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How to Make Frog Legs Like a French Chef in 60 Seconds

Picture of Tahiera Overmeyer
Commissioning Editor
Updated: 12 July 2017
As simple and flavorsome as French food is, the tang of its cuisine (and its use of unusual animal parts) can catch a first-timer off guard. We caught up with Chef Stéphane from Restaurant Sacrée Fleur, who showed us the traditional Parisian way of cooking and eating some of the finest French delicacies.

A pinnacle of French cuisine is frog legs; a dish tourists envision at the forefront of any stereotypical French kitchen—though the reality of this is debatable. French chef Donat Pucheu brought this delicacy across the pond when he started selling bullfrogs to restaurants in New Orleans, a city that’s now home to some of the best frog’s legs recipes. They are usually fried in garlic batter and it’s best to eat them using your fingers!