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Paris By Night: The Best Alternative Bars At Place De Clichy
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Paris By Night: The Best Alternative Bars At Place De Clichy

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Updated: 14 October 2016
Forget the tourist-saturated Moulin Rouge. Place de Clichy offers what its neighbors do not: this place is for locals, not tourists. Nestled in between the 8th, 9th, 17th, and 18th arrondissements, Place de Clichy has become the vibrant nightlife hotspot for young Parisians. Here are the best spots for late night snacks and cocktails.

Le Cyrano

A true original of the Place de Clichy is Le Cyrano – Le Bistrot des Musiciens et Comédiens. This 100-year-old gem sits at the top of Rue Biot in plain view of the Clichy statue. The bar is frequented by hundreds of local artists and has one of the most unique décors, including a hidden mirror door which leads to the bathroom and a lavish Belle Époque ceiling and walls. Chat with locals around the bar, or let waiters Joe and Gaelle introduce you to their own delicious drink creations. Beware of their ginger rum however, as one shot is enough to induce double vision.

Le Cyrano, 3 Rue Biot, 75017 Paris, France +33 1 45 22 53 34

Le Test

A well-kept secret of the area, this bar is built in an underground cave just off the main square of Place de Clichy. To find it, look down the dimly lit Passage Lathuille for the tiny blackboard sign indicating the entrance. It has kept its low-key profile for all the right reasons. Often filled to the brim with people from all over world, it hosts a small dance floor which is DJ-ed from a self-service Spotify tablet. This sense of self-determination comes from its visitors: anyone who is not ready to rub shoulders with locals should not head to Le Test. Nights at Le Test can veer into the unexpected, as the room is often rented out for special events, yet anyone is still invited to join.

Le Test, 6 passage Lathuille, 75018 Paris, France, +33 6 95 26 96 99

Le Valois

Hidden in the 9th arrondissement, behind the busy streets in front of Moulin Rouge, this bistro/bar is a regular meeting spot among locals. With its immense selection of great, inexpensive cocktails and a seemingly endless happy hour (7pm – 11pm), it is not hard to see why. It stands as the clear alternative to neighboring established cocktail institutions such as Dirty Dick or Le Dépanneur Pigalle, easily beating their prices. Do not miss out on their snack dishes either, where one huge charcuterie plate could easily feed four people.

Le Valois, 20 Rue de Bruxelles, 75009 Paris, France, +33 1 42 80 12 37

Les Caves Populaires

Deeper inside the 17th, on the festive Rue de Dames, lies the Les Caves Populaires. On a street with international flavors ranging from Mexican to Syrian, Les Caves Populaires stands out for their grand selection of obscure wines and chilled atmosphere. In French, the name stands for ‘The People’s (Wine) Cellar,’ perfectly reflecting the togetherness of its clientele, which often includes the ever-friendly musicians and artists from the area.

Les Caves Populaires, 22 Rue de Dames, 75017 Paris, France, +33 1 53 04 08 32

Clichy’s Tavern

Clichy’s Tavern stands out among its neighbors for its Belgian cuisine and extensive selection of beers. The bar is particularly famous among Pigalle partygoers as its kitchen stays open until 5am. Here, you can be sure to get a most satisfying burger after a night out. It’s not surprising that Paulo, the owner, sees the early morning as his busiest time, as that’s when the slightly inebriated crowd to his terrace overlooking the boulevard.

Clichy’s Tavern, 128 bis Boulevard Clichy, 75018 Paris, France, +33 1 42 94 99 65