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The 10 Best Restaurants In Avignon, France

The 10 Best Restaurants In Avignon, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Avignon is one of the most beautiful towns in France and the site of one of the world’s biggest annual performing arts festivals, the Festival d’Avignon. It also boasts an array of fantastic restaurants. From Michelin-starred gastronomy to simple pizza, we’ve selected the must-trys here.

Cuisine Chic

Situated in the heart of the old district, Cuisine Chic is a charming, inviting restaurant that serves fabulous food. Its quirky and interesting décor adds to a fun and enchanting atmosphere, with an open kitchen that allows patrons to witness the enthusiasm and passion of the chefs as they work. As well as brilliant dishes, including a beautiful platter of salmon gravelax and succulent lamb, the great coffee is worth a taste too.

Cuisine Chic, 10 Place des Châtaignes, Avignon, France, +33 09 53 61 11 91

Fou de Fafa

Located in the heart of the beautiful medieval quarter, Fou de Fafa offers excellent food in an intimate, quaint and welcoming interior. From a sumptuous vegetable carpaccio to perfectly pan-fried duck breast, each dish on the menu is sublime and beautifully presented. Patrons would also do well to ask for advice from the knowledgeable owners when choosing wine from the carefully selected wine list.

Fou de Fafa, 17 Rue des Trois Faucons, Avignon, France, +33 04 32 76 35 13


Restaurant Christian Etienne

Overlooking the magnificent square of the Palais des Papes, the setting of the Restaurant Christian Etienne is matched by its superb culinary quality. Patrons climb a historic staircase to reach what feels like another world in this beautiful restaurant, full of old-world charm in a 13th century building. Well-deserving of his Michelin star, chef Christian Etienne issues truly inventive dishes from the kitchen too.

Restaurant Christian Etienne, 10 Rue de Mons, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 86 16 50


Restaurant L’Essentiel

Nestled in one of the many small historic streets of Avignon, the Restaurant L’Essentiel offers beautiful cuisine without fuss. For all those in search of fine-dining in this gorgeous town, this restaurant really is, true to its name, an essential visit indeed. The food is creative and simply delicious, along with excellent wine, while the restaurant boasts an elegant interior and a nice terrace to boot.

Restaurant L’Essentiel, 2 Rue de la Petite Fusterie, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 85 87 12

Le Coude à Coude

Situated on a charming, pedestrianized street in the center of town, Le Coude à Coude provides sublime food in a homely, intimate setting. The unpretentious, carefully chosen dishes are served with passion and enthusiasm by the talented owner and chef, who really knows how to look after her patrons. The regularly changing set menu is bursting with fresh ingredients and the gorgeous homemade pastries make for lovely desserts.

Le Coude à Coude, 37 Rue de la Saraillerie, Avignon, France, +33 04 13 39 63 92

Estaminet, Arômes, et Tentations (E.A.T.)

While it may seem like an unassuming café from the outside, the quaint Estaminet, Arômes et Tentations (E.A.T.) provides gourmet food in an intimate and unpretentious setting. Its name means “café, aromas, and temptations” and each sumptuous dish is so appetizing that patrons will certainly be tempted to return to try the rest of the menu. Stand out dishes include the daurade sébaste en croûte de noisettes and mille feuille de chèvre chaud aux pommes et pain d’épices.

Estaminet, Aroômes, et Tentations, 8 Rue Mazan, Avignon, France +33 04 90 83 46 74


Le Potard

Situated in an enchanting converted 14th century chapel, Le Potard artfully juxtaposes its magnificent historical setting with great modern burgers. With a range of inventive recipes, from a sublime duck burger to a delicious vegetarian option to a mini salmon burger and salad for those with smaller appetites, Le Potard caters to everyone, even those who didn’t realize they were burger fans. The acoustics of this lovely establishment also make it a perfect venue for occasional live concerts.

Le Potard, 19-21 Place de la Principale, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 82 34 19

Le Jardin de la Tour

Le Jardin de la Tour is run by a passionate and knowledgeable chef who is always ready to offer advice on his delightful menu; a medley of inventive flavors sourced from across Provence, including a sublime bouillabaisse. Once a mechanics factory, this building has few traces of its former incarnation, apart from some stylish industrial-chic touches that have been incorporated into the restaurant. The lovely establishment also runs cooking classes, the chef himself being happy to impart his wisdom.

Le Jardin de la Tour, 9 Rue de la Tour, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 85 66 50

Bistrot Chez Antoine

Just a few paces from the notable covered market, Les Halles d’Avignon, Bistrot chez Antoine is one of the best spots to try sumptuous Italian food in the heart of this Provençal town. With wonderful pizzas and fresh pasta dishes, as well as authentic Italian desserts, this comfortable and friendly bistrot is truly unmissable for any lovers of Italian food.

Bistrot Chez Antoine, 12 Rue Petite Meuse, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 22 09 55

Le Cochon Bleu

Hidden in the corner of the lovely medieval quarter, Le Cochon Bleu is a great little restaurant, far away from the tourist-filled center of Avignon. It is cozy and intimate, with a rustic style, and the food is impressive; try the phenomenal seafood platter, perfectly cooked steak, and traditional pain perdu. For authentic French food, served with passion and style in a personal setting, Le Cochon Bleu is a brilliant way to spend an evening.

Le Cochon Bleu, 9 Rue d’Annanelle, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 82 95 10