11 Top Yoga Studios in Aix and Marseille

This is the way you do yoga in the south of France (YAMA yoga)  | © John Bersi
This is the way you do yoga in the south of France (YAMA yoga) | © John Bersi
Photo of Alex Ledsom
4 October 2017

Aix and Marseille have lots of options for yoga classes, either inside bespoke studios or outside, taking advantage of the beautiful Provençal landscape surrounding both cities. You can practice at the foot of Cézanne’s beloved Sainte-Victoire mountain (near Aix) or attend a class overlooking the Mediterranean (on Marseille’s coast).

YAMA Yoga (Yoga Asthanga Marseille Aix)

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YAMA yoga just outside of Aix at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain
YAMA yoga just outside of Aix at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain | © John Bersi
YAMA yoga was founded in 2003 by Vanessa Brouillet. It has three sites in the Provence area – Marseille, Aix and Lambesc. It has classes in Ashtanga Vinyasa dynamic yoga, according to Sri K. Patthabi Jois’s teaching (Mysore, India). The school also provides Hatha Yoga, Nidra Yoga, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga (with your baby), and children’s yoga classes. There’s a yoga session to accompany every life stage. Check out their Facebook page for up-to-date details.

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The Bikram Yoga Studio in Marseille is open to everyone. Bikram is “hot” yoga comprising a series of 25 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayamas) which is done in a room with a temperature of 40 degrees. The classes last 90 minutes and they stimulate the immune, the digestive, the cardiovascular and hormonal systems of the body, giving you an entire workout.

Gecko Yoga

Gecko Yoga takes place in various outdoor locations around Aix and Marseille. Run by Annie Pek, you can practise your yoga in the parks in Aix or facing the sea at the Pharo Palace in Marseille (among other places). She runs lots of different kinds of yoga (Vinyasa, Ashtanga), offers tea at the end, there’s no need to book and the classes are available for a reasonable €3-€5.

Gecko Yoga on the coast of Marseille | © Gecko Yoga

Académie Hatha Yoga, Marseille

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The Hatha Yoga Academy has great opening hours (7am to 10pm, daily) but as it’s a school you will need to enroll. It has lots of different options though, like workshops, evening and lunchtime classes or summer courses. It’s very central and close to the main railway station, Marseille Saint Charles.

Noëlie Yoga Studio, Aix-en-Provence

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Getting the form right at Noëlie yoga
Getting the form right at Noëlie yoga | Courtesy of Noëlie yoga
Noëlie Yoga is situated in Aix, just a few minutes out of the town centre on the road that leads to the Parc de la Torse (where incidentally you can often find people taking outdoor yoga classes). They offer various yoga classes like hatha, ashtanga, and pilates but they specialise in vinyasa. They are also the only yoga studio in Aix to specialise in small groups.

Moonrise Yoga Studio, Marseille

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The Moonrise Yoga Community is an organisation that works to promote sustainable communities and practices all levels of yoga including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha Prana, core strength yoga, prenatal and yoga for children. It’s very close to one of Marseille’s most beloved buildings, the Palais Longchamp, now home to the Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum.

Shake Up Studio, Aix-en-Provence

The Shake Up Studio has two workout rooms, one for circuit training and weights and another for its many evening and weekend classes. It does Zumba most week nights and you can also practice yoga with Louisa Hutton.

Yoga at Shake Up | © Louisa Hutton

It’s a relaxed, friendly place that works on a first-come, first-served basis as you can’t reserve. So turn up 15 or 20 minutes early to guarantee a place.

Shake Up, 10 Avenue Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, Aix-en-Provence, France +33 (0)6 50 71 97 74

Alchimia Yoga School, Marseille

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The Alchimia Yoga School is near the Old Port in Marseille (“le vieux port“) and practises the oldest oriental yoga tradition, Kundalini yoga, which it calls the “royal yoga”. It has a number of different options for people looking to practise and holds trial sessions, so you can work out if it’s for you.