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Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras | ©TummyRumble/Flickr
Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras | ©TummyRumble/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Boutonnet, Montpellier

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Located in southern France, Montpellier is the fastest growing city in the country. Established well within the city’s center, Boutonnet is a bustling neighborhood where most locals and visitors flock to enjoy a night out on the town or a delicious bite to eat. Read our list to discover the 10 best restaurants in Boutonnet, Montpellier.
Duck Breast | ©pug freak/Flickr
Duck Breast | ©pug freak/Flickr
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La Cocotte

La Cocotte serves classic French favorites. Order menu items such as duck breast with goat cheese, casserole, French onion soup, poached foie gras, chicken polenta, and more. The menu is prix fixe, so you can enjoy an appetizer, an entree, a drink, and dessert all for a very affordable price. The restaurant is tucked away, hidden from most tourists, so you’ll be surrounded by mostly locals and regulars, giving you an authentic Montpellier experience. However, this means that the wait staff may only speak French.

Address and Telephone: 20 Rue du Petit Saint Jean Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 86 74 95

Oyster | ©Swamibu/FlickrOyster | ©Swamibu/Flickr

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Visit L’Alchimiste to enjoy expertly prepared seasonal dishes. The regionally inspired meals include beet ravioli, oysters, pineapple duck breast skewers, and more. The restaurant is chic and contemporary, offering a modern setting indoors and a somewhat tropical environment out on the patio. The servers are extremely friendly, and will greet you with warm hellos and big smiles as you enter. There is a prix fixe and a la carte menu.

Address and Telephone: 19 Rue Roucher Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 60 93 53

Perigourdine Salad | ©Ian Sommerville/FlickrPerigourdine Salad | ©Ian Sommerville/Flickr

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Le Pré Vert

A neighborhood cafe, Le Pré Vert is bright, fun, and oozes folly. The front entrance is adorned with strings of flowers, flourishing plants, and brightly colored miniature furniture perfect for children to enjoy. The back patio is also equipped with bright furniture, including orange and pink tables, and green and yellow chairs. Come and enjoy refreshing salads, goat cheese toast, minced beef burger, potato gratin, and more.

Address and Telephone: 10 Rue Sainte Anne Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 02 72 81

Rouget | ©Inspirational Food/FlickrRouget | ©Inspirational Food/Flickr

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La Brasserie des Arts

Visit La Brasserie des Arts for farm to table, market meals. The cafe serves a variety of small, gourmet eats, such as cuttlefish with Spanish chorizo, toast with sliced banana, Gorgonzola ravioli, and red mullet risotto. La Brasserie des Arts is known locally for their delicious artisan pizzas, fresh and innovative seafood dishes, and magnificent desserts. Some of the most popular ones include the house lemon tart, chocolate cake with ice cream and mint, caramelized pear, and more.

Address and Telephone: 20 Avenue Du Docteur Pezet Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 04 04 38

Chocolate Cake with Custard | ©avlxyz/FlickrChocolate Cake with Custard | ©avlxyz/Flickr

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L’Oracle has several great dining areas: an intimate interior, an open-air terrace and a banquet room. L’Oracle serves fine wines and gourmet bites, but that doesn’t mean that this fine dining restaurant is expensive. The prix fixe menus available will allow you to enjoy an entree, salad, and dessert, although you can always order your meal a la carte if you prefer. Enjoy everything from steak tartare and braised beef, to raspberry crepes and chocolate fudge cakes. L’Oracle is the ideal location for a celebration or group gathering.

Address and Telephone: 17 Place du Millénaire Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 69 27 26

Flaming Crème Brulee | ©Ewan Cross/FlickrFlaming Crème Brulee | ©Ewan Cross/Flickr

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Playfood specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, serving items such as a radish milkshake with fresh goat cheese and pesto tops, pepper parmesan foam cup, mushroom risotto, salmon with melon, and more. Dining at Playfood will be an unusual, yet enjoyable, dining experience because as opposed to serving large plates of food, the casual cafe serves innovative dishes in small cups. Although the ingredients may be common, the dishes may be puréed, foamed, or prepared in a different medium that people may not be accustomed to. Playfood is trendy and delicious; come here for a quick bite on your lunch break or for a casual weekend brunch with friends.

Address and Telephone: 16bd Louis Blanc Montpellier, FR, +33 4 34 22 61 52

Kobe Burger | ©stu_spivack/FlickrKobe Burger | ©stu_spivack/Flickr

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Burger N Co

Burger N Co is no fast food restaurant. The funky Montpellier favorite is themed after rock and roll, with burgers titled after famous songs. Bite into a juicy ‘Personal Jesus,’ ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ ‘Highway to Hell,’ or ‘I Love it Loud.’ There are a total of nine signature burgers on the menu, not including custom and vegetarian options. Order your burger with a side of crispy onion rings and an ice-cold beer, making a perfectly delicious and filling meal. Be sure to get there early if you decide to stop in during the lunch hour; there is limited seating inside and it’s a very popular place.

Address and Telephone: 1 Rue du Pila Saint Gely Montpellier, FR, +33 4 11 75 54 82

Lamb Confit | ©stu_spivack/FlickrLamb Confit | ©stu_spivack/Flickr

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La P’tite Ardoise

La P’tite Ardoise is a comfortable cafe that is so homey and comfortable, you’ll believe that you are dining at a friend’s house. Order from one of the three prix fixe menus available and dine on dishes such as lamb confit with garlic and thyme sauce, zucchini gratin, raspberry nutella tiramisu, salmon skewers, and more. The staff is friendly and attentive, and is more than happy to make menu suggestions. Watch out for delicious wine to pair your meal with, candlelit tables, contemporary art on the walls, and an overall warm and inviting atmosphere. The food is so delicious that you’ll come back as often as you can to try everything on the menu. Visit La P’tite Ardoise with friends and family for a fun time and fabulous dinner.

Address and Telephone: 15 Rue Roucher Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 63 42 86

Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras | ©TummyRumble/FlickrBeef Tenderloin with Foie Gras | ©TummyRumble/Flickr

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La Maison de la Lozére

La Maison de la Lozére has an overwhelmingly extensive wine list, but the servers are very knowledgeable and will help you make an educated choice that will pair excellently with your meal. Most of the menu items at La Maison de la Lozére originate from the French countryside, so if you’re searching for upscale comfort food, look no further than this phenomenally elegant bistro.

Address and Telephone: 27 Rue de l’Aiguillerie Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 66 46 36

Escargot | ©stu_spivack/FlickrEscargot | ©stu_spivack/Flickr

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La Bistrote

La Bistrote is chic, elegant, trendy, and affordable. Pull up a chair and order dishes such as escargot, baked razor clams, lamb shanks, beef tartare, and more. Then, compliment your meal with a phenomenal glass of wine. La Bistrote has everything from pinot noir and merlot, to chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Wine bottles are used as part of the decor, along with a luxurious chandelier, quaint table lamps, chalkboard cheese platters, and framed art and photographs hung on the white, brick walls.

Address and Telephone: 4 Rue Philippy Montpellier, FR, +33 4 67 66 14 17