The 10 Best Bars In Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a wonderful city in Northern France, greatly influenced by both French and German culture, so it provides for a unique experience in terms of cuisine and bars. Beer, pastis, wines and syrups are just some of the things that the haunts below have to offer, along with great food and even better music.

Strasbourg | © Carlos Andrés Reyes/Flickr

Académie de la Bière

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This great bar has over 70 types of beer, selected from France, Belgium and Germany, and they serve some beer cocktails for those who like to mix things up. The nicely priced drinks and food attract all types of clientele, but it is especially popular with university students. The atmosphere is therefore always buzzing and vibrant, making for a fun locale in which to start and end any night out.

La Java

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Tequila | ©GWFins/Flickr
La Java is one of the most popular bars in Strasbourg, as it name indicates, since ‘java’ is synonymous with party. Here locals and tourists alike come to dance and enjoy the quirky surroundings. A chic upstairs dancing space and a grungy cellar-like room downstairs that are always full of students make up the dance rooms at this locale. The music is fun and different, so it will not be a typical nightclub experience, but a singular one that visitors will be able to remember for years.

Price: Budget

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9pm-4am, Sat 9pm-12am

Watch out for: The buzzing atmosphere

Tapas Café

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Mojito | ©PersonalCreations/Flickr
Occasionally you may fancy a change from the typical Strasbourg fare of sausages and mashed potatoes. You’ll find that at Tapas Café where you can enjoy the true taste of Spanish cuisine and Latin music right in the center of the city. There are many different tapas to be tasted here; accompany them with a great mojitos for a fun night out.


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L’épicerie is a different type of bar, focused on old-school style and sophistication, and the owners have put a lot of emphasis and time into the elegant décor. Visitors can come here to spend a relaxing afternoon with friends or family, or a romantic, intimate evening with a loved one, whilst tasting some of the best drinks that France has to offer, including the well-known local wines and regional syrups. To create an even more delicate mood, soft French music is usually played, truly creating a special ambiance.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-12am

Watch out for: The homemade tartines

Le Bar Champagne

Lovers of champagne will adore this bar, where there are over twenty types of the beverage to try. The pink and chocolate overtones create a romantic and lush setting, with relaxing lighting and elegant décor. Visitors will be able to accompany their glass of champagne with some delicious dishes, such as a succulent Caesar salad or a filling club sandwich, classics which are made with sophistication at Le Bar Champagne. The service too is excellent, so everything at this bar falls into place to make for a perfect and relaxing evening enjoying some of the best drinks and food that Strasbourg has to offer.

Price: Fine dining

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 5pm-1am

Watch out for: the prestigious champagne

Address: 5 rue des Moulins, Strasbourg, France +33 3 8876 4343

Les Frères Berthom

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Cocktail | ©Didriks/Flickr
Les Frères Berthom is a must whilst in Strasbourg, and when asking locals about the city’s nightlife the name of this bar is bound to pop up sooner or later. One of the best things about it is the extravagant drinks list: the numerous beers and cocktails that are available here will cater to all tastes, so everyone is bound to be happy at this establishment. In addition to their excellent drinks, they also have some pretty good bar snacks, and the service is incredibly friendly and cheerful.

Price: Budget

Opening hours: Sun-Mon 5pm-1am; Tue-Thurs 5pm-1:30am; Fri-Sat 5pm-2:30am

Watch out for: the downstairs area

Jeanette et les Cycleux

1950s themed and with some very unique decoration, Jeanette et les Cycleux will impress most visitors with its fun style and laid-back atmosphere. Bright red walls, dangling motorcycles and rockabilly music all make this locale a great stop for those who are tired of typical modern, clean-cut bars that have no personality and are easily forgotten. The special atmosphere creates a memorable night, and visitors will be able to take advantage of the crème de la crème of Strasbourg’s nightlife.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11:30am-1:30am; Fri-Sat 11:30am-2:30am

Watch out for: the fresh juices

Address: 30 Rue Tonneliers, Strasbourg, France +33 3 88 23 02 71

La Laiterie

La Laiterie is one of the iconic music establishments in Strasbourg, where the locals come to enjoy live music and excellent concerts all throughout the year. The locale also plays host to two festivals each year: the Festival des Artefacts showcases indie, folk and rock music, and L’Ososphère, which centers around electro. Visitors should check out their website to see what will be going on when they are in town. Tickets can be bought either at the door or online.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Depends on the events

Watch out for: the fabulous concerts

Au Camionneur

Au Camionneur is one of the best bars in Strasbourg. It puts a lot of emphasis on catering to all tastes, so visitors can be assured that there is always something fun going on at this locale, and what makes it all even more exciting is that most of the events here are free. From concerts and improvisations to amazing wines or great beers, this place will certainly not bore. Travelers can find out what event will be taking place on their website.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 7pm-1:30am

Watch out for: the one-man shows

Address: 14 Rue Georges Wodli, Strasbourg, France +33 3 88 32 12 60

Bar au Fantassin

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Covered Bridges
Covered Bridges | ©PierreMetivier/Flickr
Strasbourg’s covered bridges are one of its main attractions, constituting an important and beautiful part of the city’s heritage. Bar au Fantassin is situated by some of these bridges, on the quai de la Bruche, and has some scenic views of the river. Apart from the excellent panorama, the bar is also renowned for its great drinks, which are modestly priced and paired with the surroundings will make for a very special and romantic evening.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:45am-11:30pm

Watch out for: the picturesque location