11 Unusual Date Ideas to Try in Biarritz

Picturesque old houses in Port-Vieux|© Harrieta171/WikiCommons
Picturesque old houses in Port-Vieux|© Harrieta171/WikiCommons
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3 October 2017

Biarritz and the Basque region is already a magnificent place to spend time with that special someone – the dream-like scenery and relaxed ambiance are ideal for romance. Here are 11 unusual ideas that will make that date extra-special.

Hôtel du Palais

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Looking for a special gift for a landmark anniversary? Book a night at the Hôtel du Palais, one of Biarritz’s most emblematic venues. With a jaw-dropping view over the ocean, exceptional amenities and world-class service, this luxury date will no doubt delight your significant other.

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Spend a night in a Crampotte

This one might be hard to pull off, since only Biarritz locals can have access to the city-owned fishermen’s huts, but it’s worth a try! If you can spend the night there, you’ll wake up right in the heart of the beautiful Port-Vieux neighborhood.

Cute old houses in Port-Vieux| | © Harrieta171/WikiCommons

Château d’Abbadia

The Château d’Abbadia is a fantastic and original place to go if you want to create a magical atmosphere for your date. This astonishing 19th-century castle, located in Hendaye, is characterised by its main stairway, its beautiful stained glasses and its whimsical rooms. To make it even more special, dress up to experience an unforgettable fairy-tale-like moment.

Château d’Abbadie, Route de la Corniche, Hendaye, France, +33 5 59 20 04 51

Rocher de la Vierge

If the Rocher de la Vierge is the most visited sight in Biarritz, it is certainly not a coincidence. The unusual rock formation is an attraction highly praised by tourists, and especially couples. After walking by the dam in Port-Vieux, take the bridge and admire this natural curiosity. If the ocean is agitated and choppy, huddle up for a cuddle as you watch nature’s spectacular demonstration.

La Villa Arnaga à Cambo-les-Bains

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La Villa Arnaga
La Villa Arnaga | © Guillaume Baviere/Flickr
You will surely come across traditional Basque houses during your trip to Biarritz. What’s more, you can visit the one designed and decorated by Edmond Rostand, the author of the famous Cyrano de Bergerac. This magnificent villa of over 15 hectares (37 acres) was considered by the writer to be ‘a small Versailles‘. Definitely worth a visit.

Basque region road trip

Jump in the car and ride across the Basque region. Skip the highway and opt for the alternative routes, which will unveil the area’s natural diversity and mesmerising beauty. Stop at random places for an improvised picnic, a kiss, or to snap some memorable pictures. If the weather allows it, take a quick dip in one of the rivers or lakes and hit the road again. This free-spirited date idea will surely impress your partner.

Tapas tour

One of the things you will notice about Biarritz is the excellent selection of food and the numerous tapas bars in town. What about taking your love to the best tapas places in the region? You could start with Etxola Bibi, famous for its excellent tapas but also for being the best place to watch the sunset. The following day, drive to San Sebastian, which is renowned for its mouthwatering pintxos, the local tapas-like snack.

Local tapas| | © Elemaki/WikiCommons

Guéthary Museum

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Show your arty side and head to the Musée de Guéthary. This museum is located in a superb Neo-Basque villa and preserves many vestiges from the Roman Empire, while it also hosts contemporary art exhibitions from May to October. While there, take the ‘histoires de Guéthary’ (Stories from Guéthary) tour and get to know traditions and interesting facts about this charming town, just a few minutes away from Biarritz.

Surf session

Defying the ocean and braving the waves could be a somewhat challenging idea for a date. And yet surfing is a great way to eliminate stressful moments and have fun together in the water – just go with the flow.

A coupe getting ready for the ocean’s waves| | © Mike Baird /Flickr

Escape game

How about some role playing? Test the potential of your relationship by participating in the Too Late escape game together. The idea might seem a little far-fetched for some, but within an hour you can find out how your partner reacts in stressful or adverse situations and you get the chance to work as a team. This is a smart way to collect some useful information while still having fun.

Too Late Escape Game, 5 Rue Chalibardon, Bayonne, France, +33 6 64 33 82 84

Ready for an escape game?|Clockedindk/Pixabay

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