11 of Bordeaux's Best Tailors

Suits |© Igor Ovsyannykov / Unsplash
Suits |© Igor Ovsyannykov / Unsplash
Photo of Jennifer Migan
7 September 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to suit on! Bordeaux=[ is a beautiful city with many opportunities to dress up and you surely want to look your best while you’re there. Here are some of the best tailors in town that will make you look sharp.

Atelier NA

Atelier NA is a French leading brand for made-to-measure (MTM) and bespoke costumes and shirts. Its selection of bespoke costumes was carefully created to please men who are demanding about their style and comfort. The brand also stands out with its 3D body scanning technology, which tremendously enhances the final result. The affordability of Atelier NA’s costumes certainly does not deter the high quality of their products. The brand’s goal is to be part of men’s daily lives but also to be present in some of the most important moments of their lives such as their wedding day.

Dexterous work on a bespoke costume at Atelier NA |Courtesy of Atelier NA

Location and Phone Number:

Atelier NA, 29 Cours Georges Clemenceau, Bordeaux, France, +33(0)9 83 53 87 08

Jean Pierre Ginestet

For Jean Pierre Ginestet, tailoring is a family affair. His father was a tailor and his mother was a pattern maker. His atelier has been in the Cours de l’Intendance for over 60 years. If we dared, we would call him the “godfather” of Bordeaux tailors. He is known for his impeccable savoir-faire and his impeccable work to customize clothes that will fit you perfectly. He perceives tailoring not like a job but a true passion and elegance as a “way of life.”

Accessories add flair to a well-cut suit |© Olu Eletu / Unsplash

Location and Phone Number:

Jean Pierre Ginestet, 47 Cours de l’Intendance, Bordeaux, France, +33(0)5 56 81 36 10

L'Atelier 5

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Gentlemen in suits wearing l'Atelier 5 designs
Gentlemen in suits wearing l'Atelier 5 designs | Courtesy of l'Atelier 5
What if you could afford a bespoke suit for the same price you would purchase as a ready-to-wear costume? This is the audacious bet taken by L’Atelier 5, whose purpose is to democratize bespoke tailoring. You can bet the customer is at the heart of the project and L’Atelier 5’s team will do everything to give a memorable experience. They are working with ateliersin thee United Kingdom and you can choose your material from over 300 fabrics. Once your costume is ready, someone from the shop will be happy to deliver it to your door or to your office.


Buzoni is a fairly new brand but it already stands out for its delicate craftwork, the reasonable prices of top-notch costumes, and its passionate approach to tailoring. Their willingness to design sur-mesure costumes for women, which is a very uncommon practice in tailoring, is proof that the two young owners of Buzoni are not afraid to identify themselves as trendsetters.

Inside Buzoni boutique |Courtesy of Buzoni

Location and Phone Number:


Samson sur Mesure

A well-established brand with several boutiques in Paris, Samson Sur Mesure is a reference in bespoke tailoring. It is definitively the place to go if you are in search of high precision. Tailors make the suit patterns themselves and offer many options to personalize each part of your suit to your convenience. Men who are nostalgic of “Mad Men” will appreciate the 1950s functional and refined design of the boutique.

Location and Phone Number:

Samson sur Mesure, , +33 (0) 57 30 24 11

Mangas Made to Measure

What is a great costume without a shirt that fits you perfectly? A waste. Luckily Mangas made to measure understands that problem and dedicates their work to create shirts that will give you the flexibility of movement you need in your daily endeavors while respecting the highest codes of luxury at a very competitive cost. With an increasing demand from their clients to expand their range of products, you can now also have your suits, pants, morning coats, and more made at their shop.

A shirt that perfectly embraces your body is an essential component of a suit | © RoyalAnwar.com / Pexels

Location and Phone Number:

Blandin & Delloye

Blandin & Delloye aces the always-risky attempt to mix tradition and modernity. The brand’s modus operandi follows the traditional rules of tailoring and adapts it to current design. You will certainly appreciate the gentlemen vibe in the cozy showroom and the staff’s dedication and dexterity to create the perfect bespoke costume for you.

Location and Phone Number:

Blandin & Delloye,

Sing Yam

The transmission of values or passions is one of the most beautiful things a parent can give to a child. And when this passion turns out to be your job, it makes it even better. For N’deye Senghor, it was her mom who infused the love for tailoring at a very young and taught her the basics of it. With over 30 years of experience, she uses African art and everything around her to design original wedding dresses and innovative pieces for women and men from her brand Sing Yam. Her savoir faire led to partnerships with renowned fashion houses like Petrusse, known for their elegant stoles.

Location and Phone Number:

Sing Yam, 49, Rue Judaïque, Bordeaux, France, +33(0)6 61 31 31 32.

Au premier fil couture

Let’s say you’ve come to Bordeaux on a business trip and realize that the suit you brought with you is ill-fitting. Don’t worry, report to Au premier fil couture at 42 rue de Labrède and let Camille take care of you. Her “can do” attitude and specialization in alterations tailoring is just what you need to make your suit look like it was directly sewn on your body.

Location and Phone Number:

Rapid’ Couture

The satisfaction of a perfectly adjusted suit is immense but the downside of bespoke and made-to-measure tailoring is that it is time consuming and you might sometimes just be in need of a quick fix. Whether it’s for a hem shortening, cropping, or darning, you can confidently go to Rapid’ Couture that will great work in a record time.

Location and Phone Number:

Rapid’ Couture, 83 / 85 Cours du Mal Galliéni, Bordeaux, France, +33 (0)5 56 96 87 81

Marché des tissus

Perhaps you are a tailor or a seamstress yourself and are always looking to bring home some original fabrics or accessories for your atelier. In that case, you should have a look in the Marché des tissus in Saint Michel that occur every Monday morning, where you can find very good deals on a large range of high quality cloths and fabrics.

Colorful cloths often inspire great designs |© DWilliams / Pixabay


Marché des tissus, Place Meynard, Bordeaux, France