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The 10 Best Restaurants In Angers, France

The 10 Best Restaurants In Angers, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Angers, in the northwest of France, has long been a cultural hub; from the days of the Plantagenêts to the present. And what would a city with a rich cultural heritage be without lots of restaurants? Read on to discover the noteworthy dining spots in this riverside city.

Au Goût du Jour

Make a reservation and settle in at a table for some exemplary French cuisine at this welcoming restaurant. Popular with both tourists and locals, with a waitstaff that is eager to help, Au Goût du Jour offers French classics made with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Do save room for dessert, though; the apricot tart with cream and mint is a don’t-miss.

Au Goût du Jour, 14 Rue de la Roe, Angers, France, +33 2 41 23 73 19


Featuring low lighting, funky hanging light fixtures, and a blond wood-topped bar, AROMA is hipper-by-far than your average sushi restaurant. Maki, sashimi, and nigiri are beautifully plated and topped with artistic garnishes before hitting the tables, and the flavors are as good as the appearance. With an explanatory sushi menu handed to you upon arrival, it’s easy to learn more about what you’re ordering.

AROMA SUSHI, 68 Rue Boisnet, Angers, France, +33 2 41 19 68 74

Bistrot Matchou

Tired of heavy, unhealthy food? Look no further for natural, country-style, cooking. Good prices and a lack of pretension mark this cozy bistro, which is notable for its fresh pasta, locally raised meats, and fresh vegetables. If the weather is good, snag a spot on the gorgeous sunny terrace for your meal.

Bistrot Matchou, 30 Place des Justices, Angers, France, +33 2 41 44 41 00

Casa Corneille

Tucked away in an alleyway in the centre ville, a few blocks from the Cathédrale Saint-Maurice d’Angers, this small and elegant restaurant is worth the search. Start off with a chicken terrine with caramelized onion mousse and choose a drink from the wine list, which consists of whites and reds from the Loire Valley. Though the fish and chicken mains are stellar, vegetarians ought not worry: the veggie risotto is extraordinary.

Casa Corneille, 8 Rue Corneille, Angers, France, +33 2 41 88 33 64

Les Sentiers du Dakar

It’s easy to see why Les Sentiers du Dakar has garnered so many accolades and positive reviews. French-Senegalese fusion is the name of the game at this highly regarded restaurant. The tiep bou dién, Senegal’s national dish of fish, Wolof rice, and vegetables with a delicate herb flavor, is of particular note. Sit inside for an up-close gander at the Senegalese artwork adorning the walls, or sit outdoors facing Place de la Republique for prime people-watching.


: Les Sentiers du Dakar, 2 Place de la Republique, Centre Commercial Fleur D’eau – Les Halles, Angers, France, +33 2 41 20 39 96

Belle Rive

Belle Rive epitomizes the Angers dining experience; located right on the waterfront, it serves up fine French cuisine, high-quality wines, and river views. The decor is chic and minimalist, and the attentive waitstaff speaks good English. Choose from the standard fixed-price menu or from the ‘deluxe’ one, which also includes a cheeseboard at the end of the meal, and enjoy the complimentary amuse-bouche as well.

Belle Rive, 25 Bis Rue Haute de Reculée, Angers, France, +33 2 41 48 18 70


This reasonably-priced local favorite, not far from the train station and from the château, specializes in fouée, a focaccia-like flat-bread that is a Loire Valley delicacy, the history of which the owner of the restaurant is always happy to explain to diners. Start off your meal by eating your fouée with savory spreads, like salted butter or goat’s cheese or rillettes du porc, and finish off with a dessert of the addictive flat-bread topped with sweet spreads such as jam or salted caramel.

L’Authentic, 10 Rue Hoche, Angers, France, +33 2 41 42 15 42

L’Étal Gourmand

L’Étal Gourmand is classic French fare, unfussy but refined. Take your time with the tasty house aperitif, which comprises strawberry, vodka, and white wine, and a basket of good bread with tapenades, before ordering mains. The meats are excellent, as is the wine list, but the side dishes are not to be missed as well. With fast service and great flavor, there’s nothing not to love about this restaurant.

L’Étal Gourmand, 8 Rue Botanique, Angers, France, +33 2 41 86 86 30

Le Dix Septième

Located in the heart of the Old Town, this charming former hotel turned eatery has an elegant ambience and is, without a doubt, a place to be seen. Boasting three floors of tables, yet constantly packed full with diners, chef Richard Celini keeps people coming back for more of his sophisticated dishes, like the chicken filet with Jerusalem artichoke, white wine, and polenta. Let the house sommelier help guide you in choosing a wine to pair with your meal.

Le Dix Septiéme, 6 Rue Claveau, Angers, France, +33 2 41 87 92 27

Restaurant Un Brin Folk

With a bohemian vibe of folk music playing in the background, comfortable sofas and chairs, and festive decor, Un Brin Folk is the perfect place to chat with friends over a glass of wine and a light, delicious, meal. The ingredients in the soups, sandwiches, quiches, tartines, house-made cheesecakes, and more, are sourced from local Loire Valley farmers and the freshness is evident. Of particular note is the house-made cheesecake.

Restaurant Un Brin Folk, 26 Rue du Mail, Angers, France, +33 9 53 29 72 98