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Avignon- Square outside Palais des Papes │© Stephen Colebourne / Flickr
Avignon- Square outside Palais des Papes │© Stephen Colebourne / Flickr
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The 10 Best Bars In Avignon, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
One of the most iconic towns in France, Avignon is a beautiful and historic place to visit, bursting with culture. Oh, and there’s some great nightlife too – just check these out…
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Ideally located in the center of this medieval town, the AOC is a chic and stylish setting in which to sample an extensive selection of wines from across the globe. Knowledgeable staff are always happy to offer their suggestions for pairing. The quality of the wine is matched by the quality of the delicious cheese and meat platters available, including fresh French bread. This makes this the perfect place for an aperitif. It also has a good range of larger dishes for those wishing to stay for lunch or dinner.
AOC, 5 Place Jérusalem, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 25 21 04

Cheese and Wine © Pixabay
Cheese and Wine | © Pixabay
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Red Sky

A pub right in the center of this ancient town, always full of regulars and visitors, the Red Sky is an unmissable spot for anyone wishing to experience the local vibe. With regular live concerts, a weekly student night, themed soirées each weekend and even a beer pong tournament, the Red Sky is the place to be for all those looking for a fun night out. They also have a very impressive beer list, with a number of authentic Belgian beers on offer. For those feeling peckish, there is a good range of sandwiches, paninis, nachos and charcuterie.
Red Sky, 21 Rue Saint-Jean le Vieux, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 85 93 23

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La Scène

Situated in a lovely calm square, away from the hustle and bustle of the town center, La Scène is a wonderful little restaurant for both a quick afternoon drink and a long dinner. The delicious food is always made with fresh produce, whether you are there for a big meal or for some nibbles to accompany a cold beer. The staff is always especially welcoming and friendly, and the terrace, placed on the square itself, is a great spot for a glass of red or white on a summer’s evening.
La Scène, 19 Place Crillon, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 86 14 70

Avignon │© Henri Sivonen / Flickr
Avignon │ | © Henri Sivonen / Flickr
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Le Belano

Situated just a few meters from the banks of the shimmering Rhône, Le Belano is a wonderful, classy place for a drink at any time of the day. In the gorgeous Mediterranean-style patio with comfortable sofas, transport yourself to an exotic paradise in the summer with its wide range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit cocktails, accompanied by a sumptuous platter of tapas. Not to worry if the weather isn’t patio-friendly: this spot also has two luxurious inside bars, as well as a restaurant.
Le Belano, 2155 Chemin de la Barthelasse, Avignon, France +33 06 99 34 99 65

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Le Tom Tip

Situated in the heart of the old town, the cafe-bar Le Tom Tip has been welcoming Avignon residents and visitors throughout the day, every day, for the past 40 years. Though recently renovated, this pleasant bar keeps all of its nostalgic charm with its welcoming ambiance and local vibe, one of the few places where both students and older Avignon residents mix together. With occasional stand-up evenings, this bar is also especially good at embracing the culture of the buzzing Festival d’Avignon.
Le Tom Tip, 55 Rue Joseph Vernet, Avignon, France, +33 04 90 14 64 35

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Le Gambrinus

For anyone who likes beer, Le Gambrinus is an absolute must during any visit to Avignon. With a truly impressive menu of more than 100 beers, there really is no better place in town for a brew. It is also great for fans of whiskey, with a good selection of different brands. Not to worry if a patron isn’t particularly a connoisseur; the lovely staff members in this family-owned, pub-style bar are always more than happy to advise. There is also a good menu of unpretentious, authentic French food to complement the drinks.
Le Gambrinus, 62 Rue Carreterie, Avignon, France +33 04 90 86 12 32

© RestaurantAnticaRoma/Pixabay

Beer on tap /©Pixabay

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La Cave des Pas Sages

A brilliant way to spend an evening, La Cave des Pas Sages is a warm and inviting wine bar in the heart of Avignon with an extensive selection wines, coming from Bordeaux to the Côtes du Rhône. It also provides lovely platters of cheese and charcuterie to accompany drinks. And to top it all off, this great bar hosts weekly live concerts every Saturday, with a range of genres from blues to country to hip-hop.
Le Cave des Pas Sages, 41 Rue des Teinturiers, Avignon, France, +33 04 32 74 25 86

Charcuterie │© Jérôme Decq / Flickr

Charcuterie │© Jérôme Decq / Flickr

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Stax Club

Just a few minutes’ drive from the center of Avignon, the Stax Club is a club that is guaranteed to provide a fun and exciting night out. Not just for night-clubbers, it has several civilized eating areas including an outdoor grill and an indoor restaurant. With three bars providing a great selection of drinks, three dance floors and three talented DJs playing all night, every weekend, this animated club is a great place to blow off some steam.
Stax Club, 243 Chemin du Grand Quartier, Châteaurenard, France, +33 04 90 94 12 36

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Situated on the lively, central Place Pie, Lalogène is a stylish, nicely decorated bar, with an inviting, buzzing atmosphere; a great place to escape the tourist crowds since it is consistently full of regular, local customers. The welcoming staff provide extremely reasonably priced drinks. Meanwhile, the lovely outdoor terrace, on the Place Pie itself, makes it a very pleasant spot to spend a warm summer’s evening.
Lalogène, 1 Place Pie, Avignon, France +33 04 86 81 60 76

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Le Double V

Placed in a brilliant spot right in the center of Avignon, Le Double V welcomes its patrons into a stylishly decorated, modern interior loaded with wine and mixers. While it’s not certain exactly where the name comes from, it’s likely that the “Double V” stands for “vin” (wine) and “vodka”, since there is such a good range of regional wines, including the delectable Châteauneuf-du-Pape, as well as pure Russian and Polish vodkas. This great little spot also offers homemade tartines and platters of charcuterie to accompany drinks.

Le Double V, 4 Rue Carnot, Avignon, France, +33 06 17 44 07 53

Red Wine | © Pixabay

Red Wine | © Pixabay