18 Photos Showing Why Brittany is France's Emerald Coast

Cap Fréhel | © Uwe Brodrecht / Flickr
Picture of Holly Howard
Updated: 16 January 2018
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Brittany‘s Emerald Coast is simply breathtaking. You’ll find clear waters, dramatic cliffs, beautiful beaches and picturesque towns and villages. The views from both the sand and headland above will be hard to beat. Take a look at these stunning photos and get planning your next trip to France!

Blue skies and waters

Picture-perfect Cancale Bay

Gorgeous ocean pools

Swimming pool at Saint Malo

Pretty rooftop views

St. Malo Rooftops

Classic lighthouses

Lighthouse by Saint Malo

Stunning Cap Frehel

Golden sunsets

Perfect sailing spots

On the beach, Saint Jacut

Natural harbour scenes

Picturesque Dinard

Dreamy emerald hues

Emerald Coast colours

Freshly caught seafood

Lovely Val-André beach

Spectacular Saint-Malo

Traditional crêpes

Traditional crêpes in Brittany

Impressive Fort la Latte

Incredible stretches of sand

Buzzy boat docks

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