Peaceful Running Routes in Biarritz

An early run is great to start the day|Pexels
An early run is great to start the day|Pexels
Photo of Jennifer Migan
6 November 2017

Sport tourism is an original way to experience a city differently. In Biarritz, beautiful scenery and natural spaces allow you to exercise and visit the town at the same time. If the city centre doesn’t sound ideal for a jog, there are several routes where you can enjoy a peaceful run.

The beach

It may sound obvious, but what better place to run than on one of Biarritz’s amazing beaches, accompanied by the sound of the waves? Start at the Grande Plage and follow the coast, where you’ll pass Port-Vieux Beach and finish at the Côte des Basques Beach. In the summer, it’s preferable to do this in the early hours of the day, before it gets too crowded or hot. Once the high season is over, you could opt for a late afternoon run before heading to one of the many wonderful seaside restaurants in the evening.

Listen to the tide while running Patrick Blaise/Pixabay

The Lac Marion

The Lac Marion is the perfect option to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre while discovering one of its true gems. In a quiet environment of over 20 hectares (50 acres), the view is breathtaking and perfect for a light sport session. If you are travelling with kids, there’s also a large playground area for them to have fun too.

The Lac Mouriscot

While in Biarritz, you should take the opportunity to explore some of the natural spaces of the beautiful Basque region. Stretching over 110 hectares (272 acres) between Biarritz and Bidart, the protected site of Lac Mouriscot is an ideal place to stay in shape and connect with Mother Nature at the same time.

The Lac Mouriscot is a peaceful environment for joggers| | © Harrieta 171/WikiCommons

Between La Barre and La Chamber d’Amour in Anglet

Around 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) long, it is the most beloved running route among local joggers. Only a few minutes away from Biarritz but less frequented, Anglet is an excellent choice for your running sessions while in town. Close to the ocean, you’ll be pleased by the numerous spots you can get some water and stay hydrated. Once you’re finished, you can go for a spa session, or enjoy a drink overlooking the ocean.

Between the Adour River and the Pignada forest

This enjoyable five-kilometre (three-mile) run is a nice opportunity to discover the Adour River and the charming Anglet marina, and you’ll end up in the magnificent Pignada forest. If you think it’s a great place to run, you should also take the time to rent a bike and enjoy this circuit on wheels.

Have a relaxing run in the Pignada forest in Anglet| | © Tonio del Barrio 6464/WikiCommons

Enjoy the view from the Abbadia Casyle

The Domaine d’Abbadia in Hendaye is without a doubt one of the most mesmerising attractions in the region and you must plan a running session there. Indeed, this protected site, with merely no construction and a stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean, will take your breath away. Pause for a minute and admire the castle – its beauty will give you the boost you need to keep running.

Pause to admire the beautiful Château d’Abbadia| | © Daniel Culsan/WikiCommons

The Littoral between Bidart and Saint-Jean-de-Luz

This itinerary is more for confirmed runners who want to push themselves with an intense workout. Slightly hilly, this run goes from the beach in Bidart up to Hendaye. If you have some energy left, you can continue into Hendaye. Trail lovers will love this path but, be aware, some portions are a bit slippery.

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