The Best Contemporary Art Galleries In Marseille

The Best Contemporary Art Galleries In Marseille
Thousands of visitors will be flooding to beautiful Marseille as the city was named the European Capital of Culture for 2013. With a plethora of events to be held in France’s second largest city, we look at the city’s best contemporary art galleries and highlight some of the standout exhibitions they will hold in 2013.
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Backside Gallery

Backside Gallery is dedicated to the urban art form of street art. However, not all of the artworks inside this hidden gallery are spray paintings on a wall. Tucked away in its unique location, Backside Gallery is an immersive space that presents avant-garde and ambitious works which have been made through artistic collaboration. The exhibitions highlight the work of talented French and international artists.

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Galerie Anna-Tschopp

Named after the grandmother of one of gallery’s directors, Galerie Anna-Tschopp was opened in 2005. Since its inauguration, the gallery has held two policies at its core. The first is to unite both nationally and internationally distinguished artists with up-and-coming practitioners with the hope to continually support the future of art in Marseille. The second is linked to the idea that less is more. With strict criteria on quality, Galerie Anna-Tschopp only displays work that they deem to be exceptional.

Galerie Detaille

The Detaille family’s history in the field of photography dates back to 1897, when Nadar Detaille bought a studio in Marseille. The passion for art has flowed through the family tree, and now Helen and Gerard Detaille run this gallery on rue Marius Jauffret. Proud of its history, the gallery continues to display exceptional photos that explore the world realistically, poetically and artistically. Historic and contemporary, famous and emerging, the Galerie Detaille exhibits exciting pieces of all kinds.

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Galerie du Pharos

The Galerie du Pharos presents many exceptional artworks, ranging from paintings and sculptures to photographs and video installations. Somewhat eclectic, these artworks by a number of exemplary artists are representative in style and their unification is what makes Galerie du Pharos so unique. The gallery is located near the old port of Marseille.

Galerie Gourvennec Ogor

Founded by Didier Gourvennec Ogor in 2011, Galerie Gourvennec Ogor is located in the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Marseille in an old factory. Dedicated to international contemporary artists, it displays a wide range of art mediums and uses its compelling space with its five metre high ceilings to put on cutting edge exhibitions.

La Friche

Built in a former tobacco factory, La Friche is a cultural venue and gallery that stimulates the imagination. Over the last two decades, the 45,000 square metres that make up La Friche have been dedicated to contemporary and experimental art. The space has seen the birth of hundreds of exciting exhibitions and projects, with more than 150,000 people visiting annually. Perhaps more of a creative village than a standard gallery, La Friche’s unique space has seen a vast range of projects by both established and emerging artists.

La GAD (Galerie Arnaud Deschin)

Previously an artist himself, Arnaud Deschin describes his gallery as his new artwork. The gallery was opened in 2010 in Deschin’s apartment, which he proudly states is a beautiful fusion of art and life. The gallery is committed to the discovery of young artists while also having a strong affiliation with artists with international reputations. La GAD aims to contribute to the rhythms, invention, dynamics and exploration of art through its radiant personality and commitment to exemplary work of all mediums.

Seize Galerie

Located in the heart of Notre-Dame-du-Mont, Seize Galerie (Gallery Sixteen) is focused on the contemporary and the futuristic. Dubbing itself an art gallery and corner shop for amateurs and professionals alike, Seize Galerie is committed to the exploration of the modern art form of graphic design. The gallery displays works of many themes and modes of expressions, including painting, graphics, drawing, graffiti, video and installation.