The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Vieux Nice, France

A Street in Vieux Nice | © Olga Khomitsevich/flickr
A Street in Vieux Nice | © Olga Khomitsevich/flickr
Nice‘s Old Town encapsulates the relaxed elegance of southern France. Whether you want to relax by the sea or walk around the quaint streets of the Vieux Ville, this French city appeals to all. We list the best places to have breakfast or brunch in Nice’s Old Town.
A Street in Vieux Nice © Olga Khomitsevich/flickr

Café Marché

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Although it is hidden in one of Old Nice’s backstreets, the Café Marché enjoys significant popularity. Using fresh produce bought from the market to prepare their brunch options, this café offers customers a tantalizing selection of American pastries and burgers. They have a sofa and lounge area where you can sit back and enjoy your meal.
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Boulangerie J. Multari

One of the best bakeries in the Old Town, Boulangerie J.Multari provides freshly baked products ranging from sandwiches to pastries and tarts. All of their products are made on the premises, providing visitors with a high standard of service and a wide range of delicacies.

22 Rue Gioffredo, 06000 Nice, France +33 4 93 80 00 31

Emilie's Cookies

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Emilie’s is a specialist in American-style brunch. serving everything from pancakes and bagels to brownies and eggs. Their brunch meals can be accompanied with a wide selection of coffees. They also offer their customers a quirky self-published magazine which makes the authentic American setting complete.
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DS Delices

Providing a more luxurious option for breakfast, Ds Delices has a set breakfast menu which includes some of the best vegetarian breakfast meals in the Old Town. Their meals come with a drink included.
16 Cours Saleya 06300 Nice, France

La Voix de Son Maitre

La Voix de Son Maitre enjoys a reputation for delivering unbeatable crepes and galettes; a savory version of a crepe. The crepes and galettes are complemented by a wide range of mouthwatering fillings. With an easygoing atmosphere and vintage accents in the décor, this is an ideal place to open the day in classic style.

3 Place Grimaldi, 06000, Nice, France

Cafe Opera

Bistro, Cafe, Patisserie, French
Located on the borders of the Old Town, the Cafe Opera is a bistro that specializes in expert execution of Italian and French dishes. This is a great place to dine in the evening, however, the café is also open in the morning serving quality patisserie and coffee to enjoy while you sit down and begin planning your day.
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Wazo Brunch

Wazo Brunch lies towards the outskirts of Nice’s Old Town, but it is nonetheless a firm favorite among visitors wishing to deviate from the traditional french breakfast options. Wazo Brunch introduces American staples such as pancakes and streaky bacon into French cuisine.

14 Rue Defly Bes, 06000 Nice, France. +33 6 64 47 68 69

A Table

A Table is a firm favorite with the locals and introduces French, American and other international elements in their dishes.

11 Ter Rue du Congres, Nice, France

La Haricot Magique

If you prefer something slightly different from the typical breakfast options, La Haricot Magique may be the perfect place for you. Breakfast is a prime concern here and it is always perfectly presented with creative flare, from a basket featuring an assortment of pastries to the bagel of the day varieties.

7 Rue Alberti, 06000 Nice, France. +33 4 93 80 61 39