighborhood staple. 

Le Relais de Moulins, 3 ter place Vanhoenacker, Lille, France, +33 6 10 54 54 89

Little Time

This small joint is the best place for a grab-and-go type of meal. They have a wide variety of snacks that are great to munch on while catching up with friends or family, or simply wandering the area. The decor is charming and cozy, making it even more appealing in the winter time. The food is simplistic and basic but packed full of authentic French flavors. 

Little Time, 70 Rue de Fontenoy, Lille, France, +33 3 20 09 24 66


Flandres Liban

Try something new and push your tastebuds to the edge at Flandres Liban. Whether you are familiar with Lebanese food or a newcomer to the cuisine, you will be satisfied at the wide palette of spices and flavors used in this ethnic food.  Make sure to try their varieties of mezze; perfect for sampling a wide range of different dishes. 

 Flandres Liban, 127 Rue des Postes, Lille, France, +33 3 20 57 28 69


La Cave de Moulins

La Cave de Moulins is a relatively recent addition to the Moulins neighborhood but is nonetheless an immense success. The venue has been a hit with the locals and is now known as a place offering a truly unique dining experience. Decorated like an old wine cellar and emanating a rustic feel, the restaurant has a peaceful atmosphere. The menu consists of Flemish specialities, created from ingredients gathered in northern France.

La Cave de Moulins, 38 Rue de Cambrai, Lille, France, +33 3 20 93 83 71