Artist Turns Famous Kids Cartoons Into X-Rated Villains for Adults

© Sylvain Sarrailh
© Sylvain Sarrailh
What if there was a way to never outgrow your favourite cartoons?

French concept artist Sylvain Sarrailh, aka Tohad, has mastered this concept with his incredible adult spins on beloved animated characters from childhood.

In a fascinating illustrated series, the Toulouse-based creative has taken innocent heroes and heroines from the likes of old faves like Duck Tales and Teletubbies and turned them into dark, twisted versions of themselves.

The resulting images are X-rated spins on the kid-appropriate originals. Think Barbie chopping off Ken’s head with a katana, Alice of Wonderland smoking a very large joint and Sailor Moon coming in like a wrecking ball a la Miley Cyrus.

The work is clever, cheeky and inviting, drawing the viewer in with bold colours and disturbing themes, while still staying grounded in what is obviously dark humour.

Like all of Tohad’s work, the style is based in fantasy and the hybrid characters hold their own against their originals.

We can’t wait to see what this artist comes up with next!