Cannes' Most Trendy Neighbourhoods

View from Old Town Le Suquet, Cannes, France
View from Old Town Le Suquet, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
Photo of Alex Ledsom
7 June 2018

Known as a playground for the rich and famous, it should come as no surprise that Cannes has some of the most trendy neighbourhoods on the French Riviera. Here’s our pick of the best.

Le Suquet

The medieval quarter of Le Suquet used to be the only village in the area before it expanded down towards the sea and became Cannes as we know it today. It is the oldest part of Cannes and a wonderful place full of winding, cobbled streets and old cottages. It now has a good choice of family-run places as well as the hottest new restaurants and bars, but the best reason to visit Le Suquet is the view: look down from here over the old port below and across to the entire stretch of the coastline beyond.

Old Town Le Suquet, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip

Cannes City Centre

The rue d’Antibes is the heart of the City Centre in Cannes, where you’ll find the trendiest (and most expensive) shops and restaurants. It’s also the most commercial part of town. Locals call this area ‘La Banane’ because it’s shaped like a banana. The lively area is also where you’ll find Cannes’ train station, so it’s a good place to start your trip. There are lots of street cafés and restaurant terraces where you can relax and admire the coolest people in Cannes.

Rue d'Antibes, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip

La Croisette

Technically, La Croisette is part of the City Centre, but it’s too important a part of Cannes not to give it separate status. The Croisette is the promenade that stretches along the entire coastline and it’s a wonderful place to hang out (with a price tag to match). It boasts the most famous hotels in the area, as well as exclusive shopping, pavement bars and cafés, ice-cream kiosks and buskers. During the Cannes Film Festival, the Croisette is the place to be, especially near the famous Carlton Hotel or on its private beach.

Carlton Intercontinental Hotel Beach, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip

Le Cannet

Just north of the City Centre is Le Cannet, where you’ll find lots of art galleries and craft shops. Le Cannet is linked to the City Centre by the impressive Boulevard Carnot, which is a good route to take from here to La Croisette. This area has a pleasant mix of the old and the new and is well worth a visit. What’s more, it’s where many of the more affordable hotels can be found.

View from Old Town Le Suquet, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip

Le Vieux Port

The Old Port (Le Vieux Port) of Cannes is an interesting blend of old charm and immense wealth. It’s a great place to watch huge yachts arrive into town while having a drink in one of its cool bars. In the summer months, a night market takes place on the dock and you can often find buskers on the water’s edge. It’s also the place where Cannes’ annual yachting festival takes place.

Le Vieux Old Port, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip

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