The 10 Best Bars In Megeve, France

The 10 Best Bars In Megeve, France
The après ski scene ensures that Megève eschews the French reluctance to a traditional bar culture. There are plenty of places to grab a drink, a bite and start dancing into the night in this pretty ski resort town. We pick 10 of the best bars in Megève.
Rochebrune © gerard borel/Flickr

Restaurant Chalet Forestier de Rochebrune

Restaurant, French, European
At the summit of the Rochebrune ski area is Restaurant Chalet Forestier, offering traditional meals and some good drinks. The restaurant, situated in a former farmhouse, also offers fantastic views, so it may be best to go sit out on the terrace or deckchairs with your food and an aprés ski drink. A mountain refuge among the pistes, it’s pretty spectacular, in its own quiet way, but not one for late night adventures.
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Jazz Club des 5 Rues

The bar is expensive, but it has some of the best live music anywhere in Megeve, and one of the oldest jazz clubs outside of Paris. It opened just after the Second world War and has been entertaining musical greats and their admirers ever since. This small jazz club shoots for an upscale market, however, it’s probably best to only go once during your stay, as the musicians are contracted for long periods at a time. Go once, hear great music, and then visit some of the other bars on this list.

19 passage des Cinq Rues, Megève, France

The Cocoon

Popular with tourists, this is a lively club with a congenial atmosphere. Live music, occasionally a DJ, and sports shown on the televisions make it a hub of movement and activity. Open until five in the morning, the venue attracts a boisterous crowd, but a good one. Theme nights are a common occurrence, so don’t be too surprised if you get in and everyone is dressed like something from an 80’s television show.
182 Route Edmond de Rothschild, Megève, France, +33 4 50 21 09 91


Together with their team, Jérôme Foucaud and Philippe Di Méo have resurrected the feel of 70’s gangsters in their café-pizzeria-bar. Its sleek style, open terrace, and branded glasses give this venue a high-class, but friendly atmosphere, with a feeling reminiscent of Les Tontons Flingueurs, a 1963 French-language gangster movie. It may be named after a bank robber, but Spaggiari is a place you’ll give your money to willingly.
41 Arcades du Mont Blanc, Megève, France, + 33 (0) 4 50 988 988

M Le Vin

Bar, Wine Bar, Wine, French
Much more than a mere wine bar, this lounge impresses with its decor, its atmosphere, and, most importantly, its wine list. The lounge’s website proudly and boldly declares that they can cater to even the most eclectic of palates. Flick through the menu yourself if that’s what you fancy, but the wine experts are on hand for those of you who want a more guided experience.
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Le Georges

Tea Room, French, Tea
This English-style tea room is a strange anachronism in the Alps. Attached to the Mont Blanc Hotel, and featuring all the vibes of Edwardian England, it’s no stretch at all to image yourself curled up in a chair with a book and a cup of tea. However, it’s also no stretch to imagine yourself seated by the fire with a whisky on the rocks from the 30-item-strong whisky menu. Of all the cozy lounges that dot the slopes, this is the coziest.
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Comme Chez Soi

Bar, Tea Room, Wine Bar, Wine, Beer, French, $$$
A strange mix between wine bar and tea room, Comme Chez Soi is drinks with an afternoon tea feel to it. Simple service, and a respectful but no-frills atmosphere accompanies a great selection of wines and a fine menu of snacks. Peruse the very open, visually appealing cellar for something that strikes your fancy. The chic outer style, resplendent with trendy modern-art chairs and a giant sculpture of a bear, contrast the wooden interior.
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La Sauvageonne

Bar, Restaurant, French, European
With an animated ambiance, created in part by the resident DJ, this is a trendy spot with a great crowd. The interior furniture is cylinder-based, with cylindrical tables and stools skirting around the bar itself. With a great selection of spirits, and a cigar cellar to smoke in, the wooden paneled restaurant boasts a crowd that is resolutely contemporary.
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Saint-Paul Tobacconist and Bar

Saint-Paul is real favorite, and many has feathers to its cap; it is a gift shop and a tobacconist (as the name suggests), but it’s the bar that is the real draw. It’s less expensive here than in certain other establishments, so this might be the spot for people looking for a more down-to-earth experience.
43 Quai du Prieuré, Megève, France, +33 04 50 91 93 03

Bar le Chalet Zannier

Bar, Hotel Restaurant, Beer, Coffee, French
Winter-only, and high-end, this is a relaxed bar with more of a laid back feel than a dancing all night style. There’s no DJ, but there is some background music, low enough to talk over. The space has a large fireplace, plush couches, and a selection of books to peruse freely. Come here for the paper and coffee in the morning, or come in the evening for your aprés-ski and an unusual cocktail. Ask the bartender for their choice, but be prepared to get something a little different from what you would have ordered yourself.
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