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Robert Doisneau photographed by Bracha L. Ettinger in his studio in Montrouge  | © Wikimedia Commons
Robert Doisneau photographed by Bracha L. Ettinger in his studio in Montrouge | © Wikimedia Commons
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Robert Doisneau's Vogue Years Showcase the Photographer's Stylish Side

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Updated: 1 March 2017

The work of humanist photographer Robert Doisneau will be celebrated in a new light next month, with an exhibition at L’Espace Richaud in Versailles.

In partnership with French Vogue, the exhibition will bring together a collection of images from Doisneau’s time as a reporter for the magazine. Although he only worked on contract for Vogue for three years, he remained a regular contributor until the 1960s, working with the editor, Edmonde Charles-Roux.

During his tenure as photographer, Doisneau gained unprecedented access into the most glamorous social circles, photographing the likes of Brigitte Bardot as she made her entry into postwar society, or artist Pablo Picasso retouching fashion photos.

Photographers en:Robert Doisneau (left) and André Kertész, during a talk in Southern France, 1975 | © Wolfgang H. Wögerer, Wien/Wikicommons

Photographers: Robert Doisneau (left) and André Kertész (right), during a talk in southern France, 1975 | © Wolfgang H. Wögerer, Wien / Wikimedia Commons

Known for his natural, spontaneous composition, Doisneau’s photographs for Vogue encapsulate that same sense of freedom, with subjects frequently looking off-camera, if at all. Viewers can expect surprising and playful insights into what was an elite and guarded world. Doisneau captured some of the most iconic moments of postwar France, and this represents an exciting new opportunity to see his work in a different light.

The exhibition supports the release of documentary Robert Doisneau: le révolté du merveilleux which was directed by his granddaughter Clémentine Deroudille as well as a new book Robert Doisneau: The Vogue Years from Flammion.

The exhibition is from Wednesday 8 March to Sunday 28 May, 2017, Espace Richaud, Versailles