The 10 Best Bars In Limoges, France

Classic Cocktails © star5112/Flickr
Classic Cocktails © star5112/Flickr
Photo of Christina Zoga
9 February 2017

Despite being a fairly small city, Limoges offers a variety of nightclubs, discos, French bistros and bars, as well as metal and rock scenes and performance shows. Here are the 10 best bars in Limoges, France.

Limoges from cathedral gardens | © Matt Brown/Flickr

Le Buckingham

Nightclub, French, Wine, Beer, Fast Food
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Pony Pony Run Run
Pony Pony Run Run | @ Brussels Summer Festival 2012 © Eddy BERTHIER/WikiCommons
Since June 1989, Le Buckingham Club has welcomed its guests to the alternative nightlife scene in Limoges. Following the youth trends and respecting the needs and the taste of the local youth, Le Buckingham is one of the most popular nightlife hotspots in Limoges. It combines the atmosphere of both a bar and a club. Reasonable prices, tasty drinks, and its easily accessible location enhance the great reputation of Le Buckingham among the locals and the tourists.

La Fourmi

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Located by the riverside in an old textile district, La Fourmi is as atmospheric as you can imagine. This all-night cafe/bar distinguishes itself with its fascinating mix of music and cabaret. La Fourmi offers its guests the chance to watch a variety of performances of popular and well-known artists on a regular basis. More than 600 music artists, such as Les Brigitte, Giedre and Pony Run Run have performed in Le Fourmi. Jazz and contemporary live music, local music groups and all-time classics offer all you need.

Showbiz Discothèque

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Some Belgian Beers
Some Belgian Beers | ©Smabs Sputzer/Flickr
Showbiz Discotheque is located nine kilometers away from the center, but is worth the short trek out. Showbiz Discotheque is a Limoges nightlife institution, consisting of two different floors combining both a nightclub and a disco. A variety of dance floors playing different styles of music allows you to drink, sing and dance with friends until the early morning hours.

Au Bout du Monde

Bar, Pub Grub, Wine, Beer
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Classic Cocktails
Classic Cocktails | © star5112/Flickr
Au Bout du Monde is a cozy nightlife hotspot in the heart of Limoges. Warm and inviting atmosphere, delicious cocktails and imaginatively prepared drinks welcome you in this exciting bar. You can enjoy your drinks listening to various tunes, such as rock, jazz, funk and electro. Plus, taste a glass of wine from the exceptional bar’s selection. Au Bout du Monde, consisting of two different levels, gives you the opportunity to choose the atmosphere and the music that you suits you most.


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Wine Cellar
Wine Cellar | ©Che/WikiCommons
Rock, hard metal, punk, electro: L’Arkange is the most popular hard rock night bar in Limoges. Here, there is a dark and mysterious atmosphere, friendly staff and a passion for good, strong drinks and hard rock vibes. This environment of L’Arkange makes it special. Reasonable prices and well-prepared drinks complete the eclectic atmosphere of L’Arkange. If you love these genres of music, it is a place not to be missed.

V and B Limoges

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Opened in 2001, V and B combines the passion for wine with that of beer in one spectacular tasting area. Owners Emmanuel and Jean Pierre Bouvet Derouet combined their alternate loves for great beer and fantastic wine into beloved V and B and have never looked back. If you love trying new tastes, this is the bar for you. There’s a wine cellar with more than 300 wines from around the world. Meanwhile, the beer cellar stocks more than 300 brown, blonde, and more types of beer. And, a cellar has more than 200 rums and whiskeys around the world – all of these await for you to taste.

Les Artistes

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Charcuterie plate
Charcuterie plate | © Travis Wise/Flickr
This is a fabulous place in the heart of Limoges, popular for the remarkable cuisine. It is also famous for the delicious and homemade cocktails and the great and cozy atmosphere. Les Artistes is one of the most popular restaurants in the center of the city. It loves serving innovative and all-time classic cocktails and beers to its guests introducing them to new gastronomical experiences. The stellar reputation, the central location and the reasonable prices for both food and drink make this lovely restaurant/bar a must-see destination in Limoges.

Le Tagazou

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Steak au poivre, with a peppercorn sauce
Steak au poivre, with a peppercorn sauce | ©Tim Pierce/WikiCommons
Le Tagazou is perhaps the best wine bar in Limoges. It is the ideal place to discover wonderful new wines and enjoy well-trimmed deli trays, cheese, tapas or fish as accompaniments. There is a staircase that takes you down in a conductive place where the stoned walls and the wooden furnishings create a classic atmosphere. It’s ideal for a night out with good company and friends. The attentive staff is always ready to suggest you the best of the wines, and treat you like a king.

Le Glacier

Bistro, Brasserie, French, $$$
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Fruit and cheese plate
Fruit and cheese plate | ©Kevin Chin/Flickr
Delicious and beautifully prepared cocktails, a wide range of beers and good quality dishes make Le Glacier Bistro such a lovely food and drink hotspot in Limoges. If you are hungry, you can treat yourself with generous portions of French food such as French steaks and salads. Accompany your dinner with a great selection of wines and beers. Very popular also for the delicious cocktails, Le Glacier will impress you with its warm and inviting environment. Also renowned here are its unpretentious drinks and dishes. It is a great choice for a Saturday night with friends.


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L ‘Imaginarium is a place that you will fall in love with and visit again and again. A huge menu consisting of imaginatively prepared cocktails, as well as exceptional beers and wines, welcome visitors. Hip, retro music playing in the background makes you feel the positive vibes of the bar. A variety of quick dishes to enjoy such as sandwiches, steaks and cheese plates keep you great company while you are sipping colorful cocktails. One of the most popular and friendly restaurant/bars in the city, L’Imaginarium promises to make your night special.