12 Unique Date Ideas to Try in Bordeaux

Holding hands | © Freestocks.org/Unsplash
Photo of Jennifer Migan
1 September 2017

Paris may be considered the romance capital of the world, but Bordeaux is surely a place perfectly suitable for tourists’ and locals’ romantic ideas as well. Here are 12 unique date ideas, excursions, and attractions that couples should try and experience while in this fantastic city.

Inject some festival vibes in your relationship

Festivals are great opportunities to have fun in a vibrant environment. Before taking a date to one of these events, do some homework, find out what kind music they like, and find an event nearby. The good thing about Bordeaux is that there is a large variety of music festivals and concerts year round that accommodate every kind of music lover.

Let’s dance | © Jennifer Migan

Go to the food market and cook together

There are so many markets in Bordeaux selling excellent food from local producers. Buy some of these products and cook them together. Cooking an excellent way to connect on an “organic” level and show off any culinary skills.

Cooking brings people closer | © 089photoshootings/Pixabay

Picnic and chill at the Parc Rivière

The Parc Rivière, slightly apart from the city centre, is the perfect place to create a romantic and intimate moment. Pack up some snacks to nibble on and spend couple hours there. Sit on one of the park’s benches and just watch life going by. It really feels like the time stops there and it is the ideal setting to take someone’s breath away.

Parc Rivière, Rue Mandron, Bordeaux, France

Cozy and romantic setting at the Parc Rivière | © Jennifer Migan

Go for a bike ride

Bordeaux is a very bike-friendly city, so seize this opportunity to explore the city’s hidden gems. Be adventurous, venture in the small streets, stop at random places, walk for a bit, snap some pictures, hop back on the bike, and start again.

Ride the city together | © Jennifer Migan

Plan a day trip

Take the lead and plan a whole day’s worth of activities. Start with a breakfast at Koeben, a Scandinavian haven in the heart of the city, then go few streets further to visit the ruins of the Palais Gallien. Have lunch in Saint Michel’s market and take a nap in the Parc Bordelais. Go back downtown for afternoon tea and schedule a nice dinner in Saint Pierre or Rue Saint Rémy. Switch roles next time around and enjoy another adventurous day.

Experience a wine tour

Drinking wine is one of the main reasons people come in Bordeaux, but not many take the time to visit the region’s vineyards. Why not go on a wine tour? It’s a formidable activity to go on a date, get to taste some of the world’s best wines, eat some smelly yet delicious cheese, and loosen up anyone who may be stressed. Choose wine tours for small groups such DMj Wineworks or the one from 20h33 that drives tour goers around in a renovated Volkswagen combo all day.

20h33, Saint-Médard-de-Guizières, France, +33 06 86 45 06 48

Embark on the combi of 20h33 for a memorable wine tour | Courtesy of 20h33

Release endorphins together

Sports are more fun when doing it with someone else. However, be careful and make sure to pick a date activity that each will—not everyone is into marathon training, after all. Running along the quais is always pleasant because thanks to the stunning sea view of the Garonne River or try something new altogether.

Couple’s goals | © Stock Snap/Pixabay

Interview each other

Things are going great, but the relationship is still in the get-to-know-you phase? Don’t make the mistake of not communicating intentions for the relationship and one another. Walk to the Place des Quinconces, sit on the stairs of the Monument aux Girondins, and get to know each other better. The soothing and relaxing noise of the fountain will give a casual tone to the conversation and make things easier.

Place des Quinconces,

Embark on a cruise

For an evening, embark on boat for a night and be mesmerized by the spending view over the Garonne River. When the air gets a little colder, cosy up under a blanket. Make sure seasickness isn’t an issue for either of you, otherwise a romantic idea could turn into a disaster.

Date with a view | © Vasile Prelea/Pixabay