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Vintage dress and Gucci leather mocassins at Blue Madone/ Courtesy of Blue Madone
Vintage dress and Gucci leather mocassins at Blue Madone/ Courtesy of Blue Madone
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11 Top Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Bordeaux

Picture of Jennifer Migan
Updated: 24 October 2017
Flea markets and thrift stores in Bordeaux are famous for the quality and variety of products that you can find on a regular basis. Here is a selection of some of the best thrift stores and flea markets to find vintage pieces while you are visiting Bordeaux.
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Blue Madone

Men and women will love this unique store, which renews its stock every month. The vintage luggage displayed throughout the store adds character to the venue, in which talented artists showcase their trendy designs and accessories. Mathilde will be more than happy to help you find the item suitable for you. And if you still can’t make up your mind while you’re there, you can still order the pieces you spotted on their online boutique.

Vintage dress and Gucci leather moccasins at Blue Madone/ Courtesy of Blue Madone

Blue Madone,

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Looking for high quality vintage clothes? Come to this colorful boutique in the heart of Bordeaux. Customers praise the tasteful choices of the owner, who only features “the best of the best”. You will come across a lot of high-end brands such as Kenzo, but you should hurry as there are only a handful of pieces per item. If you like jewelry, you will be happy to go through the cool designs featured throughout the store, some created by the shop’s owner herself.

Chamade, 76 Rue du Loup, Bordeaux, France, +33 6 61 51 88 75

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Imagine a store where you can save money! For several reasons, Trafic is not your typical thrift store. Firstly, you can bring your used clothes to the store and if the staff agree that they correspond to the store’s style, you will instantly make some extra cash (not bad on a holiday). If you don’t have anything to sell, you will still appreciate looking for very fashionable pieces.

Find your perfect outfit at Trafic vintage store/ Courtesy of Trafic store

Trafic, 73 Rue du Loup, Bordeaux, France, +33 9 73 57 68 54

Design Bazar Galerie

Close to the Saint Michel passage, the Design Bazar Galerie is a pure heaven for those who love old and unique furniture. Don’t be surprise to find a well preserved Pantome chair, Le Corbusier armchairs and many other objects at a reasonable price.

Design Bazar Galerie, 14 place Canteloup, Bordeaux, France, +33 6 16 17 77 73

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Vintage Paradise

You will certainly love this cozy boutique filled with very stylish designs and accessories from famous brands. Charlotte the owner is very friendly and knows her stuff. Follow her guidance and you will pick the right piece for you.

Vintage Paradise, 2 Rue Tustal, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 57 30 92 85

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When you enter the Steack-Fripes store, what you will immediately notice is that the clothes are organized by a color code. In this store full of surprises, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of nicely tailored pants and accessories. An absolute gem for fashionistas who love to give an original twist to their look.

Vintage shop/ Onur Bahcivancilar for Unsplash

Steack-Fripes, 62 Rue du Mirail, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 92 79 01

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Brocante du Dimanche Saint Michel

Looking for a relaxing activity after partying on a Saturday evening? Go to the Brocante du Dimanche in the Saint Michel area, and after having a brunch in one of the many cool restaurants near the Saint-Michel basilica, wander for hours in the weekly yard sale and enjoy digging among the books, clothes and even vintage bikes.

Brocante du Dimanche Saint Michel, Place Canteloup et Meynard, Bordeaux, France

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Sports Vintage

Sports Vintage is the perfect place to shop if you are a sport fan and a clothes collector. This store was created around a very special concept: selling soccer shirts from the past. You will find, for instance, the iconic 1996 jersey of the Girondins de Bordeaux (Bordeaux’s football team) when they reached the UEFA Cup final, but alsonmany other famous jerseys from different national teams.

Sports Vintage, 93 Rue Fondaudège, Bordeaux, France, +33 9 52 50 50 86

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For more than two decades, Fifty has been Bordeaux’s most luxurious consignment store. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint-Laurent are among the brands displayed in this heaven for fashion lovers. If you want to treat yourself with a Pretty Woman moment, it is possible to privatize the store and have all the employees taking care of you.

Fifty, 8 Rue Bouffard, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 81 92 16

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Think about the Elsa Pop Vintage as if it was your stylish best friend’s dressing room. Unlike most vintage stores, you can rent clothes for a special occasion, but also sell or buy them. Go to this very charming store where you can purchase unique pieces from the 1940s.

Elsa Pop Vintage, 74 Rue Camille Sauvageau, Bordeaux, France, +33 6 63 22 57 04

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L’Entrepôt Saint Germain

L’Entrepôt Saint Germain is definitely the right place if you want to decorate your home in a vintage manner. In this 1200m² space, you can choose from many original objects from the 1950s to the 1990s, that will surely embellish your home or garden. You can also drop the furniture you no longer wish to keep in the consignment section of the shop. For people working in the movie industry, there is also a possibility of renting furniture for your set.

Shoppers looking for hiddens gems at a flea market/© Phad Pichetbovornkul for Unsplash

L’Entrepôt Saint Germain, 96 Rue Amédée Saint-Germain, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 91 10 06