The 10 Best Restaurants In Arles, France

The 10 Best Restaurants In Arles, France
There is plenty to do and see in the beautiful French city of Arles. But when your stomach starts rumbling after all the sightseeing, you’ll need to think about sitting down for a memorable lunch or dinner. We list the top 10 places to eat well in this Camargue city.
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Le Criquet

Le Criquet is a quaint little restaurant which is becoming increasingly well-known and very popular. Reviews of the restaurant are positive all round, and reviewers insist that every tourist should give this place a try. The restaurant has a small dining area with an outdoor terrace, where diners have a beautiful view of the lovely buildings opposite with their pastel shutters. The interior decor is rustic and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Their food is superb; classic French cooking made of local produce. Book in advance.

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L’Apsara is one of the best restaurants in Arles when it comes to Asian cuisine. The restaurant’s dishes incorporate Thai and Vietnamese flavors and the menu is full of tasty options, including spicy soups and plates of sizzling meats. French cuisine often becomes a little heavy for travelers who aren’t accustomed to it, so L’Apsara provides a refreshing change.

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La Fee Gourmande

La Fee Gourmande is family friendly, and caters to a sociable type of meal, with big tables and homely decor. The food is well-presented, bursting with flavor in every mouthful, and the menu is varied, so there is something for everyone. To make the most of this place though, go as a group and order several dishes so you all get a taste of everything.

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Le Telline

Le Telline‘s fantastic food is characterized by its simplicity. As such, there is never too much going on, there is nothing for the chefs to hide behind, and the premium quality of their ingredients is absolutely fundamental to the taste. Their fish is particularly wonderful and is well worth ordering.

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Le Jardin de Manon

Le Jardin de Manon specializes in modern French cuisine with an innovative spin on it. Their food is renowned for its freshness and impeccable taste (the succulent filet of beef is recommended) and their cocktails are popular with visitors. Plenty of choice can be found on their well-structured menu. So much so, in fact, that you will feel spoiled for choice. Eat inside or outside in the sun on the terrace.

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La Cuisine au Planet

The presentation of the food on the small but perfectly formed menu at La Cuisine au Planet is absolutely wonderful and the outside terrace is a perfect place to enjoy your meal surrounded by olive trees and old French buildings. Be sure to finish off your dining experience with one of their supreme desserts, such as the baba mojito or the verrine au chocolat noir, which are about as mouth-watering as desserts come.

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Le Patio

Le Patio features a rustic decor, with low ceilings and ornaments decorating the walls. It feels as if you have stepped into a quaint old French home, but instead of grandma in the kitchen, you will find some of the best chefs in Arles. Their menu is imaginative, so you will always find something new and exciting. Le Patio comes very highly recommended by all reviewers and should not be missed.

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La Pergula

The local speciality dish of Arles, bull steak, is served at La Pergula, and served amazingly well; the meat is tender and full of flavor. Pair with one of their wines and you have yourself a perfect evening; they have an impressive selection of beautiful wines too, so you won’t regret having a few glasses before making your way home.

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Le Q.G

Locals adore this little restaurant, which features a colorful and varied menu. All of their meals are presented beautifully and served by friendly staff. Their dessert menu is particularly divine, with a wide range of popular sweets, treats, and pastries; the nougat glace and the fig tarte tartin are recommended.

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La Table du Caviste

The walls of this restaurant are decorated with wine racks and shelves of little jars, which give the room a homey feel. High tables are paired with high stools for diners to sit at, adding to the comfortable and informal environment, which this restaurant is so well known for. To top this off, the food they serve is fantastic; a varied menu of French classics made with the freshest local produce.