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Drinks | © Jeremy Noble/Flickr
Drinks | © Jeremy Noble/Flickr
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The 10 Best Bars In Rennes' Historic Quarter

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Throughout its history Rennes has enjoyed a position as one of the most important political and cultural centers of France. Rennes’ Old Town represents a melting pot of cultural influences and attracts numerous tourists every year. Visitors are attracted by its many restaurants, architectural wonders and bustling bars. A significant student hub, Rennes has a lively night scene; we have selected the best bars in the Historic Quarter.
Sunset Cafe bar exterior | Courtesy of The Sunset Cafe
Sunset Cafe bar exterior | courtesy of The Sunset Cafe
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Sunset Café

Known for being one of Rennes’ most popular bars, with a large student following in particular, the Sunset Café has everything you’d hope for. With reasonably priced drinks, club facilities and a party atmosphere this is a perfect place for anyone wanting a lively end to their day in Rennes.
Address: 22 Rue St Michel 35000, Rennes France

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Oan’s pub

Oan’s pub is one of the most tourist friendly bars in the city. Operating as a late bar in pub style this is a brilliant place to relax and have a casual drink at any time of the day. The pub is popular as a live music bar and is noted for its range of local alcoholic beers. This place is ideal for people wanting to have a more raw and unvarnished yet lively experience of the bar life in Rennes.
Address: 1 Rue.Georges Dottin, Rennes, France +33 2 99 31 07 91

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Cactus Café

One of the best cocktail bars in Rennes, the Cactus café offers guests a wide variety of cocktails that are tailored to the mood of each of its floors. A more hip and designer style can be found in the basement, whilst the upstairs room features a more traditional pub atmosphere. This bar is a great place to hang out with friends and try different cocktails.
Address: 3 Rue pongregard, Rennes, France +33 2 99 79 23 90

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Club Mango

Club Mango brings warmth to the nightlife in Rennes with a sizzling combination of Caribbean, African and Latin music that will definitely get visitors up on their feet. Summer tends to be the best time of year to visit this bar, since they have regular beach parties placed on the agenda.
Address: 25 Rue de Noyer 35000, Rennes, France.

Phone: +33 2 99 53 28 04

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Couleurs café

Rennes’ Couleurs café is a rum lover’s paradise, serving an almost inexhaustible variety of cocktails. In total, Couleurs is said to stock 50 different types of rum with around 40 homemade varieties to choose from. Aside from its cocktails, the place also stocks over 30 different types of chocolate, so it could also be called a chocoholic’s paradise.
Address: 27 Rue Legraverend, 35000, Rennes, France +33 2 23 40 07 13

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La Suite

Using the space of an old 1960s cinema complex located in the heart of Rennes, La Suite oozes decadence. La Suite is provides a contemporary and hip space to hang out and plays a diverse and eclectic range of music. With a large selection of cocktails and wines behind the bar, this is a great place for a good night out.
Address: 20 Boulevard de la liberte, 35000, Rennes, France +33 2 99 35 42 42

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Cite d’Ys

One of the most luxurious spots that can be found in the heart of Rennes, this bar takes advantage of the bare features of the pre-existing complex in which it’s set, with exposed beams adding a rustic feel. Cite d’Ys features a varied selection of beers which have made the place popular. In the evening, the pub turns into a great music hall reliving Breton style musical sessions.
Address: 31 Rue Vasselot, 35000, Rennes, France +33 6 10 78 11 18

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El Teatro

Opened in 2014, El Teatro is fast becoming the place to be on the Rennes nightclub scene. El Teatro is located in a traditional Breton building with three floors; Pop, electro and French music are played from bottom to top in the three different floors. With a Breton-style interior décor, this club will certainly provide an authentic night out in the French city.

Address: 3 Rue Saint-guillaume 35000, Rennes, France +33 9 50 32 15 25

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Club Delicatessen

A popular venue among students, Club Delicatessen provides a nightlife experience in an unusal venue, since the club is set in the 15th-century Saint-Michel prison in the center of Rennes. When you go down the stairs you will be instantly plunged into darkness whilst the vibrant DJ music lightens up the dance floor.
Address: 7 Allee Rallier du Baty 35000, Rennes, France +33 2 99 78 23 41

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Having received equal praise as a restaurant and as a bar, L’Arsouille is one of the most loved wine bars in Rennes. Serving a wide variety of vintages, many locally sourced, and with a trained sommelier on site, this wine bar is definitely one of the most popular places to find good quality wines in the whole of Rennes. Come here for a classy night out.
Address: 17 Rue Paul Bert, 35000, Rennes, France +33 2 99 38 11 10