12 Places in Bordeaux You Need to See Before They Get Too Expensive

Fresh beer always feels nice/ © James Sutton/Unsplash
Fresh beer always feels nice/ © James Sutton/Unsplash
Photo of Jennifer Migan
18 September 2017

Bordeaux is quite the place to be in France lately and is attracting more and more tourists who want to experience the city’s laid-back environment and discover the trendy spots all around town. But the downside of sudden popularity is that “it-places” tend to raise their prices. Let’s discover the places with a great price and quality ratio, for now.

Palo Alto

Restaurant, Cafe, Healthy, $$$
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The incredible patio at Palo Alto Café-téria/ Courtesy of Palo Alto Café-téria | © Courtesy of Palo Alto Café-teria
What an exceptional place! Regulars might not be happy if this superb cafeteria in the Quai de la Monnaie becomes too famous, but who cares? Come and try some of their tasty home-cooked recipes (the signature burger is a must). This place definitively stands out thanks to its earthy décor and incredible patio, which will make you feel like time is suspended.

CanCan “Coquetels & Flonflons”

There are lots of good things to say about CanCan bar. Located on the corner of Rue du Cerf Volant, you will certainly appreciate the cozy and exclusive feel of the venue. Beers and cocktails are affordable and on top of that you get to listen to some great live music. This summer, you can also find CanCan bar at Darwin eco system.

CanCan “Coquetels & Flonflons,” 87 Quai des Queyries, Bordeaux, France, +33 (0)5 56 06 55 11

Café Laiton

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After visiting Café Laiton, wander the stalls of the nearby Capucins Market | © Courtesy of Café Laiton
The Café Laiton is what you can call a coffee shop à la française. Most products come from French or local producers and the menu changes according to the season (the duck, poached eggs, and raclette in winter are to try), which is a great way to showcase the French gastronomy diversity. As far as coffee, each brand is diligently selected and if you’re unsure, ask Gaele who will be more than happy to share her passion and expertise of the topic to help you find the right aroma. The Café Laiton is also a boutique where you can purchase coffee machines to recreate this wonderful experience at home.


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Symbiose is the kind of place you know you are going to have a great time as soon as you step in. Its speak-easy ambiance and the relaxing music playing softly in the background puts you at ease. If you don’t know what to drink, tell your mood to any of Symbiose’s super gifted bartenders and let them work their magic. You will not be disappointed.

Books & Coffee

If you did your homework (or read some of our previous articles), you would already know that Saint James street is one of the trendy spots in Bordeaux. Indeed, this tiny street is wonderful to shop, dine, and have a good time. One of the street’s gems is Books & Coffee, an amazing coffee shop with a superior selection of teas and coffees and whose soothing vibe instantly lifts up your mood.

Yummy chocolate cake, biscuits, and coffee at Books & Coffee |Courtesy of Books & Coffee

Books & Coffee, 26 Rue Saint-James, Bordeaux, France, +33(0) 5 56 81 47 41


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Are you ready to jump on the Soul Train? If you’re a funk and soul music lover, you must go spend one night at l’Apollo bar. Located in the very popular Place Fernand Lafargue, chill for the evening with your friends while listening to iconic tracks from James Brown, Otis Redding, and plenty of other music legends.

Brasserie Au Nouveau Monde—Broue-Pub Bio et Québécois

Amateurs of craft beers will certainly be pleased to discover this fantastic brasserie in the historical part of Bordeaux. The beer is crafted in the basement, which makes this venue very unique. In addition to that, you will appreciate the vegetarian meals available throughout the day.

Fresh beer always feels nice | © James Sutton/Unsplash

Bordeaux Up in the Air With the Flèche St Michel and Tour Pey Berland

People are ready to drop some serious cash to enjoy a breathtaking view, but you won’t have to do that in Bordeaux. Climb all the way to the tip of la Flèche Saint Michel, right next to the famous basilic, and be blown away by the fantastic panorama of the city. If you’re fond of these types of views at a low cost, you should also visit the Tour Pey Berland that will show you Bordeaux’s beauty from a high angle as well.

Bordeaux Kiosque Culture

The Kiosque Bordeaux Culture should be among the first places to check out if you’re visiting Bordeaux. Very close to Bordeaux Tourism Office, this tiny office is filled with great tips about cultural events to attend for cheaper. The best way to go is to come on the day of the event and ask for last-minute tickets. There is always a way to get good deals, even on a holiday.

The Allées de Tourny |© Jennifer Migan

Bordeaux Kiosque Culture, Allées de Tourny Bordeaux, France, +33(0)5 56 79 39 56

Use the VCub system

If you like riding bicycles, you are definitively in the right place! In addition to the numerous places where you can ride bikes at very attractive prices, you can also use VCub, the rental system, initiated by the city of Bordeaux that allows you to rent bikes starting at 1.6 euros and then 2 euros per hour.

Free museums

One of Bordeaux’s main objectives is to promote and give access to culture to everyone. One of the initiatives that we hope is here to stay is the “Free access to the city’s main museums” on the first Sunday of each month. Expositing your brain to some artistic stimulation has never hurt anyone, so dive in Bordeaux’s cultural scene.

Colorful wooden football players from a past exhibition at Musée d’Aquitaine | © Jennifer Migan

Le Camelot

Le Camelot is the place to spend your happy hour. This bar is highly appreciated by students for its central location, warm atmosphere, and very cheap beers. With pints at less than 3 euros it will delight you during your stay in Bordeaux.

Le Camelot, 8 Rue des Augustins, Bordeaux, France, +33(0)5 56 91 78 20