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The 10 Best Bars In Old Town, Bordeaux
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The 10 Best Bars In Old Town, Bordeaux

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The French city of Bordeaux is famed for its rich medieval history, its classic French architecture, but above all its wine production. The city has an abundance of charming bars that heavily feature wine on the menu. Here are our top ten recommendations when you find yourself in Bordeaux’s stunning Old Town.
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Le Wine Bar

Saint Pierre is the historic heart of the city and provides a stunning setting to enjoy some of the finest wines. The bar has Italian owners, and therefore alongside the world-famous wines of Bordeaux, customers can expect to taste a selection of other European produce, notably Italian wines. Guests should consider booking ahead for a table in this small cozy bar, which quickly fills up by customers seeking its lively, friendly atmosphere. The bar also offers a selection of Italian cured meats and French cheeses that perfectly complement the drink list.

Address & telephone number: 19 Rue des Bahutiers, 33000 Bordeaux, +33 6 76 00 50 54

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Chez le Pépère

Head to this wine bar for an authentic French experience in a classic cave a vin. Guests can enjoy a diverse range of fine French wines from across the nation and choose from the gourmet tapas menu. If you’re feeling daring, you can also sample from an extensive range of over 20 absinthes, including L’Abinthe Nitouche, a locally distilled product. The atmosphere of this bar is friendly and lively, with staff who are welcoming and enjoying their evening as much as the customers.

Address & telephone number: 19 Rue Georges Bonnac, 33000, Bordeaux, +33 5 56 44 71 79

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Le Petit Bois

People are drawn to this magical bar for its romantic allure, intimate setting and its fantastic wine list. The décor is original, with a beautiful tree strung with fairy lights in the heart of the bar serving as an artistic centerpiece. Relax with a glass of fine wine on the plush sofas and enjoy the enchanting setting that is dimly lit with gentle candlelight. To complement the wine list, customers can choose from a selection of charcuterie, or the plat du jour.

Address & telephone number: 18 Rue du Chai des Farines, 33000, Bordeaux, +33 5 56 79 06 46

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Café La Comtesse

For a departure from the French wine bars, head to this spot for a fantastic cocktail happy hour and reputedly the best mojitos in town. While away the evening surrounded by the Baroque-style furnishings that perfectly mirror the grandeur of the architecture seen in the Old Town’s streets. Décor includes luxurious chandeliers, cozy sofas and gold-framed works of art. The small bar also spills out into the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, adding to its charm as an intimate bar.

Address & telephone number: 25 Rue Parlement Saint-Pierrre, 33000, Bordeaux, +33 5 56 51 03 07

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Pub Saint Aubin

This classically British pub is located in Place de la Victoire and draws in diverse crowds. Tourists and students alike flock to its doors for a guaranteed lively atmosphere, screenings of live sports and a casual vibe. The pub is furnished to mimic an authentic British pub, serving a variety of beers and ales by jovial barmen in Scottish kilts. The terrace overlooks the square, a nice spot to watch the world go by while enjoying a cool beer.

Address & telephone number: 5 Place de la Victoire, 33000, Bordeaux, +33 5 56 91 28 15

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Chez Fred

This dynamic spot is a short walk from some of the Old Town’s best loved tourist attractions. Visible from the bar’s terrace is Port Cailhau, the 15th-century gate that once was the entrance to the city. The Garonne River is also a short walk away from the bar. Chez Fred is situated in an elegant French townhouse, and its customers pour out onto the streets of the old town as the evening turns into night.

Address & telephone number: 19 Place du Palais, 33000, Bordeaux, +33 5 56 30 91 01

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Café Brun

This bar is a stone’s throw from the notable landmark, Place de la Bourse. The square is an iconic spot in the city, designed by Louis XV’s chief architect Jacques Jules Gabriel. The building ingeniously reflects onto the Miroir d’Eau, a water mirror that gives the classical building added symmetry. The bar itself is a welcoming, lively place to enjoy ales, spirits or wine from the wide-ranging drink menu, while enjoying the soft sounds of jazz music.

Address & telephone number: 45 Rue Saint-Rémi, 33000 Bordeaux, +33 5 56 52 20 49

La Ligne Rouge

This bar is a small but homey establishment in the heart of the Bordeaux’s historical district. The wine list is diverse, with over 200 wines hailing from as far afield as the vineyards of South America. There is also a menu featuring a choice of cured meats, cheeses, simple but tasty salads and patés to pick from. The staff are attentive and friendly, carefully explaining the origins of wines and divulging the concept of the wine bar to customers. The barmen are also sure to listen to the requests of the guests, giving the bar an intimate touch.

Address – 6 Rue de la Porte Cailhau, 30000, Bordeaux, +33 9 83 55 18 64

Pont de Pierre de Bordeaux | © JPI/WikiCommons
Pont de Pierre de Bordeaux | © JPI/WikiCommons
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Verre o Vin

This wine bar has a unique concept which sets it apart from other bars in the Old Town. Customers are given a card and can select from 16 different bottles of wine in a self-service machine. Customers can opt for a taste, half glass, or full glass of any of the wines available. The theme of the bar matches its location in an old wine cellar with arched ceilings and a dimly lit cave feel. Choose from a tasty food menu as well, from French classics to delicate portions of sushi.

Address & telephone number: 43 Rue Borie, 33300, Bordeaux, +33 5 56 02 52 09

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Bar a vins Ecole du vin a Bordeaux

Bar a Vins is a wine bar near the expansive square Place de la Comedie, which is framed by neoclassical French buildings, making it a site of impressive and dramatic architecture. This bar is definitely a site for wine lovers, given that it is subsidised by the council so the prices of wines are fantastically moderate. Enjoy a glass of wine for a small fee or get smaller samples of local wines if you want to try various flavors. Relish the exceptional taste of the various grapes, accompanied by generous platters of cheeses, meats and sumptuous French chocolates to add to the luxurious experience.

Address & telephone number: 1 Cours du 30 Juillet, 33000, Bordeaux, +33 5 56 00 22 88