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Aix en Provence takes its tea very seriously, like at the much-loved Palais des Thés | © Palais des Thés
Aix en Provence takes its tea very seriously, like at the much-loved Palais des Thés | © Palais des Thés
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10 Top Tea Houses in Aix en Provence

Picture of Alex Ledsom
Updated: 26 June 2017
Aix en Provence is a town that loves its tea. It has some top tea houses where, depending on the weather, you can taste iced teas, dine on lavish cakes served with beautiful tea pots, or buy wonderful tea-based presents to take home. Here’s our top ten of the best tea houses.
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Book in Bar

Book In Bar is the only English language shop in Aix and the best for miles around. It has cosy seating areas upstairs and down, and a great selection of English language books that you won’t always find elsewhere. It has English magazines and newspapers to have a look at while you drink your cappuccino and eat your chocolate muffin. Well worth a stop. They speak great English.

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Jardin Mazarin

The Jardin Mazarin is a beautiful tea house and well known in Aix. It’s on a lovely street, with one of the best fountains in town, and it has a great garden out back. It’s a restaurant that takes its tea very seriously and does some lovely cakes at tea time.

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Plaisirs des Thés

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Palais des Thés

The Palais des Thés has a huge collection of lovely tea things to try and buy. Head here for some iced tea, lovely tea pots, and boxes and boxes of wonderful tea leaves. It’s really great when the weather gets hot and you’re looking for something refreshing. A top tea house.

Palais des Thés,

The Palais des Thés has some lovely teas and great presents | © Palais des Thés

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Mana Espresso

Everyone says that Mana has the best coffee in Aix en Provence – it’s hard to find someone that disagrees. It also does great tea. It doesn’t have a kitchen so lunch is normally an open sandwich or salad. It’s vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. They also have all the Harry Potter books to have a read if you want. Check out Facebook for up-to-date offerings.

Mana Espresso,

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Patisserie Weibel

Patisserie Weibel is a high-end tea shop in a fantastic location. It’s on the corner of the square where the daily market takes place in Aix en Provence. Once you’ve bought all your fresh honey and delicious breads and cheeses, head to Weibel for a corner table outside in the sun. They do great pastries and cakes.

Patisserie Weibel,

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House Cookies

House Cookies is one of the cosiest (and smallest) cafés in town. It has about six tables and a daily assortment of cookies and muffins to taste with your teas. The service is great (they speak English too) and it’s divine in winter. It has outside tables for summer.

House Cookies,

Whatever kind of tea you’re after, you’ll find it in Aix en Provence | © watchable/Flickr

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Coco Boheme

This little restaurant loves its tea and also serves delicious meals. It has quotes about how amazing tea is and it’s very cosy. It has some really delicious pastries for dessert.

Coco Bohème,

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Aix en Provence has lots of chicha cafés, where you smoke a tea infusion of maybe apple or licorice. People love this one in the evenings with its yummy cakes and wide selection. Check out Facebook for more details.


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Le Pain Quotidien

A list of the best tea houses in Aix wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Le Pain Quotidien (literally “the daily bread”). It’s a global Belgian chain but it still does the best brunch in town (in a country not traditionally known for its brunch options). It’s situated in the market square so you can go after your shopping for a lovely cup of tea, breads and pastries. Be prepared to wait for a table at any time of the year but it’s worth it.

Le Pain Quotidien,