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Nice, France | © Seán A. O'Hara / Flickr
Nice, France | © Seán A. O'Hara / Flickr
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20 Unmissable Attractions in Nice

Picture of Holly Howard
Updated: 7 February 2018
Nice is, quite simply, a golden city. Its old town is one of the most alluring in France and there is so much to see and so much Mediterranean atmosphere to soak up, that these 20 unmissable attractions are a very good place to start.

Promenade des Anglais

Amble along this incredible promenade that hugs the Mediterranean ocean for about 7km. Head down here at the start or the end of the day, when the sun isn’t too hot and the southern French light is at its most attractive.

Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

Promenade des Anglais, Nice
Promenade des Anglais, Nice | © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / Flickr
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Musée Matisse

This sun-drenched museum is dedicated to the artist Henri Matisse, who called Nice home for much of his life. Matisse actually donated a lot of the pieces himself so the museum boasts a great collection.

Musée Matisse, 164 Avenue des Arènes de Cimiez, Nice, France, +33 493 810 808

Place Masséna

Place Masséna is the city’s most impressive square, named after a celebrated French military commander. It is very much a Mediterranean square: pedestrianised, with colourful facades at its edges and, of course, lots of palm trees.

Place Masséna, Nice, France

Place Masséna in Nice
Place Masséna in Nice | © Larry Koester / Flickr
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Parc des Arenes de Cimiez

These Roman baths and ruins are a beautifully tranquil spot in Nice. They’re a little run down, but in a way that adds to their hidden charm, and they’re only a shot walk from the Musée Matisse.

Parc des Arenes de Cimiez, Nice, France

Old Town

Nice’s Old Town is one of the city’s absolute highlights. It is simply stunning, with warm hues on the building walls, shutters and ironwork. Narrow rambling streets open up onto the prettiest squares and there are numerous cute boutiques and cafés to explore.

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Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas

Nice’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral holds the title of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe and was built for the large Russian community in Nice in the mid-19th century. Visually, the building is very striking against the Mediterranean sky and is best viewed from a distance to appreciate its scale.

Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas Avenue Nicolas II, Nice, France

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Parc de la Colline du Château

Castle Hill is a must-see. With panoramic views out over the city and the sea, and Mediterranean scents following you at every step thanks to the well-cared-for pathways, this is a beautiful spot to relax in for a couple of hours.

Parc de la Colline du Château, Nice, France

Flower market

One of France’s finest flower markets can be found in Nice. The only problem you’ll encounter here is trying to stuff the bouquets back into your hand luggage…

Flower market on Cours Saleya
Flower market on Cours Saleya | © Matt Kieffer / Flickr
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