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The Bus|©LTDL
The Bus|©LTDL
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Bellecour, Lyon

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Updated: 9 February 2017
France‘s third largest city, Lyon, is famous for its gorgeous scenery and its abundance of beautiful food. Within Lyon is a district, Bellecour, which has a beautiful view of the Rhône in addition to countless amounts of restaurants serving almost every cuisine imaginable. Here are our top 10 picks for best restaurants in Bellecour, Lyon.
Cake-escape: Chèryl’s Crème brûlée
Cake-escape: Chèryl’s Crème brûlée | ©Chris Isherwood
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Café Comptoir d’Abel

Originally opened in 1928, Café Comptoir d’Abel has become a staple for Lyonnaise food. The business has had time to develop its regional specialties, as well as dishes of their own. Customers can choose from a specific menu of Grandma Abel’s classics, which consists of dishes such as specialized crayfish, and chicken and rice with a special sauce.

Address & telephone number: 25 Rue Guynemer, Lyon, France +33 04 78 37 46 18

Momento Sapori E Vini

An Italian French fusion, Momento Sapori E Vini combines all the best aspects of both cuisines. Food comes in Italian sized portions with multiple courses, and the menu is completed with premium options of Italian wine. Momento is located just a short walk from Place Bellecour, making it a convenient stop for all those visiting the area.

Address & telephone number: 4 Rue de Fleurieu, Lyon, France +33 4 78 37 00 54

John’s meat and cheese board
John’s meat and cheese board | ©Joanna Alderson


Located directly next to the theater, L’Acteur has an intimate setting and a small menu that changes daily. The vibe of the restaurant is less fancy than other restaurants in Lyon, but the food remains high quality and with generous portions. Customers are delighted by the friendly staff and the fast service, with food made to order.

Address & telephone number: 5 Rue Charles Dullin, Lyon, France +33 4 78 92 88 53

Mango Crepes-close-up
Mango Crepes-close-up | ©Alpha

La Crêpe’rit

Known for their cider, La Crêpe’rit is popular among locals of southern France. Crêpes here have substance, meaning that they have more diverse options than powdered sugar or cheese. For the fall season, a butternut squash crêpe special is available, served with chorizo. A pesto, tomato, and eggplant squash is a favorite for summer. Classic crepes and house-made inventions are all available to those who wish to stop by this delicious restaurant.

Address & telephone number: 20 Rue de Condé, Lyon, France +33 4 78 84 72 73

Kimbap2 [Korean Sushi]
Kimbap2 [Korean Sushi] | ©Chloe Lim

Gang Nam

Gang Nam is a beautifully decorated restaurant in Bellecour that serves Korean food with some Japanese specialties. Guests are served personal dishes of rice and soup or broth, and dishes are brought out to share, Korean style, meaning everyone’s dish is exactly what they want it to be. Gang Nam is an extremely modern restaurant, with sleek interior decorations and food made to look like art.

Address & telephone number: 6 Rue Thomassin, 69002 Lyon, France +33 4 72 40 29 18

Mmm…Beef Tacos
Mmm…Beef Tacos | ©Jeffrey W

Two Amigos

Two Amigos has dedicated itself to serving real Tex Mex food. All ingredients are imported, so that the flavor more closely resembles what one would find in America. The food is delicious, making Two Amigos a very highly praised go-to spot located only half a mile from Place Bellecour.

Address & telephone number: 1 Rue Henri IV, Lyon, France +33 9 53 11 86 70

La Fourchette La Salade Verte
La Fourchette La Salade Verte | ©Susan Lucas Hoffman

Café Le Jura

Le Jura is the ideal destination for all those seeking a traditional French meal in Lyon. The food is served simply, but hits the spot every time. The restaurant is run by a mother and her son, both natives to France and well versed in their cuisine. They are a phenomenal option for Bouchon, native Lyonnaise food.

Address & telephone number: 25 Rue Tupin, Lyon, France +33 4 78 42 20 57

The Bus
The Bus | ©LTDL

Trolley des Lumières

This restaurant is a must try while in Lyon. The fully furnished coach bus takes passengers around the city in the comfort of an air conditioned bus equipped with leather seats. Each table has its own window, meaning no passengers have to go without a constant view of city. The company offers different routes depending on what part of Lyon guests would like to visit. The Trolley des Lumières serves classic French food served in multiple courses.

Address & telephone number: Place Bellecour, Lyon, France +33 04 72 78 91 10

SUnion College Alumni ReUnion in Shangri-La, Paris
SUnion College Alumni ReUnion in Shangri-La, Paris | ©Jirka Matousek
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Les Trois Domes

Located in the center of the antique shops district, Les Trois Domes is an amazing getaway for anybody needing food with a beautiful view. The restaurant has beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that give guests the perfect view of the Rhône and of Lyon. In addition to its ambiance, Les Trois Domes has friendly, attentive staff and an enormous variety of delicious foods.

Address & telephone number: 20 Quai Dr Gailleton, Lyon, France, +33 4 72 41 20 97

Le Poêlon d’Or

Le Poêlon d’Or is best known for the extremely popular local fare, fresh baked Quenelle-creamed fish or meat cooked with eggs. Their staff is praised for their kindness and proficiency in English. Be sure to check out the Lyonnaise menu in particular, which offers specialties such as the salade Lyonnaise.

Address & telephone number: 29 Rue des Remparts d’Ainay, Lyon, France +33 4 78 37 65 60