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The 10 Best Cultural and Boutique Hotels in Montpellier

The 10 Best Cultural and Boutique Hotels in Montpellier

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Montpellier, the capital of the Languedoc region in Southern France, offers a range of hotels for every kind of traveller. Read our guide to ten of the best.

Baudon de Mauny

Situated in Montpellier’s historic center, by some of its top attractions, Baudon de Mauny is an upscale boutique hotel. The building dates from the 18th century, and it is a beautiful townhouse reminiscent of that period’s rich architectural style. Contemporary style and décor merge here, with some beautiful period details and materials, bringing the best of both worlds together for clients’ pleasure and enjoyment. The stately drawing room and library, which are available at all times to the hotel’s guests, provide the perfect setting for a relaxing evening surrounded by culture.

1 Rue de la Carbonnerie, Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 02 21 77

Domaine de Verchant

Domaine de Verchant is a luxury five-star hotel located in close proximity to Montpellier that has 26 splendid rooms and suites. Here, guests will be able to take advantage of the establishment’s exclusive spa, which is composed of a sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and several pools, as well as a fitness center. These modern facilities acquire an even better air due to the fact that they are located in a 19th century listed mansion, which was part of a 16th century estate, surrounded by vineyards, which are open to the hotel’s clients.

1 Bd Philippe Lamour, Castelnau-le-Lez, France, +33 4 67 07 26 00

Domaine de Biar

Another elegant boutique hotel situated on the calm outskirts of Montpellier, the Domaine de Biar is housed in one of the most majestic buildings in the city, amongst perfectly manicured English gardens, tranquil forests and green areas. The hotel does not have a large capacity, since it is made up of five guestrooms and one apartment, but the owners made sure that everything is as special as possible, and each room was individually designed and decorated according to a theme, such as nature or romance.

Chemin de Biar, Lavérune, France, +33 4 67 65 70 06

La Villa Nova

At La Villa Nova guests will also be able to discover individually designed rooms in a villa-style setting in the historic center of Montpellier. The five rooms here are also unique, and decorated in different colors ranging from an elegant black palette to a soothing green one. The hotel has a luxury chauffeur service, a beautiful courtyard and a relaxing well-being center. Its central location means that most of Montpellier’s best locales are within walking distance, so guests might want to explore some of the city’s best brunches on a Sunday morning, or wander off to the best bars at night.

Rue Bornier 9, Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 92 31 83


Located outside Castries, which is 15 minutes from Montpellier, Disini provides an ideal location for exploring all that the beautiful Languedoc region has to offer, from the capital city of Montpellier, to the nature and wildlife reserves, and to stunning white sand beaches. The castles that are located nearby mean that visitors will love exploring the area and learning about its history, adding a special cultural element to their trip. The hotel’s gourmet restaurant is one of its highlights, having awards for its fresh and stylish cuisine.

1 Rue des Carriers, Castries, France, +33 4 67 41 97 86

Le Jardin des Sens

This elegant hotel is home to one of the best restaurants in Montpellier, which has a Michelin star. It is located close to Louis Blanc, which is a great area in the old town, and is a fashionable and contemporary four-star hotel. The restaurant is set in a spectacular glass construction that makes for a special and very romantic experience, and the seasonal menu showcases some of the most sophisticated dishes in the city, using Mediterranean flavors and textures to create original concoctions that will be hard to forget.

11 Avenue Saint-Lazare, Montpellier, France, +33 4 99 58 38 38

Grand Hotel du Midi

This hotel has an unbeatable location overlooking the Place de la Comedie, which is Montpellier’s center and home to some of the most beautiful buildings in the city, such as the opera house. The latter building has had a huge influence on the décor of the Grand Hotel du Midi, as many of the paintings, photographs and prints scattered around it are based on ballet or the other performing arts. The rooms too have elements that evoke the grandest ballets, with an elegance and harmony in the design that are hard to find anywhere else.

22 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 92 69 61

Hotel d’Aragon

The Hotel d’Aragon is a great three-star hotel that has a very creative approach to enhancing visitors’ cultural experiences, and has decided to name each of its rooms after a famous historic personality. Each and every room is different, as they all have details and information about the person they are named after, so clients will be able to find out about anyone from Madame de Stael to Verlaine, Rabelais, Stendhal, Molière and even Petrarch.

10 Rue Baudin, Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 10 70 00

Hotel du Parc

A converted 18th century manor, the Hotel du Parc is an excellent choice for a cultural stay in the beautiful city of Montpellier. It was the property of the family of Count Vivier de Châtelard, and has now become a charming hotel with a classy décor, a relaxing terrace and 19 stunning rooms. The hotel is located in the city center, close to important landmarks such as the majestic cathedral, the leafy botanical gardens and the renowned Medicine Faculty.

8 Rue Achille Bege, Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 41 16 49

Hotel des Arceaux

Last on our list of the best cultural hotels in Montpellier is the unique Hotel des Arceaux. This is one of the city’s trendiest establishments, situated minutes from the historic center of Montpellier, so all of the top sights and attractions are easily reachable. Hotel des Arceaux is located in a 19th century mansion that has been renovated, so past sophistication meets modern day comfort for a perfect stay. The 18 rooms at this hotel are complimented by a charming garden that is an ideal place to take a break after exploring all that Montpellier has to offer.

33-35 Boulevard des Arceaux, Montpellier, France, +33 4 67 92 03 03