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Guinea fowl breast | Courtesy of La Ruelle des Saveurs
Guinea fowl breast | Courtesy of La Ruelle des Saveurs

The Best Restaurants In Quartier Bourse, Strasbourg

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Updated: 12 July 2017
South of Strasbourg’s city center on Grand Île, the Quartier Bourse takes its name from the 1924 Stock Exchange Building, and is home to beautiful Renaissance architecture, Place Austerlitz and the Alsatian Museum. Here’s a list of the best restaurants to check out while you’re there.

Copains Comme Cochons

Copains Comme Cochons prides itself on being a delightful amalgamation of traditional French cuisine and unique modern recipes found only on its menu, many featuring farm-raised pork. Old-fashioned pork terrine coexists peacefully with newer, internationally nuanced interpretations such as macaroni and cheese with bacon, or a pork kebab. If the weather is nice, sit with your meal on the terrace outside.
Copains Comme Cochons, 1 Place du Corbeau, Strasbourg, France, +33 3 88 24 90 99

Au Renard Prêchant

Au Renard Prêchant serves regional and traditional French cuisine in accordance with the seasons. The dining room is quaint and cozy, adorned with dark wood accents and a spectacular fresco of Renaissance-era Strasbourg along one wall. During the warmer months, a terrace shaded with white umbrellas spills into the street. Au Renard Prêchant suggests that diners start with a duck terrine served with fresh vegetables, before moving onto a traditional hunter’s meal of venison steak topped with mushroom sauce.
Au Renard Prêchant, 34 Rue de Zurich, Strasbourg, France, +33 3 88 35 62 87

La Ruelle des Saveurs

La Ruelle des Saveurs has only 24 seats, but visitors shouldn’t let its size deter them from visiting and experiencing the seasonal French cuisine that characterizes this restaurant’s fantastic menu. Take a seat in the cozy yet sophisticated dining room, or on the quiet street outside. The dishes here are colorful, elegantly presented and in some cases, almost too stunning to eat.
La Ruelle des Saveurs, 3 Ruelle de la Bruche, Strasbourg, France, +33 3 88 38 80 78

Café Bretelles

You will find Café Bretelles in the center of the Quartier Bourse. A cross between a New York and Parisian -style coffee shop, the interior is modern and elegant, while the atmosphere is calm and encourages customers to linger for a while. Come for brunch, a house-made Twix bar in the morning, or a tartine in the afternoon. Just be sure to try the coffee, which is sourced responsibly from farms in Ethiopia, Indonesia and Panama.
Café Bretelles, 2 Rue Fritz, Strasbourg, France, +33 3 88 23 20 96


Le Gavroche

For an indulgent lunch or dinner in the Quartier Bourse, head over the Michelin-starred Le Gavroche on Rue Klein. The elegant, dimly-lit dining room is the ideal stage for such dishes as freshwater fish from Lake Geneva served with fennel fondue, grilled scallops with pistachios and chorizo, charbroiled black cod, and baked apples perfumed with ginger. Reservations are essential.
Le Gavroche, 4 Rue Klein, Strasbourg, France, +33 3 88 36 82 89