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Cannes has lots of lovely places to shop for souvenirs | © Michel Curi/Flickr
Cannes has lots of lovely places to shop for souvenirs | © Michel Curi/Flickr

Places to Buy Souvenirs in Cannes

Picture of Alex Ledsom
Updated: 14 June 2017

The word souvenir in French means ‘memory’ or to remember. Cannes has many places where you can buy souvenirs to take home so you will never forget your time in this exceptional town.

Spirit of Cannes

If you’re looking for clothes to take home, which specifically say Cannes on them, head to the Spirit of Cannes. People love to take their picture outside this shop, with the name behind them – another memento you can take home.

Aux Bonheurs du Suquet

In the winding cobbled streets of the old fishing village Le Suquet, you’ll find this traditional gift store. It sells everything you’d expect to find in a more touristy store – postcards, posters, magnets, purses, etc.

Bathroom Graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti is a gift and homeware store on the rue d’Antibes. As well as lots of individual, interesting household items with a modern flair, they have lots of great gifts – such as bags, vases and picture frames. They also have lots of great beach items, like cool flip-flops and cover ups for the seaside.

La Maison d’Elisa

Head to the Maison d’Elisa (Elisa’s house) to find cute gifts for friends and family; things like tins of chocolate, glasses cases, soaps and other smellies.