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The 10 Best Bars In Colmar, France
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The 10 Best Bars In Colmar, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A sign on the border of the city proclaims Colmar ‘Capitale des Vins D’Alsace.’ It’s a promising start, and one that is brought to life in the town’s various wine bars. From Irish pubs to spots for tasting the region’s finest, we’ve picked the 10 best bars in Colmar.
Wistub Brenner - Image Courtesy of Wistub Brenner
Wistub Brenner – Image Courtesy of Wistub Brenner
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Wistub Brenner

This bistro has a fine selection of alcohol on offer alongside its Alsatian food, promising to deliver an authentic and classic local meal. The bar itself is small, but makes up for it with the food on offer and the friendly staff. The cute interior helps as well, with rustic chairs and the surreal touch of dozens of hats suspended from the ceiling. Settle yourself in under a bowler and have a quiet drink.

1 Rue Turenne, Colmar, France +33 3 89 41 42 33

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Chez Moi

In a historic building, this small and intimate bar is possibly the single best bar in Colmar. It has a good reputation amongst regulars for its excellent service and servers, and for its ambience. Inside is always cosy and warm, with its plum purple lighting and comfortable armchairs. A glass of champagne or a mojito can be enjoyed inside or out, either bathed in purple light or whilst people-watching amongst Colmar’s beautiful medieval architecture.

3 Place de l’Ancienne Douane, Colmar, France +33 3 89 20 96 08

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L’Un Des Sens

A cellar, a wine bar, and a gourmet experience all rolled into one, L’Un Des Sens is impressive not only for the quality of its wines, but also for the quality of its food and service. The two sommeliers are there for your benefit, and are both happy to help with pairing a single dish with a harmonious wine, or even to help put together an entire meal. For a bar that wears more than one hat, it wears them all very well, but it’s in the wine experience that it truly shines.

18 Rue Berthe Molly, Colmar, France +33 3 89 240 437

Les Incorruptibles © Alan Hochberg/Flickr
Les Incorruptibles | © Alan Hochberg/Flickr
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Les Incorruptibles

In Colmar, a lot of the nightlife shuts itself down pretty early. Most things close before the night really gets going, but Les Incorruptibles is a cosy dive bar on the corner that stays open a little later. It’s got a good selection of beers and a friendly atmosphere, but it can get rowdy depending on how well people can hold their drink. Overall, a good choice for people looking for a late night watering hole, and who don’t mind it being a little rough-and-ready.

1 Rue des Écoles, Colmar, France +33 3 89 24 18 32

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L’Entracte Absinthe Bar

Something a little different presents itself in this Absinthe bar. A selection of absinthes broader than most people realise is available, along with great cocktails (try the watermelon mojito if you can). The red leather seats and the hazy light, coupled with the absinthe pipes (look them up) make this a somewhat surreal experience, but it’s truly excellent. Enjoy in moderation, however, unless you want things to get even more surreal.

27 Rue Kléber, Colmar, France +33 3 89 24 16 69

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Bar JH

A small bar for cocktails, champagne, and light meals in a typically French style. The patron, Jocelyne, is lovely, and will happily welcome you into the bar after a long day on your feet. Simultaneously out of the busy streets and very near the cathedral, it’s an inexpensive alternative to the costly restaurants nearby, and a friendly bar to feel at home in.

5 rue Saint-Martin, Colmar, France +33 9 72 37 19 19

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Le Passage

A bar offering a large selection of French and foreign wines in a nice, quiet, well decorated location, what’s not to love? With every new visit, a new oenological discovery is made thanks to the sheer scope of the wine list. Popular with punters looking for a quiet, cosy drink, the trendy couches are good to settle into for drinks and conversation with friends.

3 Rue Schongauer, Colmar, France +33 9 50 00 89 24

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A small grocery-bistro in the historic centre of the city, this boutique is most likely to entice you in with its smells. The menus (both food and drink) are excellent, and the passion of the owners really shines through in the service. The enthusiasm with which they run their grocery-restaurant-bar is almost palpable, leading to a novel and unforgettable experience.

30 Grand Rue, Colmar, France +33 3 89 41 55 94

L'Épicurien © fs999/Flickr
L’Épicurien | © fs999/Flickr
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A restaurant and wine bar with an agreeable staff and warm atmosphere. Within its white stone walls lies a serious cellar and well-stocked bar, as well as an excellent selection of dishes. The wooden seats and the spacing of the tables somehow make L’Épicurien feel like home. With empty wine bottles lining the walls, this is a venue dedicated to love of the drink, and to fine food to accompany it.

11 Rue Wickram, Colmar, France +33 3 89 41 14 50

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Au Croissant Doré

And now for something completely different: A tea room. After all, what is a tea room if not a bar for people who don’t drink? The spectacular exterior is one of the prettiest buildings in Colmar, and inside is home to teas, pastries, and, yes, wines. A glass of fruity white wine or a cup of coffee makes the perfect accompaniment to their desserts.

28 Rue des Marchands, Colmar, France +33 3 89 23 70 81