The 10 Best Brunch and Breakfast Spots in Marseille

The 10 Best Brunch and Breakfast Spots in Marseille
Marseille is a beautiful city, with many great things to do and excellent bars, so visitors who are lucky enough to spend a weekend there should check out some of the exciting brunch options. From the classic crêpes and fruit to a traditional English fry up, Marseille is making leaps and bounds ahead in providing great breakfast food in the south of France. Below we explore some of the best brunches in the city.
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Mama Shelter Marseille

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
Mama Shelter is situated in Marseille’s edgy sixth district
Mama Shelter is situated in Marseille’s edgy sixth district | Courtesy Mama Shelter Marseille /
Mama Shelter is a great place to visit whilst in Marseille, with a quirky décor that leans towards the modern, and bright colors that cheer up the atmosphere. The terrace is a great option for those who would prefer to enjoy their Sunday meal in a more refreshing environment, and the buffet brunch is easily accessible from all parts of the eating areas. There is an excellent mix of sweet and savory foods that will please everyone: from cakes, hot chocolates and fruit juices to eggs, sausages, bacon and squid, the options here are all excellent. Price: Fine dining Brunch: Sunday 12pm-4pm Watch out for: the great selection of veggies Address: 64 Rue de la Loubière, Marseille, France
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InterContinental Hotel

Chain Hotel, Hotel
Intercontinental Hôtel Dieu | © Jeanne Menj/Flickr
At the fabulous InterContinental’s brasserie Les Fenêtres, visitors will be able to enjoy one of Marseille’s classiest and most sophisticated brunches for 79 euros per person. Prepared by Michelin-starred chef Lionel Levy, this brunch puts Provençal and Mediterranean cuisine at the center of attention, celebrating these two gastronomies in style. Baked goods, charcuterie, seafood dishes and creative dishes that have been created by the chef explicitly for this brunch will leave guests feeling completely satisfied. For children under 12 there is a special buffet for the reduced price of 19 euros, and those under four go for free. Price: Fine dining Brunch: Sunday 12:30pm-3pm Watch out for: The beautiful terrace by the pool Address: 1 Daviel Square, Marseille, France
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Le New Barocco

Although it has stopped offering brunch during the summer months, visitors are now able to enjoy an exquisite Sunday brunch for 15 euros at Le New Barocco. Those who want access to the vegetarian or seafood buffets will need to add 10 euros to their bill, and on the first Sunday of each month there is a special champagne brunch for 30 euros, reservation only. Apart from that visitors will get free access to a delicious buffet and American coffee and tea that makes for a delicious morning experience.

Price: Mid-range

Brunch: Sunday 11am-3pm

Watch out for: The entertainment put on for children

Address: 29-31 Boulevard Charles Moretti, Marseille, France +33 4 91 94 00 00

Radisson Blu Hotel

Hotel, Bed and Breakfast
Brunch | ©su-lin/Flickr
For 39 euros, travelers can tuck into the mouthwatering brunch that is prepared and served at the elegant Radisson Blu by the Vieux Port, an area with many great bars. From noon to 3pm their beautiful restaurant Solaris has a huge display of foods, with smoothies, juices, pancakes, pain au chocolat, Nutella, bagels, eggs, special hams, exquisite salads and much, much more. For the sweet-toothed the highlight will be their dessert buffet, which has classics such as brownies or muffins as well as some decadent Pecan pie or crunchy sweet popcorn. Price: Fine dining Brunch: Sunday 12pm-3pm Watch out for: The variety of buffets Address: 40 Quai de Rive Neuve, Marseille, France
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Sport Beach

Restaurant, Charcuterie, French, European, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, $$$
Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Fountain | ©YuJie/Flickr
Sport Beach’s buffet brunch is set in a beautiful location with stunning views, and once the warm weather begins, enjoying their delicious food on the terrace is a must. The cold buffet has a great selection of charcuterie, cheese, smoked ham and savory dishes prepared by the renowned chef, whilst the hot buffet has some scrumptious plates such as eggs, bacon and mushrooms among other things. Their dessert selection is to die for, with lush homemade pancakes and pastries, fresh fruit, juices and cakes that will constitute the perfect end to a gourmet brunch experience. Price: Mid-range Brunch: Sunday 11am-4pm Watch out for: The chocolate fountain Address: 138 Avenue Pierre Mendès, Marseille, France
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Question de Goût

Restaurant, French, Vegetarian, Vegan, $$$
Smoothies | ©KenHawkins/Flickr
At Question de Goût, which roughly translated means ‘a matter of taste’, brunch is served as a buffet. The combination of colors at this restaurant makes the atmosphere seem delicate and sophisticated, and the food that they serve goes hand in hand with this ambiance. Their Mediterranean-inspired recipes include some delicious pastries, cheeses, fresh yogurts and fruits, cakes, and eggs. The balance between sweet and savory items is perfect, so visitors will be able to pick and choose to make their brunch exactly how they want it to be. Price: Mid-range Brunch: Sunday 11am-3pm Watch out for: The great drinks Address: 145-147 Avenue Joseph Vidal, Marseille, France
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Victor Café

The New Hotel of Marseille is a classy, clean-cut place in which to enjoy a Sunday brunch. Their set-menu brunch includes champagne, fruit juice and hot drinks, meat and fish, salads and veggies, charcuterie, cheese and different types of pastries. Visitors will therefore be able to eat a wide range of dishes, all of which are prepared with great care and served with elegance. The modern atmosphere paired with the excellent food will make traveler’s experience very memorable.

Price: Fine dining

Brunch: Sunday 12:30pm-3:30pm

Watch out for: their CRYO water

Address: 71 Boulevard Charles Livon, Marseille, France +33 4 88 00 46 00

Café Borely

Charcuterie, Restaurant, French, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, $$$
Brunch | © Courtesy of Café Borely
Situated in Marseille’s 8th arrondissement, Borely is a café with great food. The chef, Ariel Lorin, has a great take on cuisine, and makes everything from scratch, trying to use the freshest ingredients, organic and in season, making for excellent recipes that are bursting with flavor and nutrients. The brunch here is one of the healthier options in the city, with organic fruit juices, crêpes made with organic flour, sandwiches, bagels, charcuterie and fruit salads. Plus, since everything is made with seasonal ingredients the brunch menu changes regularly, so it is a great place to go more than once. Price: Mid-range Brunch: Sunday 11pm-3pm Watch out for: The DJ Address: 132 Avenue Clôt Bey, Marseille, France
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Longchamp Palace

The Musée des Beaux-Arts at the Palais Longchamp is one of the must-see attractions in Marseille, but what is perhaps not so obvious is that on Sundays their café has one of the best brunches in the city for an incredibly reasonable price. It takes place every week, and what makes it so remarkable is that visitors never know what to expect, as there is no set menu. Instead, the chefs at this locale decide on a cuisine and center their brunch experience around it, focusing on an Italian, Spanish or Russian menu, with numerous classic and creative delicacies on offer.

Price: Mid-range

Brunch: Sunday 11am-4pm

Watch out for: The homemade smoothies

Address: 22 Boulevard Longchamp, Marseille, France +33 4 91 50 76 13

La Fabrique

Restaurant, Bar, French, European, Mediterranean, $$$
Marseille | © MariolLehmann/Flickr
La Fabrique closes our list of the best brunches in Marseille. This locale takes it inspiration from Manhattan and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, which it recreates perfectly. Brunch is offered here both on Saturdays and Sundays, and includes a hot drink and freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs, bacon, sausages or chicken, salad, vegetables and homemade French fries. To end it all on a sweet note, the brunch is finished off with some fluffy pancakes. Price: Mid-range Brunch: Saturday-Sunday 12pm-3pm Watch out for: The fun mix of materials for the furniture Address: 3 Place Jules Verne, Marseille, France
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