8 Reasons Why You Should Live in Bordeaux at Some Point in Your Life

Photo of Jennifer Migan
8 December 2017

In recent years, many people from France have shown a desire to escape from a stressful pace of life to find a more laid-back and relaxed lifestyle in Bordeaux. If the living conditions are definitely a plus, the following reasons might also make you seriously consider making the decision to live in France’s La Belle Endormie (Sleeping Beauty) for a while at least.

The quality of life

The recent move of people from other areas of France to Bordeaux is partly due to its great quality of life. Although it is a big city, the locals seem to have found the perfect balance between working hard and enjoy their downtime with their loved ones. The fact that it is a very bicycle-friendly city and that a lot of people use bicycles as their primary way of transportation is a great way to break down fast-paced rhythms and to be more open to “slow life” experiences.

The Bordeaux locals

Bordeaux locals have the reputation of being aloof and not very welcoming. However, as you meet and interact with the local population, you will quickly realise this could not be further from the truth. In general, people in Bordeaux are a bit reserved, but they will open up as soon as you make the first step to engage with them. So, smile and not only will people smile back but they will also make you one of their own!

The diversity of the region

The diversity found in Bordeaux and its region is one of the key points that makes it very attractive. Indeed, the city itself has different shades as you’ll discover as you venture into the different neighborhoods. During the year, there are many opportunities to take day trips to get to know the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. The ocean is only an hour’s drive away and after driving for nearly two hours, you will be ready to go skiing in the Pyrénées.

Bordeaux’s beauty

You will be stunned by the beauty of the city. Throughout the years, the city officials have managed to preserve the city’s 18th-century architecture and renovate most of its buildings while adding a touch of modernity to them, too. There are lots of chances to visit Bordeaux’s main attractions and you won’t get tired of the beautiful view over the Garonne river while walking along les quais.

Place de la Bourse | © Ludwig Pacifici/Flickr

The fabulous food

French people brag a lot about the quality of their food, and we have to admit that they are justified in doing so. Each region has its plethora of local delicacies and Bordeaux is no exception. You can start your culinary initiation in the Saint Pierre district and visit some of Bordeaux’s top restaurants. You will taste some of the best oysters and seafood dishes in Arcachon Bay, and don’t forget to stop by the Dordogne for some excellent terroir products.

The delicious wine

It’s probably the main reason why you move to Bordeaux but in case it hasn’t occurred to you, living in Bordeaux is a pretty good opportunity to learn more about wine. To do so, you can join one of the wine tours occurring throughout the year (some are more expensive than others) or work your way around every single wine bar in town in the name of “research”.

The open green spaces

One of the things you will particularly enjoy during your time in Bordeaux is walking around all the numerous green spaces areas in town. Going for a run or relaxing with a good book on a park bench right in the heart of the city is a luxury that not many cities can offer. During the spring and the summer, the parks offer the perfect opportunity to get together with your friends for a picnic and hang out there for the whole day.

Chill in the city’s parks is a must-do while in Bordeaux | © Jennifer Migan

The low crime rates

Regardless of which city you go to, there is always a safety risk, but incidents of crime in Bordeaux are pretty low. Of course, use common sense and avoid walking alone in the middle of the night and deserted alleyways but you should feel perfectly comfortable travelling on the trams late in the evening, as it is often crowded and has a video surveillance system.

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