The 10 Best Brunch And Late Breakfast Spots In Toulouse's Centre Ville

Main entrance of Matabiau station | © Welshleprechaun/WikiCommons
Main entrance of Matabiau station | © Welshleprechaun/WikiCommons
Toulouse, or ‘the pink city’, as the French call it on account of its red brick buildings, is one of the most beautiful cities in the south-west of France. Whether you live there or you’re visiting you may want to treat yourself to a breakfast or brunch in one of the city’s many cafés or restaurants. Here are 10 of the best places to go for an early treat.

EVE Cuisine Maison

Coffee Shop, Tea , $$$
This little restaurant/café is situated near Toulouse’s main station in a lovely district near Toulouse’s old and beautiful cemetery. The place has vintage décor with light green wood paneling and patterned wallpaper. All the cooking is home-made and the scones and cheesecakes are delicious. Eve Cuisine Maison does a mean brunch on Sundays which can be enjoyed on the terrace if the weather permits. They also do tasty and healthy lunch meals including home-made soups and quiches, all at a reasonable price.
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Le Sherpa

Le Sherpa is conveniently located in a street just off the main square and is one of the few cafés or tea shops in Toulouse that open on a Sunday. Everyone else knows this, so you might have to fight for a place. They have a varied selection of teas as well as home-made sweet and savory pancakes. The bathrooms are in a rustic little courtyard at the back which is quite typical of southern France.

Address and telephone number : 46 Rue du Taur, Toulouse,France, +33 561 23 89 29

Café Den Coffeeshop

Den refers to the English word meaning a cozy place where you feel safe and at ease, and Ðen is a Vietnamese alphabetical letter which also stands for black coffee. True to its name, the atmosphere in this café is warm and laid-back. The place is spacious and filled with light featuring a minimalist design, and local artists’ works are often exhibited on the walls. They do good coffees with various flavors and their cakes are covered with creative icing decorations.
Address and telephone number: St Georges city mall, 51 bis rue du Rempart St Étienne, Toulouse, France, +33 953 13 14 57

Café Den Courtesy of Café Den Coffee shop

La Fiancée

La Fiancée is easy to get to, being very close to Toulouse’s main square, la Capitole. They are popular for the weekend brunches which are extremely copious, so go with an empty stomach! Their brunches include a good mix of sweet and savory dishes and home-made cakes, and the options vary from week to week. You can also have breakfast here from Monday to Friday; they do good pancakes and coffee. The staff is friendly and the service is fast, so you won’t spend hours waiting for your order.
Address and telephone number : 54 rue Peyrolières, Toulouse, France, +33 983 46 70 56


If you’re looking for something rather British, check out Bapz. The spot is hidden in a little alley and walking through its doors is like walking into a different time and place. Bapz resembles a genteel British country house, with little embroidered armchairs and china service. Their home-made cakes and bread are incredible, and they offer over 40 different types of tea. They serve a brunch all week and they do a special Sunday brunch from October to March. Their brunch options include scrambled eggs, toasted sandwiches, fruit, scones, fruit juices and hot drinks.
Address and telephone number: 13 Rue de la bourse, Toulouse, France, +33 561 23 06 63

Dennys Coffee Bar and Ice Cream

Coffee Shop, Tea , Dessert
If you love brunch but have dietry allergies or intolerances, then Dennys is the place for you. They do gluten-free cakes and lactose-free drinks. This is a wonderful find, as these kind of food allergies are still very little recognized in many cafés and restaurants in France. They also serve amazing coffees, all made with certified organic coffee. The place is close to the center but it’s just outside of the very busy area so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a table.
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Le Café du Commerce

Restaurant, Healthy, $$$
This little café/restaurant‘s terrace looks over the beautiful Halle aux Grains, a former corn exchange that was transformed into a concert hall in 1974. They have two rooms, one is decorated with a giant chalkboard, school-like wooden chairs and tables and red brick walls, whereas the other is decorated more like a classical Parisian café. They do brunch on Sundays which includes a hot meal and a freshly squeezed fruit juice, but the price also includes an all-you-can-eat sweet and savory buffet selection and unlimited hot drinks.
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Le Midi Trente-et-Un

This four-star hotel is located next to the Japanese gardens. Its terrace overlooks a leafy park, which makes eating here more relaxing than sitting at terraces in the busy areas of Toulouse. They provide an unlimited weekend brunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 am to 2 pm, with a wide range of cakes, pastries, mixed savory salads, cheeses and fruits. If other brunch menus leave you feeling dissatisfied with the quantities you get for your money, this is place for you.

Address and telephone number: Boulevard Lascrosses, 8 Esplanade Compans Caffarelli, Toulouse, France, +33 561 11 09

Flower’s café

This little café has earned quite a following. It is located in the city center, in a hidden square with a beautiful fountain. You can choose from their wide selection of cakes with many different flavors, such as marmalade and dark chocolate or white chocolate. They also do delicious smoothies and a traditional thick hot chocolate which you can combine with flavors like banana or orange blossom. Sit at their terrace in the summer or grab a hot chocolate or tea at their Christmas stall in the Capitole square in December; Flower’s café has something to offer all year round.
Address and telephone number: 6 Place Salengro, Toulouse, France, +33 534 44 93 66

Le Moderni’thé

The Moderni’thé is a successful mix of old and new. Situated in a typical Toulousain building made of red brick with a vaulted cave dining room, the café is up to date with the current trends and demands. They offer pastries, home-made bread, jam and cakes (with or without gluten), as well as organic coffee and fruit juice. They also do weekend brunch. You can find Le Moderni’thé near Toulouse’s famous Pont-Neuf bridge.
Address and telephone number: 2 Rue du Coq d’Inde, Toulouse, France, +33 561 25 10 06